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Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era? - I am a brilliant, sarcastic, geeky, and completely fantastic mastermind. Also, quite humble.


Favorite. Transhuman. Body. Money. Art. Survival. Underground. Geek. DIY. Humor. Film. Music. Learn. Travel. Games. Mind. Organization & Productivity. Design and Real. Food and Drink. Organize. Technology. Read & Write. Drugs. Steampunk. Just A Mirage. More.

  1. ebbead May 30 2014
    really like your tree. finding good stuff. thank you.
  2. peggymiles May 14 2012
    Hi MirageMoriarty! Nice to have you teamed up on Free Education! I'll wander through your pearls here! Quite a lot of them and you have spent time with the icons depicting the subject and I know that took some effort, so great work on that! Cheers - Peggy
  3. hermionegranger Nov 27 2011
    I absolutely love your PT. Great job! I'd love to team up with you on a PT at some point, since you're just so great at it. :) Keep up the amazing work!
  4. marthslara Oct 13 2011
    I'm agreed with minus. Great and interesting things! Good search
  5. minus_huynh Mar 2 2011
    Wow, great and well organized treas!