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Miracle Learning Centre is a leading private tuition centre in Singapore. We are specializing in Mathematics, Chemistry and more subjects. Our highly qualified tutors try to take the pain out of learning and make the process very easy.

Help your child to use Abstract Thinking in Math. Math is one of the most common subjects which causes or sounds to be tough for the students, mainly if they move up to a different level.

Help your child to use Abstract Thinking in Math

For children, learning Math may not be that easy as it sounds because they are unaware of the characteristics and values of numbers beyond counting them in order. If they face problems in learning caused by a medical condition or learning disorder, teaching the concepts of math can be really tricky. Being the most reputed Math tuition center in Singapore, Miracle Learning Centre is here to show you tricks for helping your kids to learn better. Using three-dimensional objects to work on “relative value” If your kid is mainly using “manipulatives” for learning the things taught in their classes, you can use the three-dimensional objects as the starting point for developing their abstract thinking for computing mathematical problems.

You can focus on using two-dimensional objects Shift the focus on visualizing the objects. Amazing Ways to Help Your Kid Love Maths - Will your child be attending primary school in the coming year?

Amazing Ways to Help Your Kid Love Maths -

Then they are bound to find Math included in their syllabus. It is an important subject for any student as this subject helps them to understand the numbers which are used daily like dates, time, prices and measurements. While the subject can be difficult for many students, the current P1 curriculum has been designed for helping children to learn the subject even if they haven’t been taught about the concepts before. In Primary 1 Maths, students will be taught about all the basic things which they need for understanding the subject and this ranges from teaching your kid to count up to 100 and other things. Math tuition centres in Singapore reports that students will have to work with Number Patterns, Double and Single digits, learn about Number Bonds, Multiplication and Division, learn about the basic shapes, learn how to compare sizes, weight and length, etc.

Take your kid to the market. Ways to Inspire Your Girl to Love Science. There is disbelief in the entire world that science and technology are the fields only suitable for the male gender.

Ways to Inspire Your Girl to Love Science

It is very rare to see women achieving success in this industry and if there were women in the industry, they do not receive the same attention as men get. In this world, no gender is weaker than the other and girls have the same potential for excelling in Science and Technology, but as parents, you can try your bit to help your little girls to feel attracted to science. Help Your Child to Love Science. Science being a very interesting subject can be extremely difficult to learn.

Help Your Child to Love Science

In Singapore, children are mainly introduced to Science in primary three. If they don’t feel interested in the subject, they will get bored with it. They may even start to hate the subject. This is because they find it difficult, Science does not need to be a difficult subject for children. Science is available almost everywhere, even in daily activities. Increase Your Child’s Interest In Science. Human beings are born curious.

Increase Your Child’s Interest In Science

While observing a kid, you can notice that they are always curious about everything and they are ready to discover more about their surroundings. But the natural interest gradually decreases during the teen years and children start to consider science to be dull and boring. Things Singapore Parents Need to Know About Secondary 1 Math by Miracle Learning Centre - There are many students in Singapore who hate Math, but it is a vital subject for every student in Singapore for not just bolstering the future but also make students be able to keep up with the educational syllabus and model of the country for improving their mathematical ability.

Things Singapore Parents Need to Know About Secondary 1 Math by Miracle Learning Centre -

For parents whose children are failing to keep up with the difficulty of Math, it is an uncertain time when one’s child enters another grade level and faces a different level of Math classes. Once the student completes Primary 6, the uncertainty increases, and now they face Secondary 1 which is a completely different type of Math which children may find difficult to learn. Tips for Maths Examination. If you ask anyone about which is the most important subject for any student then you are most likely to get the same answer from all of them which is Maths.

Tips for Maths Examination

But at the same time, this subject is also one of the most dreaded subjects among the students, because it creates a lot of challenges for the students. Mathematic in itself has a lot of topics and branches which are complex. Tips To Tackle 'O' Level Chemistry. O Level Chemistry needs students to apply and retain a comprehensive amount of content knowledge along with a specific set of skills.

Tips To Tackle 'O' Level Chemistry

Being the top O level Chemistry Tuition of Singapore, Miracle Learning is here to offer you all the information which you need to know about the second paper of O Level Chemistry and is sharing with you the top 5 ways by which a student can tackle the hardships. The Paper 2 comprises of 50% of the overall ‘O’ Level Chemistry grade. Things to expect when you do a major in Chemistry. Posted by miraclelearningcentre on August 26th, 2020 Taking O Level Chemistry Tuition in Singapore can be a very long and difficult task.

Things to expect when you do a major in Chemistry

It is a true fact that anyone with the right mindset, determination and training can pass “O” Level Chemistry exam with ease, but it takes special guidance for obtaining a degree in the same. Tips to score A1 for your O Level Chemistry Exam. Have you tried all of your efforts to score A1 for your O Level Chemistry Exam?

Tips to score A1 for your O Level Chemistry Exam

But still, failed to get your desired marks? Don’t worry as the teacher of Miracle Learning Centre have crafted an easy to follow solution for all of you with their years of experience in teaching O Level Chemistry Tuition in Singapore. Almost a much bigger part of the students, who look forward to achieving A1 in Chemistry courses, have been found to end up with poor results. The reason behind this may be very common. Why students face problems with O Level Chemistry Tuition?

A Level Chemistry Survival Guide. Often at our Chemistry Tuitions at Miracle Learning Centre in Singapore, we often get to know about stories from our students who often feel stressed and overwhelmed over the course of learning A-Level Chemistry. By listening to all their problems, we have prepared a blog to provide them with tips and strategies to start their semester on a strong note and maintain their performance along the entire course.

Start on a high note. 6 Signs You Need Chemistry Tuition. Tips to Study Chemistry. Chemistry is one of those subjects which you either dread or love. It is one of those subjects which is extremely important and is needed mandatorily for several future career options. Benefits of Having Chemistry Tuition in Singapore. Chemistry is one of those subjects which is difficult for most of the students in Singapore and because of that most of the students seek help in Chemistry. There is no shame or need to feel low to ask for help regarding your studies and it is a valid method of learning the toughest concepts of Chemistry. You can ask for help from an adult or friend for help in the subject or you can also take help from a Chemistry Tuition class. These classes are amazing for students who are having difficulties with Chemistry.

But why is so? Well, there is a wide range of reasons. Get guaranteed expert help When you are enrolled in group tuition, you are guaranteed to get helped by the experts in the industry. Why students face problems with O Level Chemistry Tuition? Chemistry Studying Tips. Chemistry is a subject that is not that loved by the students but it is definitely a subject that is extremely useful in the long run.

Chemistry if learned properly can prove to be a fascinating subject with a wide range of topics and concepts all around but if you fail to understand it properly then you may feel disoriented and even try to avoid the subject. But doing so can create a wide range of problems for you as Chemistry is important and even mandatory for several career options. Many students find that despite trying their level best, they seem to fail the desired marks in Chemistry exams and this takes away their interest from the subject. The subject in itself is a series of concepts which is all interconnected with the other but if you miss out on one or any of the concepts are not completely clear to you then you may definitely face difficulties further on. Brush up the lessons before attending the class Practice Using Study Tools. Why Study Chemistry at Miracle Learning Centre? How to choose the Right Chemistry Tuition Centre.

In Singapore, a great deal of importance is given on Science and Technology and because of that, an average Singaporean student gets introduced to the science subjects during the very early stages of primary school. Because of the hectic school timetable, several students may not be able to get along with the concepts of Chemistry as they have liked instead of opting to memorise information which they have read from the textbooks.

Chemistry Tuition Singapore - When to Opt for and How to Choose? Chemistry is a subject that can have a lot of shades. Many students see it as a subject involving colourful chemicals and test tubes during a school-based practical assessment but despite having fun, they don’t actually know that what they are doing. O Level Chemistry Tuition. Miracle Learning Centre is a specialist for Science and Mathematics. Some parents ask us, ”My son has read the whole chemistry textbook and understood everything. Miracle Learning Centre - Chemistry Tuition in Singapore.