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With the aim to do something special to promote healthier living, Miracle Foods Corp. brings SmartSoy, a plant protein that is free from GMO and estrogen as well as vegan friendly.

Beyond meat protein,Healthy vegetarian recipes,Vegan Food Chicago How To Guide. Introduction Being a vegan is definitely a philosophy more than a diet.

Beyond meat protein,Healthy vegetarian recipes,Vegan Food Chicago How To Guide

A vegan prefers to avoid anything that is of animal origin. Vegans won’t use any animal based product for clothing, or any other purpose. Steps A person can become vegan because of ethical reasons involving animal rights, environmental factors, or even for a better health. Some people may disagree with the concept of vegetarianism. The three main reasons in which people are going vegan food Chicago are the following: Animal rights: vegans do not consume or use dairy products or egg even though it does not require killing of the animal.

Environment: Livestock farming can cause a devastating effect on the planet. Health: Studies proved that eating animal fats and proteins raise a person’s risk of developing cancer, heart disease, hypertension, arthritis, diabetes, and a number of other illnesses and complications. Tips Android Apps Market Related Answers & Tutorials. Taste The Zest Of Health With Delectable Vegetarian Diet. Following a healthy vegan diet ensures a lot of health benefits along with prevention from some major diseases.

Taste The Zest Of Health With Delectable Vegetarian Diet

A vegetarian diet is rich in nutrients that help to keep your body healthy and going. Consuming a greener diet has also shown to prevent a number of potential diseases like the ones discussed below. Although a vegetarian diet comes loaded with health benefits, the percentage of non vegetarian consumers in the world is more than that of the vegans. And one main reason behind this is the dull taste that the one presumes to find in every vegetarian dish. And to prove this assumption wrong, the Miracle Foods Company has created Smart Soy which is an incredibly tasty vegan ingredient. If you too want to taste health without compromising on your taste buds then get Smart Soy from the Miracle Foods Company.

Miracle Foods Corp., Chicago - 60607, Illinois, USA. Embrace Health With Best Vegan Recipes. While researchers are enquiring about its health benefits and risks in the vegan diet, many of the consumers are still clueless about the role it plays in the diet.

Embrace Health With Best Vegan Recipes

Soy is a great source of protein in a vegan diet. It nurtures the body with all the eight essential amino acids. Enriched with a group of phytochemicals known as isoflavones, it helps to reduce the risk of certain cancers and heart diseases. It may even help women to strengthen their bones and reduce the risk of osteoporosis, which is connected to hip fractures. Here are even more benefits that you can draw from some of the best vegetarian recipes containing plant-based protein - The FDA has proved that a diet which includes at least four servings of soy protein each day can effectively reduce the bad cholesterol, which is known as LDL cholesterol. It is not hard to induce green protein into your diet. Estrogen and GMo Free Vegetarian Diet Food.

It has been found that vegan people have lower cholesterol and blood pressure along with a reduced risk of heart disease.

Estrogen and GMo Free Vegetarian Diet Food

There are a ton of benefits to adopting a vegetarian diet : Improves mood: Arachidonic acid which is the main cause of mood disturbances in people is completely absent in vegan diets, thus improving your mood. Adopting vegetarian diets is itself a very much healthy move and if you want to make this move much more calculative and fruitful, embrace the benefits of Smart Soy which is a revolutionary invention in the world of foods. After years of scientific research and lab tests, the Miracle Foods Company invented this incredible product. It is the ideal plant protein that is completely free from Estrogen, GMO, Egg, and Meat. To get the taste of this yumilicious product, give a ring at 888-966-9255. The “Miraculous” Greens! – Brandon Walter – Medium. Shifting to a vegan or vegetarian diet seems like the latest fad followed by both young and old Americans.

The “Miraculous” Greens! – Brandon Walter – Medium

Meat, eggs and fish are out of the plate and greens are a welcome change. Is this just a passing fad or there’s more to it? In fact, even people who have been consuming fish and meat almost throughout their life are ready to sacrifice and adopt an all-vegetarian diet. Greens vs …. Yes, going the Vegan or vegetarian way is certainly healthy and has benefits more than what you can count on your fingers.

About Us - Miracle Foods - Healthy, Tastey Protein. Best and Healthy Vegetarian Diet Recipes: Avoiding the “Meaty” Ways. If you have been a non-vegetarian, meat eater since childhood, thinking of a diet beyond meat may be impossible as well as challenging.

Best and Healthy Vegetarian Diet Recipes: Avoiding the “Meaty” Ways

However, with the world turning towards a vegan and vegetarian diet, you too must be aspiring to adopt a diet beyond meat. No meat for Green If not, then probably the effects of eating meat on the environment may force you to choose another way. Do you know that carbon emissions caused by livestock rearing are 40 to 50 times more than that of growing crops and greens? Environmental Working Group estimates show that growing livestock feed in the USA requires around 167 million pounds of pesticides, 17 billion pounds of nitrogen fertilizer, and 149 million acres of crop land. Well; if you are worried about the taste and nutrition, try the variety of foods offered by Miracle Foods.

Try it to know it. So, toast to the beginning of a new journey! Slaying the “Estrogen” Evil – Brandon Walter – Medium. We have been hearing these terms more often in the recent years than ever before.

Slaying the “Estrogen” Evil – Brandon Walter – Medium

Yes, we are all well aware of the cause for the repeated use of these terms. You’ve guessed it right; pesticides, increased estrogen content in foods, artificial growth, flavors and many more. We are also well aware of the results of eating these. We can see it around; early puberty, various cancers, depression and others. What’s more, it has adverse affects in kids also. More on Estrogen Estrogen is a naturally-occurring hormone in the human body. So, how does this estrogen increase in the body? Best and Healthy Vegetarian Diet Recipes: Go Vegan! Are you feeling depressed?

Best and Healthy Vegetarian Diet Recipes: Go Vegan!

Are you having mood swings? Miraclefoods.