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This adorable cartoon explains privilege in the most nonconfrontational way possible. I have no idea what it's like to be a snail.

This adorable cartoon explains privilege in the most nonconfrontational way possible

Or a caterpillar. Or *you*. And you have no idea what it's like to be me. Funny how that works, huh? Teen DV Month: How to Help Someone Else – We’re halfway through Teen DV Month!

Teen DV Month: How to Help Someone Else –

Last week, we had a great discussion about Relationship Rights. If you missed our Twitter chat on Thursday, check out Storify for the highlights. Also, take a look at some of the responses to last week’s #LIRasks question! This week we’re talking about how to help someone who is in an abusive relationship. "Il n’existe pas chez l’enfant de profil type de harceleur ou de victime" 23 Times Feminists Had The Perfect Comeback. 5 Ways You Don't Realize Movies Are Controlling Your Brain. So there was a mass shooting during a Batman movie and, goddamn it, it turned out the killer owned a Batman mask and called himself "The Joker.

5 Ways You Don't Realize Movies Are Controlling Your Brain

" By now, several talking heads have come to the conclusion that the movie somehow triggered the massacre, or whatever. You know the game at this point -- sadly, we've seen this whole cycle play out more than once. As always, this knee-jerk reaction by old, scared talking heads will predictably result in most of our audience scoffing and saying that movies can't influence people to do anything, because movies are make-believe and every non-crazy member of the audience knows how to separate fact from fiction. Well, the thing is ... that is equally wrong. But not for the reason the talking heads think. #5. 15 hilarious parenting comics that are almost too real. Brian Gordon is a cartoonist.

15 hilarious parenting comics that are almost too real.

Why So Many Domestic Violence Offenders Get to Keep Their Guns. In February, Morgan Rogers took out an order of protection against her boyfriend of eight years, Stafford Leo Shaw, after he beat her over the head with his handgun in Chesterfield County, Virginia.

Why So Many Domestic Violence Offenders Get to Keep Their Guns

Two months later, Shaw pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor domestic assault charge and was ordered to serve jail time on the weekends, and Rogers’s protective order was extended to two years. Shaw’s conviction prevented him from buying new guns, but Virginia law did not compel him to surrender the ones he already owned. On May 29, he fatally shot Rogers and their 1-year-old daughter, then killed two others in a car crash while evading police before committing suicide. The circumstances of Rogers’s murder were not uncommon: Guns are the weapons of choice for those who kill an intimate partner, and domestic violence assaults with firearms are 12 times more likely to result in death than assaults without them.

Stay Informed Thanks for your subscription! Your signup request was successful. 4 Lies 'Nice Guys,' Pickup Artists, and Everyday Misogynists Tell You About Women — And Why They Hurt Us All. I spent most of my life identifying as a cisgender male named Robert.

4 Lies 'Nice Guys,' Pickup Artists, and Everyday Misogynists Tell You About Women — And Why They Hurt Us All

And as Robert – a man who tried desperately to fit into the male gender role – I was an inexplicably angry person. Nowadays, whenever I see misogynistic men spewing vitriolic sexism, I’m completely disgusted – but I also recognize their behavioral patterns. Daniel Schneidermann : "Twitter est un instrument d'appauvrissement du débat" Plus d'un tiers des chômeurs ne touche rien. Check out how one college is teaching students how to prevent rape: with a video game. A new game developed at Carnegie Mellon University aims to change the way people react when they witness sexual harassment and violence.

Check out how one college is teaching students how to prevent rape: with a video game.

The game is called Decisions That Matter, and it follows a group of college-age friends on the night of a party. Along the way, members of the group face a number of challenges and uncomfortable situations that people of all ages might find themselves in every day, ranging from street harassment to unwelcome advances from a stranger or friend. In each situation involving harassment or assault, the player must choose how to react. Plaintes pour viol : les victimes continuent de se taire. Des solutions existent. En réalité, le sexe ne fait pas vendre. "Clash Back" : le jeu vidéo pour "soigner" la dépression des ados. Des adolescents qui se scarifient, qui sont anorexique, boulimiques ou pensant que la vie ne vaut pas la peine d’être vécue : voilà la cible des recherches menées au centre Jean Abadie, le Pôle Aquitain de l’Adolescent du CHU de Bordeaux.

"Clash Back" : le jeu vidéo pour "soigner" la dépression des ados

Le docteur Xavier Pommereau travaille sur différentes manières d’aider ces jeunes en difficulté, alors que 28% des 12-18 ans auraient déjà pensé au suicide selon l’UNICEF, citée dans une émission de France Culture. My Body Back - Rape and sexual assault support in London. It’s time… to talk about consent. How to Talk With Your Loved Ones About Consent. No matter how safe we may feel, the danger of rape or sexual assault is a very real one.

How to Talk With Your Loved Ones About Consent

We need to be having discussions about consent — what it means, what it is, what it’s not — with the people in our lives, male and female, young and old. But how exactly do we approach these topics with our friends and loved ones? Below are ideas for sparking conversations about consent with the people closest to us. How to discuss consent with a younger loved one. Male or female* — this person needs to understand that consent isn’t optional. Start with — “I know you may not be thinking about this stuff yet, but do you know what consent is when it comes to sex?”

See how your loved one responds. Make sure to explain that consent is not: - Given when under the influence of any substance or unable to make decisions for whatever reason. - Conditional. Tell your loved one that you’re not saying this to scare or frighten them, or to make their experiences bad. Let’s talk about consent in practice. Last week we talked about what a “model of consent” is and what a few models were.

Let’s talk about consent in practice.

Today is about consent under the “yes means yes” model. Consent is being in agreement that what is going on is good/ desirable/ fun/ sexy and should keep happening. You need to have your partner’s consent for sexual activity, or it is sexual assault/ rape. How To Talk To Boys About Sex And Consent. Awkward question - how do you talk to your teenage son about sex and consent, especially given recent stories about sexual violence against women on college campuses? ROSALIND WISEMAN: We have been constantly talking to girls about how to prevent a sexual assault, how to take care of each other in those moments and yet, we never talk to boys about it. Or if we do, it's often in very punitive ways like, don't do this, don't do that.

CORNISH: That's Rosalind Wiseman, the author of "Masterminds And Wingmen," a book that explores the realities of boys' lives. Amour, politique et déco d'intérieur : pourquoi "Sunset" est un jeu merveilleux. Comment l'écrivain Jorge Luis Borges va permettre d’apprendre la poésie aux robots. Un projet monté en collaboration entre plusieurs centres de recherche américains, lancé en mai, a l’ambition d’apprendre aux machines à comprendre et apprécier la poésie et, pourquoi pas, à devenir elles-mêmes des poètes inspirés.

Facebook Announces New Artificial Intelligence Lab In Paris. John VibesJune 3, 2014 (ANTIMEDIA) For years, Facebook has been heavily invested in researching artificial intelligence technology—and it was recently announced that they will be expanding their research into Paris, France with a new artificial intelligence laboratory. This new location is the third artificial intelligence lab built by Facebook. The other two are located in New York and Silicon Valley. According to Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer, the main focus of the artificial intelligence labs will be using computers, robots, and algorithms to manage the site. CMU interactive 'game' focuses on sex assault bystanders. Jess Klein, coordinator of gender programs and sexual violence prevention at Carnegie Mellon University, has seen enough of approaches that put the burden of sexual assault on the survivor, ranging from rape-prevention nail polish to phone apps with loud alarms.

But an approach developed by a CMU class is so different that she hopes CMU will use it in small groups in the coming school year. This approach is an interactive online game called “Decisions that Matter.” Designed in graphic novel style, the game puts the player in the scene as a bystander, allows the player to make decisions and then has different outcomes depending on the bystander’s role. The game can be found at. Crises de panique : Deep, le jeu vidéo pour lutter contre l'anxiété. SANTÉ - Vous êtes sujet à l’anxiété? La première chose à faire est d’apprendre à bien respirer. Python : des fondamentaux à l'utilisation du langage » Dans ce cours, vous apprendrez à bien programmer en Python.

On vous mènera des premiers pas dans le langage à l'étude des concepts les plus évolués au travers de nombreuses vidéos courtes, d'exercices et de mini-projets. Python possède de nombreuses librairies qui font déjà probablement ce que vous souhaitez. Vous pouvez créer un site Web avec Django, travailler avec des bases de données avec SQLAlchemy, développer des applications sur Internet avec Twisted, faire des applications réseaux avec Scapy, faire du calcul scientifique ou symbolique avec NumPy, SciPy ou Sage, et bien plus encore. Cependant pour exploiter pleinement ces librairies vous devez acquérir une profonde compréhension du langage. Le langage Python encourage une programmation intuitive qui repose sur une syntaxe naturelle et des concepts fondamentaux puissants qui facilitent la programmation.

Les outils immersifs et interactifs en remédiation. Dominique GROS - Formation, Ingénierie et Développement : DIGITAL LEARNING.