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Twitter Tools, Tips, and Strategies for Twitter Success. Dear Twitter: Please Make Three Minor Changes - Matthew Inman. Don't get me wrong: I like Twitter.

Dear Twitter: Please Make Three Minor Changes - Matthew Inman

I'm not a slobbering obsessive who wants to marry Twitter and give birth to a bunch of little matt-inman-tweetlet-bird-babies, but generally speaking I like it. I've used a few Twitter clients for both the iPhone and desktop, but most of the time my interaction with the community occurs on the website. These are 3 minor fixes that I believe would make the website substantially less painful to use. 1. If I receive a new reply or direct message, show it in the sidebar - don't require me to click through and refresh that entire page. 2. 3.

Click to zoom Simple, right? I'm not one to ask for free work, however, so in exchange for these fixes I'm offering you something priceless: a new mascot. Click for high-res. Customer Service Via Twitter. By Rachael King Increasingly, brands are becoming hip to Twitter.

Customer Service Via Twitter

The free microblogging service allows users to send brief text updates to groups of people who have signed up to "follow" your messages. Launched in March 2007, Twitter was until now mainly the province of the technorati, many of whom post updates, known as tweets, about what they’re doing multiple times per day. Fans of Twitter say it makes a great way to stay in touch with friends. Companies have figured out Twitter provides the opportunity to listen to what customers are saying about their brands, and to respond.

It’s easy for brands to make mistakes on Twitter, but some are doing it right. Twitter releases new advertising platform: promoted tweets. We’ve all wondered, since its inception, how and when Twitter would make money.

Twitter releases new advertising platform: promoted tweets.

The answer comes tomorrow. Twitter will be releasing its new advertising platform, consisting of promoted tweets. TechCrunch started the rumor mill, which has since been confirmed as true. Look for promoted tweets to start appearing in Twitter search results on Tuesday, with a slowly-but-surely rollout style into your main feed soon after. Advertising Age is reporting some more depth on the story, and gives us a look into the thought processes behind the sponsored tweets as well. Users will be able to re-tweet the advertisement, which will be found at the top of the search results page.

Starbucks, Bravo and Virgin America will start the sponsored tweets campaign. Josh Groban Sings Kanye West Tweets. Twitter en France, au-delà de l’écume. Selon une étude parue mi-décembre, 90% des étudiants en journalisme seraient utilisateurs de Twitter.

Twitter en France, au-delà de l’écume

D »autres articles ici et là (souvent écrits par des membres de la profession) voudraient nous faire croire que l »outil est uniquement l »apanage des détenteurs de la carte de presse et des communicants. Le fait est qu »il n »y a pas d »état des lieux officiel sur l »utilisation de Twitter en France : l »entreprise communique très peu de chiffres, encore moins sur ce qu »il se passe en dehors des Etats-Unis. Depuis 18 mois, sur la base des diverses études et sondages publiés sur le sujet comme de nos observations, on peut estimer que plus de 150 000 français se sont inscrits sur Twitter, et qu »entre 30 et 80 000 personnes l »utilisent régulièrement, c »est à dire au moins une fois par semaine. Four ways to improve Twitter. In the four years since launch, Twitter has helped celebrities connect with fans, businesses bond with buyers and the politically impotent launch the revolution.

Four ways to improve Twitter

Has it really only been four years? Well, yes it has. And as with any social platform that plans to stand the test of time, Twitter hasn’t rested on its laurels, although at times it has been a little belated with its enhancements. The need for users to ‘group’ was tackled in late 2009 with the introduction of Twitter Lists. And the recent move towards embedded media within Twitter not only made a lot of people happier, it made a lot of sense too.

Throw into the equation better trending and integration with Google Translate, and it’s clear that Twitter is still making moves to improve the overall user experience. So where to now for Twitter and what improvements can we hope to see in the future? 1. Twazzup: Realtime News. Pub-clash.

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Twitter, un outil de veille puissant (1/5) Retour en détails sur les cinq usages professionnels de Twitter.

Twitter, un outil de veille puissant (1/5)

Premier chapitre : la veille Comment s’abonner aux bons profils, ceux qui traitent des sujets qui vous intéressent ? Difficile, car il n’existe pas d’annuaire efficace. Il faut s’armer de patience et partir en chasse… 1- Trouver les bons profils La plupart des annuaires sont anglo-saxons, tel listorious, wefollow ou bien peu étoffés encore, à l’instar de quitwitte ou twitts. Antoine.Guiral.Info. Twitter Hack.

Hacked Twitter