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Old Spice's Latest Guys Smell Better Than Themselves. With the Fabio experiment over, Wieden + Kennedy today breaks a brand-new campaign for Old Spice with the theme, "Smell better than yourself.

Old Spice's Latest Guys Smell Better Than Themselves

" The premise is: You might not be a well-decorated ship captain or a fighter jet pilot in real life, but Old Spice can make you smell like you are. The first spot, below, launches tonight during the NFL opener—and stars the aforementioned faux ship captain, who is seen raining gold coins, punching an octopus and highly impressing his suburban wife. Old Spice's Latest Guys Smell Better Than Themselves. "Will It Blend?" Meets Old Spice. Old Spice won an Emmy, doubled sales, and launched a film and TV career for its star with Wieden + Kennedy's "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" marketing campaign.

"Will It Blend?" Meets Old Spice

It was even imitated by Cisco, Conan and Elmo — but will it blend? This video has the answer. The YouTube clip is the blending of two successful digital marketing campaigns. We've already spouted the Old Spice campaign's accomplishments, but the "Will It Blend? " Old Spice : les chiffres qui font mal.