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Marilyn Monroe Happy Birthday Mr President. American Psycho - Intro Scene. Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring Summer 2012 Paris. Brigitte Bardot - Une Parisienne. Dazed 20th Anniversary Somerset House Exhibition. Hosted by Somerset House and curated by Jefferson Hack and Emma Reeves, the exhibition is an immersive representation of the magazine’s – and the book’s – best bits, featuring original artwork created especially for Dazed & Confused, including Jake & Dinos Chapman’s GCSE work and Sam Taylor-Wood’s 360 revolutionary seconds.

Dazed 20th Anniversary Somerset House Exhibition

Our most sought-after and cutting-edge content will be displayed throughout five courtyard rooms at Somerset House. The first three act as a chronological journey through Dazed’s visual transformation over the years, with early fashion features and editorial stories leading through to Dazed’s present day aesthetic. The final two rooms house concepts created especially for Dazed by the late Alexander McQueen – Fashion-Able and Saló. From David Bowie to Björk, Harmony Korine to David Lynch, Kate Moss to Stockhausen and Rankin to Thom Yorke, the roster of the magazine’s subjects and contributing artists are displayed throughout the exhibition.

Badass Swimsuit Photo Shoot. Le projet shamengo. OMG, I Saw Robert Scoble in Line at Starbucks, Twittermania Sweeps the Blogosphere. Want to see a visual representation of what Robert Scoble’s friends on Twitter look like?

OMG, I Saw Robert Scoble in Line at Starbucks, Twittermania Sweeps the Blogosphere

Just click through on the photo above. As they say in the photo sharing space, best viewed large. I did a similar version of the above graphic of my own friends on Twitter here, but with over 1,000 friends, Robert’s looks cooler. If you are on Flickr feel free to put a note on the avatar that is you I’ve blogged about Twitter before but it’s really taken off in the past few weeks — culminating in what’s best described as a Twitter lovefest going on at South by Southwest (that’s SXSW in Twitter lingo, have to preserve those precious few characters allowed) this week.

Twitter was the top story on Techmeme earlier this morning. Jeremey Toeman isn’t a fan either and leaves the first message on Karoli’s blog: “couldn’t agree with you more! The reality check is this: life is, for the most part, is dull. Personally I think Twitter is brilliant but I understand that not everyone gets it just yet. Bienvenue / Welcome ! Blog L'Express Styles.

Qu’on se le dise : il ne s’agit pas ici de vous livrer en pâture une galeries de Covergirls.

Blog L'Express Styles

Mais bien de vous faire partager quelques portraits de femmes qui nous font rêver en 2011, qui nous inspirent ou simplement incarnent de nouvelles « femmes fatales ». Pour vous, qui sont les femmes qui vous font rêver en 2011 ? Lilzeon : Morgwn Rimel, directrice de « The School of Life« . Le principe de sa boutique-projet : organiser des soirées/rencontre autour de leçons de vie, et vendre dans sa boutique une multitude d’objets, livres, éléments « inspirants ».

Ses plus en 3 mots : créativité / sens / partage.