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Useful, Productive, Semi-Productive tools

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A collection of websites that I find to be useful, increase my output productivity, save me some time, or are sort-of productive but definitely enjoyable.

Symbaloo - Your Bookmarks and favorites in the cloud. Anki - powerful, intelligent flashcards. Live Text Typing - Typing Recorder. Pinfruit - memorize numbers. Mind Tools - Management Training, Leadership Training and Career Training. Coggle. ManualsLib - Makes it easy to find manuals online! Delicious. Squirt. Fixya: Ask & Find Answers to Everyday Product Questions. The Best Free White Noise Generator on the Internet. DuckDuckGo. Print Friendly & PDF. Ninite - Install or Update Multiple Apps at Once. Tour how to create group plans // Which Date Works // Get your plans rolling...

Tour how to create group plans // Which Date Works //

Name your plans, provide some details Suggest a restaurant or two List possible bachelor party activities Let everyone know where the bride-to-be is registered Everyone's email addresses... when you need them Get to your contacts faster and easier Simply type in emails addresses Easily import your existing address book Quickly select your most recent contacts when you sign in to your free account. Everyone picks the dates that work best for them As you move your mouse over the dates in the calendar, select if you're available, not available or not sure. Works for me if yes, you are available on this date.

View the guest list & see dates that were picked View everyone's response at a glance or move your mouse over any date to view who said yes and who said no. Finalize the date for your plans Finalize the date that works best and we will send an email to everyone letting them know when the plans are taking place. Write or Die 2. RescueTime : Time management software for staying productive and happy in the modern workplace. Lingro: The coolest dictionary known to hombre! Random Useful Websites. Save paper & ink printing only what you want « Fuelly - Track and Compare your MPG. Productivity. 21 Simple Online Tools for Everyday Needs. There is a plethora of apps and tools out there designed to manage your data, tasks, and more; many of them are all-in-one.

21 Simple Online Tools for Everyday Needs

Sometimes, however, you just need a simple tool that does what you need without any bells and whistles. Maybe you need one specific thing that your other multi-purpose apps actually lack. Whatever your needs are, there’s an online tool for everyone in this list of simple or single-purpose sites from around the web. This Is A Pretty Long List But You Will Find Useful Websites. It’s easy to forget that we have access to a virtually limitless resource of information, i.e. the Internet.

This Is A Pretty Long List But You Will Find Useful Websites

For a lot of us, this is even true at our fingertips, thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones and an ever-increasing push for online greatness by tech engineers all over the world. Productive Things You Can Do Right Now. We are all busy.

Productive Things You Can Do Right Now

We could all benefit from a few quick tips on how to instantly better our lives and selves. Let’s break down a few great ways to instantly improve your life: Get Your Finances In Order – Do you keep tight track of all of your expenditures? Checking your bank statement online is just the beginning. Establishing an account at is a great way to see your income, expenditures, savings and more in one place.ifttt – Some of you may be asking, what is ifttt? 10 Productive and Inspiring Things to Do With No Internet Connection. It happens to all of us.

10 Productive and Inspiring Things to Do With No Internet Connection

You’re cruising along pretending to work while perusing design blogs when all of a sudden your Internet connection disappears. The first thing you do is give in to your natural reaction to any semi-significant event: tweet about it. Unfortunately, you quickly realize this requires the Internet; blast. 10 ways to procrastinate productively - Happier. Your time is valuable, so use that procrastination time to be semi-productive.

10 ways to procrastinate productively - Happier

You'll get something done while succeeding at avoiding real work (for now). Sometimes just getting a couple of really tiny to-dos off of your mental checklist is all you need to get seriously motivated for the big stuff. So, a few tips for how to be more productive while you procrastinate(!) : 1) Back up your recent photos, documents and important files: Knowing that your tech is disaster preparedness ready is a weight lifted off of your shoulders. 2) Clean out your inbox: While inbox zero is a great ideal to aspire to, spending a few minutes each week organizing, filing and archiving your email messages will make opening up your email each morning a lot less painful and a lot more Zen.

Is there a more glorious sight in all the land? Top 20 Most Useful Websites to Boost Personal Productivity - PRODUCTIVE MOTION. The various uses of Noise Generators (aka Noise Machines) Your worst enemy can sometimes also be your best friend.

The various uses of Noise Generators (aka Noise Machines)

The noises you will find here are of the second league, and will help you in masking noise you don't want to hear. Some people find it impossible to read, study, work, or do pretty much anything in the presence of undesired noise. Noise blockers usually use white noise, a continuum of frequencies equally distributed over the whole hearing range, which will mask the other noises in the room. This website introduces the concept of frequency-shaped noises, focusing on the frequencies one wants to effectively block. This ensures higher efficiency, and quieter masking levels. Open offices can be either too quiet or too noisy.

On another issue, private offices often appear to provide privacy but are poor performers in terms of acoustics. Students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) have often difficulty staying on top of homework, when others cannot study when it is too quiet. Oblique Strategies. 50 Of The Most Useful Websites On The Internet - WeHaveNoTopic. There are many website to help us be productive.

50 Of The Most Useful Websites On The Internet - WeHaveNoTopic

The problem is that you probably never heard of most of them. That’s why we made a list of 50 of the most useful websites on the internet! Basically Shazam for PC. Play or sing a song and the site will know what song it is.WhatTheFont Upload an image of a font and this website tells you what font is Learn chess on the Solves any kind of math problem and also tells you Disposable e-mail address. When you don’t want to receive Another disposable e-mail address. About The Author. 100 Useful Websites You’ve Probably Never Heard of.

The Internet is full of great websites, but it’s often tough to separate the duds from the superheroes.

100 Useful Websites You’ve Probably Never Heard of

We’ve got you covered, with our list of 100 Useful Websites You’ve Probably Never Heard Of. 1. FollowUpThen. Most Useful Websites on The Internet – The Top 100 Coolest, Best and Most Addictive Websites of 2014 « The @allmyfaves Blog: Expert Reviews about Cool New Sites. The Top 100 Coolest, Best and Most Addictive Websites of 2014 Posted on Monday, December 8th, 2014 by Toby Sanders We can never believe how fast years tend to pass, but once again the end of the year is near.

The Top 100 Coolest, Best and Most Addictive Websites of 2014 « The @allmyfaves Blog: Expert Reviews about Cool New Sites

Over the past year, the All My Faves team has combed the Internet for the coolest websites and services that it has to offer. Most Useful and Undiscovered Websites on the Internet. 22 Incredibly Useful Websites You Needed But Didn’t Know Existed. Thank Me Later For #10! The Internet changed the way we live, it made our daily task easier and thanks to it we can do things we didn’t think could be possible just a few years ago. Despite all the hours we spend browsing the web daily, there are so many useful websites we still don’t know about. This simple list is the container of some of the most useful websites you probably didn’t know existed. There’s something for all tastes.

(h/t) Most useful Websites on the Internet that you must visit. Most of us surf the Internet daily. Entertaining Websites - Productive Internet Sites. 115 Useful Websites. The 101 Most Useful Websites on the Internet. 13 Jul 2014 The 101 Most Useful Websites on the Internet is a frequently updated list of lesser-known but wonderful websites and cool web apps. couch mode print story. Here's 101 useful websites with easy to remember names. Here's 101 useful websites with (mostly) easy to remember names. Most of these websites help you manage productivity or just have some fun. If you enjoyed this list be sure to check out MajorGeeks Top Freeware Picks. 1.

Useful. Useful Sites Around the Web - Fun, productivity, everything. Productive. 44 Unique And Useful Websites That Will Change Your Life. Timothy Ferriss: Cheat Sheets for Everything. This post sponsored by Timothy Ferriss's The 4-Hour Chef: Timothy Ferriss's new book The 4-Hour Chef isn’t just a cookbook. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure guide to the world of rapid learning. Here's an excerpt: Any subject can be overwhelming.

Magazines have to fill editorial space month after month with “new” recommendations and the result is predictable: clashing recommendations, uncertainty, information deluge, and opting out. To stem the tide, I have a constant checkpoint posted over the walkway into my atrium: Simplify. Above the sign rests the beautiful and brutal Nepalese khukuri, a curved knife symbolic of the legendary Gurkha military regiments. Making effective decisions—and learning effectively—requires massive elimination and the removal of options.

Productivity. 29 Semi-Productive Things I Do Online When I’m Trying to Avoid Real Work. Stumbling. Currently Looking Into. Johnny Lists — 12 Useful Websites to Improve Your Writing. 70 of the Most Useful Websites on the Internet. Useful Websites. Here is a list of websites we have featured in the past that might come in handy.