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Travel Journal Ideas - Why Write When You Can Have a Travel Story-Map? When I shared one of my travel journal ideas of a Story-Map Journal I’d kept last year in Europe, there was a buzz of excitement and interest.

Travel Journal Ideas - Why Write When You Can Have a Travel Story-Map?

Certainly, for me, it’s been the most successful travel journal I’ve ever kept. A mere glance at any page brings my travel memories vividly, and instantly, back to life without having to wade through pages of words – which being a visual person, is bliss! Such as the page, illustrated above, of a day in north Wales, when we drove down the coast, crossing a stone bridge, to the local auction room where we negotiated to swap a basket full of collectible wares, we’d taken with us to sell, for a very fine antique glass.

Driving back around the long sandy bay via Harlech’s thirteenth century castle we had a lunch of freshly bought bread, home cured ham and home grown tomatoes, followed by some apple with blackberries we’d gathered from the hedgerow. Me A to Z. Writing websites & blogs. Write a Letter to the Future. Writing: Resources. Brainstorming. Writing Prompts & Exercises. The 18 best blogging platforms on the internet in 2015. The 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2014. Two-Minute Journal Prompts That Inspire Real Change.

These ideas, from the authors of Your Life is a Book, get you writing quickly -- about the things you most want to examine.

Two-Minute Journal Prompts That Inspire Real Change

(Our advice: Fill in the last blank of each one with at least a paragraph.) By Brenda Peterson and Sarah Jane Freymann. All About Me Journaling Prompts. Canning different fruits and turning them into preserves is a tradition that's passed down from generation to generation.

All About Me Journaling Prompts

So much time and effort goes into making and canning these preserves and eventually when you open the cans, you can really appreciate all the hard work that was put into the preparation. Take the basic idea of canning and think instead about your life, or the life of someone close to you, and how much has happened during the course of that life. There's so much effort that has been put into growing and maturing including childhood, school years, holidays, relationships, etc. So many different "ingredients" have been added and someday those memories will be fully appreciated.

Adult Journal in a Jar: Easy Gift to Print. Journal prompts on Tumblr. Journal Writing Prompts on Pinterest. 80 Journal Writing Prompts. Journal Prompts, Journals and Making Cards. Journaling Made Easy....Make A List! Blog: 13 Everyday Life Journaling Prompts. Journaling prompts for adults. Paper Wishes - 100 Journaling Prompts to Inspire and Encourage By Melissa Bolton Sometimes the best way to figure out who you are is to get to that place where you don't have to be anything else.

journaling prompts for adults

Journaling provides us with a necessary outlet for our thoughts and feelings. It reminds us to validate and acknowledge them as being important enough to write down and examine. In putting them on paper, we have allowed ourselves to catalog and process them and then to release them, freeing ourselves for more opportunities. What they think of you is none of your business. Journal Prompts. Get artistically inspired with these journal prompts.

Journal Prompts

We, the people of the arts, feed off each other. A painter is inspired by a song. A musician is inspired by a novel. A photographer is inspired by a sculpture. So we come full circle by inspiring one another. Scrapbook About Yourself: 47 Journal Prompts. I don’t know why it is that we have so much to scrapbook about our children, but can’t so easily find topics we think are worthy for ourselves.

Scrapbook About Yourself: 47 Journal Prompts

Here are forty-seven questions you can scrapbook and answer about yourself. Combine a handful for one page, or devote a layout to a single question. I’m using these questions in the book I’m currently altering, based on Dedra Long’s tutorial in our Altered Books tutorial. Journal Writing Prompts. © Yelena Yemchuk Looking for inspiration for your next journaling session or a writing prompt to get those words flowing for your next blog post or creative writing assignment?

Journal Writing Prompts

Then feel free to explore my extensive list of daily journal writing prompts, journal topics, creative writing prompts, ideas and exercises. Simply choose a theme below that you’d like to focus on for the day, week or month and then pick an exercise to include in your own writing journal. Be sure to check back as we regularly add new exercises to the list. Tip: Remember to not only answer the exercise or fill in the blank, but also think about characteristics, features, feelings, etc… associated with the topics and prompts. As always don’t feel pressured to write any particular length in response to the daily exercises. Mayer-Bernadette_Experiments.

365 Journal Writing Ideas. 5 Year Journal Archives. List Love: 101 List Prompts For Your Art Journals. Advertisement I love making lists.

List Love: 101 List Prompts For Your Art Journals

67 Journal Prompts for Inspiration. Writing ideas and journal prompts— Writing ideas and journal prompts are essential components to one of our favorite activities… Journaling!

67 Journal Prompts for Inspiration

There are endless ideas to write about in a journal and to help your child (or your students) along in their writing process we have some ideas. The following listing of 67, yes 67 innovative and inspiring writing ideas and journal prompts is our way making writing more enjoyable. These starters are ideal for kids but may be used by adults as well. Before we get to the writing idea and journal prompt listing, let’s quickly review some of the fabulous benefits to journaling. . • Clarify thoughts and feelings • Reduce stress • Solve problems more effectively • Resolve disagreements with others (Read more about journal keeping benefits at:The Health Benefits of Journaling) Things Every Woman Should Write Down. 50 Art Journal Prompts. So excited you're here!

50 Art Journal Prompts

If you want to learn more about building a creative biz, subscribe to get FREE updates on the sidebar. If I’m in a funk, I can usually get out of it by playing in my art journal for an hour or two. My art journal gives me freedom to express my creativity without bounds, because I know that I don’t have to share it with anyone. I know that whatever I produce, whether it’s good or bad, is for my eyes only. If I’m working on a canvas and my inner critic starts mocking me, telling me that I’m not good enough, that no one will appreciate my art, I simply work in my art journal for a little while. prompts for journal writing and memoir writing.

Writing Exercises and Prompts for Journaling, Prose, Poetry and Memoirs. These Writing Exercises are a collection of prompts originally published in The Journal Newsletter. The prompts include journaling prompts, prose prompts, poetry prompts, free writing prompts, and memoir prompts. Jump to the exercises you would like to see: Prompts Copyright © by Susan Michael and David Michael. 250 Journal Topics. Daily Journal Prompts on Pinterest. Art journaling ideas on Pinterest. 119 Journal Prompts for Your Journal Jar.

There are a myriad of benefits to journaling, and everyone should consider keeping a journal. However, one of the obstacles that people face when they want to pick up the practice of journaling is that they don’t know what to write about. In this post you’ll discover 119 journal prompts to help you get started in keeping a journal, or as additional inspiration for dedicated journalers. I recommend that you do the following: Get a beautiful jar–it can be a canning jar, a mason jar, or any other jar you have in the house.Print out the prompts below on slips of paper.Place the slips of paper in the jar.Reach into your jar each day as you prepare to write in your journal and take out one of the prompts.Set your timer anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes, depending on how much time you have available for journaling.Write anything that comes to mind as you read each prompt and elaborate on each point as much as you can.

Daileez - First Icon Online Diary & Private Diary & Online Journal. Best free online diary, journal, address book, to-do list and expense manager. It is secured and confidential. Hermit App - Create your private journal, online diary in seconds. Dream Journal - Create an online journal for your dreams. Share, Experience, Enjoy! Memiary, the weightless pocket diary. Daily Journal and Diary Software - - LiveJournal: Discover global communities of friends who share your unique passions and interests. Private Journal: Free Secure Online Journal Or Diary. Diary. Monkkee - the secure online diary - private and free. Free Online Diary and Personal Journal. The Online Diary - It's free! - Private or public, your choice!

Penmia – You have a lot to remember... - Home. Online journal & private diary. Free Online Journal and Diary. 750 Words - Write every day. DailyDiary - Free online diary, micro-journal and self tracking for the quantified self. — Free Online Daily Devotions. The Free Online Diary - Create your personal diary, journal, autobiography or blog for free on Christian Journaling. 8 Ways to Stop Thinking About Journaling and Actually Start Journaling. We’ve talked before about the power of journaling.

Setting aside some dedicated time to meditate on and write about your life—and your job—can not only help you keep a record of your day-to-day and keep track of things you want to remember, but can actually help you deal with tough situations, think toward the future, dig up new ideas, and more. But it’s one thing to want to start journaling, and another to actually do it. We’re busy people, after all. With everything already on our plates, how can we dedicate time to sitting down and writing each day? The first step is redefining what “journaling” is. The next step is finding a habit that works for you. 1. Many people try to journal at the end of their days as a recap, but the truth is, once you really start your day, journaling will likely get thrown to the wayside. 2. 3. Many people feel like their journals have to be well thought out—even poetic—writing. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Photo of person journaling courtesy of Roco Julie. Five Ways to Flourish in Journaling. Good journaling is not just an exercise in introspection, but a pathway for joy — and a powerful tool in the hands of love.

Perhaps you’re sold on the potential spiritual value of the discipline of journaling, but you just don’t know how to get going, or keep going. Make It Yours It can be helpful to hear that there’s essentially no wrong way to go about it, and no real rules for it, but that it’s something you can really make your own. Be as creative as makes you comfortable. How to Become More Consistent in Your Daily Journaling. I started journaling a little over a year ago.

It has become a regular part of my morning ritual. It has helped me clarify my thinking, process my feelings, and make better decisions. However, like most people, I struggled with consistency. Adventures in Guided Journaling. 7 Misconceptions Many People Have About Journaling  In recent years, journaling has emerged from the province of new age workshops and entered the mainstream much the way meditation did a few decades ago. As with meditation, which has become commonplace as a "stress reduction" technique, some forms of journaling are becoming known more popularly as "expressive writing. " That can be a little confusing, as most kinds of creative writing are pretty expressive. But journaling is not an art form or a literary type like the memoir. Nor is it the same thing as keeping a diary, which can combine a simple recording of events with personal perceptions -- like Samuel Pepys's famous diary of 17th-century London.

Your Writing Journal - Journal Ideas and Tips on How to Write a Journal. Enter your e-mail to get the e-book for FREE. We'll also keep you informed about interesting website news. Why Journaling Is Good For Your Health (And 8 Tips To Get Better) Journaling Junkie. 30 Journaling Prompts for Self-Reflection and Self-Discovery. I often include different journal prompts on Weightless because I think it’s key to continually maintain a dialogue with ourselves. It’s part of building a healthy relationship, or rather a friendship, with yourself. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Friendship with oneself is all important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world.”

A 31-Day Journaling Prompt Calendar. Journaling Tips. 100 Benefits of Journaling. 10 Journaling Tips to Help You Heal, Grow and Thrive. “The more light you allow within you, the brighter the world you live in will be.” ~Shakti Gawain Keeping a journal has many positive benefits. Keeping a Writer's Journal. Soul Journaling with Sarah Whitmire. Journal Writing: A Short Course. Bullet Journal: An analog note-taking system for the digital age. 10 Popular Free Online Diary Sites. 1. Penzu is a fast, intuitive and clean online diary site.