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Rachel - Author Rachel Wojnarowski. Upon This Rock. Top 300 Christian Blogs - Church Blogs. YouVersion. Life Lessons. How to Experience God in Your Daily Life. If you believe in a benevolent, personal God, you likely want to hear from him and experience his presence in your everyday life.

How to Experience God in Your Daily Life

We all do, don’t we? We want to be assured that we follow a God who is dialed in—that he has our numbers and uses them. Thankfully, he is. And he does. A Communicative God If God were a God who simply once reached out to man, who once spoke to us, we could rely on history alone, finding our assurance in what others claim God has already said and done. But the God of the Bible, the Father of Jesus Christ and the giver of the Holy Spirit, has been speaking to and communicating with men and women since he first created them. He is, after all, the God who conversed with Moses through a burning bush;1 the God who directed the prophet Balaam’s attention by using the very donkey on which he was riding;2 the God whose voice and glory knocked Saul to the ground;3 the God who called to young Samuel in his sleep;4 and the God who came to dwell among his people as a man.5. Daily Hope with Rick Warren - Devotional. Christian Fellowship Devotionals - Evangelical Links and Resources.

Everyday Study with Joyce Meyer. BMI Day-by-Day Devotional. Let no one seek his own, but each one the other's well-being. (1 Corinthians 10:24) As a Christian you are obliged to view your actions in light of how they will affect other Christians.

BMI Day-by-Day Devotional

You will discover God’s will for your life when you consider His activity in the lives of others. This goes contrary to worldly thinking. The world encourages you to live your own life, taking care of your own needs_and wants first. Sin promotes independence. Whenever you meet another Christian, you come face to face with Christ (John 13:20). You have a responsibility to live in such a way that you do not hurt others. Devotionals. Together we've sponsored 1,000+ children.


Who's next? HEARTLIGHT® Magazine is produced by Heartlight, Inc. Copyright © 1996-2015. HEARTLIGHT is a registered service mark of Heartlight, Inc. PO Box 7044, Abilene, TX, USA 79608-7044 Except where noted, scripture quotations are taken from the Easy-to-Read Version © 2001 by Bible League International. Heartlight is supported by Westover Hills Church and loving Christians from around the world. Devotionals. Daily Devotional – Scripture – Teaching. Back to the Bible. d365 Daily Devotionals - devotionals 365 days a year. Obstacles to Forgiving Ourselves. Psalms 51:10-12 Every human being on earth has a sin problem.

Obstacles to Forgiving Ourselves

We all lose our temper, make mistakes, and do things that seem completely out of character. Sin is a universal problem, but the Lord has provided forgiveness for everyone who will accept it. And yet, many believers find it impossible to forgive themselves. Why? First, we struggle with self-forgiveness at times because we find it difficult to accept God’s forgiveness. Second, personal disappointment can prevent us from forgiving ourselves.

Third, seeing the results of our sin can become an obstacle. Are you harboring guilt and remorse for a sin from your past? Daily Devotionals and Bible Devotions. The Hebrew Names for God - El. He word El comes from a root word meaning "might, strength, power" and probably derives from the Ugaritic term for god.

The Hebrew Names for God - El

In Scripture, the primary meanings of this root are "god" (pagan or false gods), "God" (the true God of Israel), and sometimes "the mighty" (referring to men or angels). When used of the true God of Israel, El is almost always qualified by additional words that further define the meaning that distinguish Him from false gods. These other names or titles for God are sometimes called "construct forms. " El and El ConstructsFor each name in the list below, I provide the following information: The Hebrew text for the name The most common English transliteration (in italics) A definition for the name, references to the Tanakh, and frequency information Additional comments, if applicable.

God El. Note that the pictogram for the word El appears as a "strong Controller" or Sovereign: MissionaryCare2015 - The Navigators. THE NAMES OF GOD. Daily Devotion Topic < Experiencing God. Ever Been Mad At God?

Daily Devotion Topic < Experiencing God

No matter how much money you have, how secure your job, your health or your future - it can all evaporate in an instant. We witness injustice in many forms. It's at times like these that we might question God and wonder if He truly loves us. We may even get mad at Him. What Are Your Intentions? Jesus demonstrated power over the weather, evil spirits, diseases and infirmities of all kinds, and even death. Take Heart for Christ. The Names of God in the Old Testament. "Let them praise the name of the LORD: for his name alone is excellent; his glory [is] above the earth and heaven.

The Names of God in the Old Testament

" Psa 148:13 In the Old Testament times, a name was not only identification, but an identity as well. Many times a special meaning was attached to the name. 60. The Compound Names of Jehovah: Jireh, Rapha, Nissi. Purpose: There is no better way to discover what God is like than to look at His names.

60. The Compound Names of Jehovah: Jireh, Rapha, Nissi

In the names considered in this material, we seek to understand how He cares for us. Objectives 1. Names of god.