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40 Awesome Photo Effect Tutorials No matter how long you’ve been working with Photoshop, its abilities are always bound to impresses us. The modern world of social networks and mobile applications can help you to edit a shot and share it with friends in no time. But if you want to create something really amazing, go through a few photo effect tutorials. They will improve your editing skills and take you to the next level. 40 Awesome Photo Effect Tutorials
Inspiring Photography by Stefan Hefele
If you are looking for last minute Halloween ideas, be it costume, makeup or photo shoot inspiration, then check out these beautiful images by Rebeca Saray. Both photographer and retoucher Rebeca creates wonderfully magical digital art. Please enjoy... We hope you enjoyed Rebeca's work. To follow her future progress and to get in touch with Rebeca visit her 500px page. Blog / Halloween Costume Ideas Blog / Halloween Costume Ideas
Over a year ago Liat picked up a DSLR camera for the first time, which is impossible to guess from looking at her photos. Liat Aharoni’s work is bewitching, exploring darkness, sabbath and new photo techniques. Today we’d like to share with you the story of how Liat got started in photography, accompanied by her beautiful images. Please enjoy. I’ve always felt artistically inclined more than anything else — visual and creative outlets have always felt the most natural to me. Blog / Meet Liat Aharoni Blog / Meet Liat Aharoni
50 Beautiful River Photography 50 Beautiful River Photography Rivers are a natural course of water which generally rises from the snow clad mountain tops and after traversing through mountains, hills, plains and other landform features end up in the sea. Their winding course across different parts of a country, by breaking many natural barriers and making its way through many hurdles is an excellent subject of photography. The appearance of the river changes along with the change of season, thereby providing the photographer with plenty of subjects to capture. The meandering course of the river is very beautiful specially when viewed from a mountain top. So you should be ready with your wide angle lens to capture the whole area with your lens.
Senegalese Wedding (Babs & Jayna) on Behance
Although there’s no shortage of accounts on Instagram where you can see some great space photography courtesy of NASA, the space agency just upped the ante by officially joining the social photo sharing platform itself. NASA opened its own Instagram account on September 6th, and since then has uploaded nine photos both old and new for your following pleasure. Even though there are only nine, we already have the classic Apollo 11 photo of the Earth rise over the moon, as well as a beautiful satellite photo of the Earth as seen by the GOES satellite yesterday. NASA Officially Joins Instagram, Already Uploading Awesome Space Photography NASA Officially Joins Instagram, Already Uploading Awesome Space Photography
Aurora Natural Phenomenon Aurora Natural Phenomenon Auroras are stunning visual displays of light, which may appear to dance across the sky. They occur when highly charged particles from solar wind collide with atoms in the earth's atmosphere at high altitude. Aurora Borealis occurs in northern latitudes. The best places to see the Northern Lights include the Arctic, Alaska, Canada, northern Greenland, the Scandinavian coast, and Siberia. Aurora Australis occurs in southern latitudes.
30 Photoshop and Photography Tutorials On Psdtuts+, we are know that many of you reference our content in your studies. Lots of our readers are students in schools all over the world. Unfortunately, summer is coming to an end for many of you. That means it is time to start thinking about your studies again. In this article, we have prepared a list of 30 Photoshop and photography tutorials to help get you prepared for back to school. Let’s take a look! 30 Photoshop and Photography Tutorials
Nikon Patent Solves Camera Overheating by Integrating Removable Heat Storage Nikon Patent Solves Camera Overheating by Integrating Removable Heat Storage As DSLRs become more and more capable video capture machines, the problem of overheating becomes a more pressing one. With RAW video in particular, where the amount of data being captured is staggering, the sensor needs to be protected if you expect to keep using the camera for any extended amount of time. Cinema cameras, like Canon’s 1D C, have attacked this issue in the past by arranging the internals in such a way as to provide better cooling.
Noir 2 | Flickr : partage de photos !
Get 10 free photos every 10 days | Photography Get 10 free photos every 10 days | Photography Need images but on a budget? Subscribe to Unsplash and get your hands on 10 free images every other week! Unsplash is a simple site that offers 10 free images, every 10 days, that you can do whatever you want with. A fantastic resource, Unsplash was created by ooomf, an invite-only online marketplace for creative talent.
Photography in Action: Sports Photography Tips and Inspiration We are certain that you have seen a local paper with an image of your favorite boxer giving a powerful punch to his opponent or maybe a picture of the baseball team you so fancy, raising the trophy they have won in the championship game. Images for all of us – especially for people who love sports. These pictures we see are results of sports photography. But it is not as easy to take these pictures as we think it is. If you want to do more with your photography skills, you can try sports photography. Photography in Action: Sports Photography Tips and Inspiration
30 Magnificent Examples of Cloud Photography One of the most interesting subjects to be photographed is the stunning beauty of our mother nature. Our nature has a number of aesthetically pleasing elements which amazes us through its majestic beauty in existence. Clouds is one example which can be breathtaking to look at. Its rare formations, textures and impressive colors can really produce extraordinary shots regardless of whether it is puffy white fair-weather clouds, light cirrus clouds or dark storm clouds.
Gallery of Backlit Photography Creative backlights are often used to lend an artistic and enigmatic touch to photographs. In fact, if done properly, backlights can single-handedly transform an ordinary photograph into a masterpiece. In this gallery, we present to you some of the finest examples of backlit photography. Portrait of my Sister and my Son Love’s Spark Julie & Pete
Back to The Future - 25 Old and New Photographs by Irina Werning
25+ Death-Defying Photographs by Vadim Mahorov
30 Beautiful Examples of Sunrise Photography
45 Beautiful Examples of Animal Photography
Landscape Photography by Antony Spencer
20 Fast Tips for Portrait Photography
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