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Apprendre la programmation à des enfants « 4 Tools for Teaching Kids to Code. Main Page - Teach Your Kids to Code. ART && CODE Symposium: Hackety Hack, why the lucky stiff. Environments for Teaching Kids to Program and Explorer the World Through Code. Mark Verber September 2006 / Minor Update Oct 2007 -- needs more about AgentSheet, Alice, Ruby, and Scratch My ten year old daughter asked me to help her learn to program. It's not that she's interested in computer science, it's that she knows that programming is required to create games and other things that she has imagined.

Teaching kids how to write computer programs, by Marshall Brain. By Marshall Brain Let's say that you have children, and you would like to help them learn computer programming at a youngish age.

Teaching kids how to write computer programs, by Marshall Brain

As the father of four kids, I have tried to approach it from several different angles. What I would like to do here is collect some ideas for parents who are looking for different options. Let's start with a something important: Every kid is different. Some kids are reading and writing fluently years ahead of other kids. The second thing to realize is that real analytical skills often don't start appearing until age 11 or 12 or 13 in many kids, so expecting huge breakthroughs prior to that may be unrealistic. La programmation pour les non-programmeurs. L’avenir de la programmation (2/6) : La programmation pour les non-programmeurs. Par Rémi Sussan le 24/05/11 | 10 commentaires | 13,345 lectures | Impression Programmer, c’est difficile : penser logiquement, par étapes, sans en sauter aucune et en envisageant toutes les possibilités de ses actions demande une grande attention, une grande rigueur.

L’avenir de la programmation (2/6) : La programmation pour les non-programmeurs

Mais à ces complications s’ajoute encore l’apprentissage d’une syntaxe extrêmement ardue, qui ne supporte pas la moindre faute, à la virgule près. Sans compter que ladite syntaxe nous prend à rebrousse-poil. La simple instruction A=A+1, que l’on trouve dans presque tous les langages informatiques, y compris le vieux Basic, pourtant censé s’adresser aux néophytes, semble une insulte à ce que nous connaissons des mathématiques depuis l’école primaire. On a déjà eu du mal à avaler les maths, faudrait-il maintenant les jeter aux orties ?

Un autre obstacle, peut-être moins évident, est l’absence de résultats immédiatement gratifiants pour les débutants. Les langages visuels. Teaching Kids Programming. In order to teach kids how to program, you need first to get them interested in something that is computer related.

Teaching Kids Programming

One of the best ways to get them interested in computers is games. They may want to write their own games, and that could be their entry into programming. Here are some links to sites that deal with this subject. Python is a very clean and very easy to understand language, yet a very powerful one as well. Open source programming languages for kids. Scratch Scratch.

Open source programming languages for kids

MIT Media Lab Making Programming Fun For Kids. 2006 August « Ideas for Teaching Computer Technology to Kids. One Laptop per Child. A short video covering OLPC's main mission principles One Laptop per Child (OLPC) is a project supported by the Miami-based One Laptop per Child Association (OLPCA) and the Cambridge-based OLPC Foundation (OLPCF), two U.S. non-profit organizations set up to oversee the creation of affordable educational devices for use in the developing world.

One Laptop per Child

The project was originally funded by member organizations such as AMD, Chi Mei, eBay, Google, Marvell Technology Group, News Corporation, Nortel, Red Hat, and Quanta. Teaching Primary School Students Programming? Scratch (programming language) Scratch is a free desktop and online multimedia authoring tool that can be used by students, scholars, teachers, and parents to easily create games and provide a stepping stone to the more advanced world of computer programming or even be used for a range of educational and entertainment constructivist purposes from math and science projects, including simulations and visualizations of experiments, recording lectures with animated presentations, to social sciences animated stories, and interactive art and music.

Scratch (programming language)

Viewing the existing projects available on the Scratch website, or modifying and testing any modification without saving it requires no online registration. Scratch 2 is currently available online and as an application for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.[1][2] The source code of Scratch 1.x is made available under GPLv2 license and Scratch Source Code License.[3] The Scratch programming language is also used in the game creation tool Stencyl. Elementary school. A primary school, or elementary school, is a school in which children receive primary or elementary education between the ages of about five to about eleven, coming before secondary school and after preschool.

Elementary school

It is the first stage of compulsory education in most parts of the world, and is normally available without charge, but may be a fee-paying independent school. The term primary school is derived from the French école primaire, which was first used in 1802.[1] Primary school is the preferred term in the United Kingdom and many Commonwealth Nations, and in most publications of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).[2]Elementary school is preferred in some countries, especially in North America.

The term grade school is sometimes used. The terms first school or infant school may also used though these, strictly speaking, refer to different educational programs. Smalltalk. The Genius behind HyperCard: Bill Atkinson. So - you want to Teach your Kids Computer Programming? Our modern world revolves more and more around computers.

So - you want to Teach your Kids Computer Programming?

Even the gadgets we use are ‘programmed’. Just take a look around your house and see what I mean – your TV, microwave, alarm clock, oven, security system – just to name a few. And more and more things become ‘computerized’ each year. Build IT. How To Teach Programming To Kids. This is R.

How To Teach Programming To Kids

L. Three Things I Learned About Software in College. Plan informatique pour tous. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Plan informatique pour tous

Le plan informatique pour tous (IPT) était un programme du gouvernement français qui devait permettre d'initier les 11 millions d'élèves du pays à l'outil informatique et de soutenir l'industrie nationale. Il faisait suite à plusieurs programmes d'introduction de l'informatique dans le secondaire depuis 1971. Le plan IPT a été présenté à la presse, le vendredi 25 janvier 1985, par Laurent Fabius, Premier ministre de l'époque[1]. Why Johnny can't code. For three years — ever since my son Ben was in fifth grade — he and I have engaged in a quixotic but determined quest: We’ve searched for a simple and straightforward way to get the introductory programming language BASIC to run on either my Mac or my PC.

Steve Furber: why kids are turned off computing. By Nicole Kobie Posted on 5 Aug 2010 at 14:37. Chel Resnick. Apprendre à faire de la programmation à l'école et apprendre la programmation en dehors de l'école. Steve Furber: why kids are turned off computing. By Nicole Kobie Posted on 5 Aug 2010 at 14:37. A Change at Apple Causes Trouble for Adobe. Apple has changed its rules on how applications can be produced. As it previewed the new version of its iPhone OS on Thursday, Apple also updated the agreement that developers must adhere to if they want to create applications for Apple devices. Amid the more than 21,000 words in the agreement, there are 83 that are sure to set off a brush fire at the headquarters of Adobe Systems. Under the heading “APIs and Functionality,” a paragraph states that Apple will not allow applications onto the iPad and iPhone unless they are built using Apple’s propriety software:

Apple Removes Teaching App From App Store, and Educators Complain. Apple generally makes news by publishing new apps, not by unpublishing them. But last week, it made some educators upset when it removed an app, Scratch Viewer, from the iTunes App Store. Scratch Viewer was designed to let educators and others review a child’s work that was created on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch using the Scratch programming language, which has become popular in many schools.

The Scratch language was created by the M.I.T. Media Lab, and developed with grant support from the National Science Foundation and others. Programming Language for Kids Banned from Apple App Store. Lifelong Kindergarten. But at the same time, we made it harder for the... - viz. Tech Know: Recreating the era of 8-bit computers. 28 April 2011Last updated at 09:42 By Mark Ward Technology correspondent, BBC News Computer collector John Honniball shows Ellie Gibson how to recreate a computer from days gone by Chances are that you are reading this article on a computer screen. Most would agree that a modern 32 or 64 bit machine is a pretty complicated piece of equipment. Teaching Kids To Code. Scratch Team Blog: Scratch on the iPhone. During the past week, several journalists and bloggers asked for the Scratch Team's reaction to Apple's decision not to allow a Scratch player app on the iPhone.

List of educational programming languages. An educational programming language is a programming language that is designed primarily as a learning instrument and not so much as a tool for writing programs for real-world work. Using Linux to Teach Kids How to Program, 10 Years Later (Part II) LG #167. Using Linux to Teach Kids How to Program, 10 Years Later (Part I) LG #166. ‎4 Tools for Teaching Kids to Code.