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Internet Measurements a Hands-on Introduction - FUN - Inria

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Routing Information Service (RIS) — RIPE Network Coordination Centre. The RIPE NCC collects and stores Internet routing data from several locations around the globe, using the Routing Information Service (RIS), established in 2001.

Routing Information Service (RIS) — RIPE Network Coordination Centre

RIS data can be accessed via RIPEstat, our “one-stop shop” for all available information about Internet number resources. RIPEstat uses individual widgets to display routing and other information. Routing information is visualised using the following widgets: If you are interested in the location of RIS route collectors, and the list of peers, raw data or any other additional services based on RIS, please see the links on the sidebar. More information about accessing routing information via RIPEstat. RIPE Atlas - RIPE Network Coordination Centre. Home - M-Lab. Mrlg. Packet Clearing House (PCH) - PCH Looking Glass.