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What is SharePoint? [Benefits+Implementation+Future] When it comes to SharePoint, so much confusion exists in the industry that one of the main questions that people usually ask is “What is SharePoint anyway?”

What is SharePoint? [Benefits+Implementation+Future]

The SharePoint cloud is fantastic, but right now, you are in the SharePoint mist. And a mist is not healthy. So, let us clear the dark mist of ignorance and bring some clarity. What Exactly is SharePoint? First of all, Microsoft SharePoint is not a ready-made product; it is a customizable platform. So SharePoint development goes along with the term SharePoint. One of the most basic uses of SharePoint by organizations is to create various attractive internal and external portals. However, SharePoint is not all about creating portals. SharePoint Online SharePoint Server SharePoint Foundation SharePoint Designer One Drive The below table elucidates the difference between them.

Imagine your old Uncle Ben, who’s never heard of the internet, asks, “What is this Google son?” Digital Transformation in Banking [Ultimate Guide] The waves of digital transformation have left no industry untouched.

Digital Transformation in Banking [Ultimate Guide]

The banking sector is experiencing the innovative advantages of digitization. They have realized that digital transformation in banking is a much-needed strategy to elevate the operational processes of financial institutions. It is a fundamental change that will transform the entire banking landscape. The transformation involves a complex and high-risk approach of integrating modern methodologies and mindset into a sector that is highly traditional and depends much on legacy operations.

Top 10 Digital Transformation Technologies for 2021. Thanks to Covid-19, digital transformation was a popular business buzzword in 2020.

Top 10 Digital Transformation Technologies for 2021

It has redefined the how’s of many businesses. But with popularity arises confusion. Even today, not many are clear about what digital transformation means. To some, it signifies automation, while to others, it means implementing digital transformation technologies like artificial intelligence. E Commerce Services Company India. Ecommerce Development Services. We strive to meet four business goals with our e-commerce development services. 1.

Ecommerce Development Services

Launch Our goal is to initiate ROI for your business as soon as possible. We enable you to achieve it by providing clear technical guidance aligned with your business goals. Our services include technology consulting, landscape analysis, UX research, website design, and website implementation. Digital Transformation in Healthcare. As technology advances, customer expectation rises.

Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Traditional processes fail to meet the needs, and the infusion of innovation becomes inevitable. In healthcare, the arrival of digital health was the groundbreaker. Digital transformation in healthcare is an endeavour to make healthcare accessible for all. It aims to make healthcare a safe, precise, and personalized experience. According to a health report by Accenture in 2020, 85% of healthcare providers say that technology has become an unavoidable part of their service and 70% of patients embrace digital health technologies and expect it to further enhance their lives through the years. Take your business to the next level with Conversational AI. Today, more than ever, putting your customer at the core of everything you do is the way to win in business.

Take your business to the next level with Conversational AI

No organization can survive purely on one-off transaction with little or no regard for customer satisfaction. One way to improve customer retention is to provide them with instant accessibility to your organization’s customer helpdesk and service support teams across all channels, on social media platforms, on websites, and on mobile apps.

Chatbots are emerging as a primary mode of communication, allowing businesses to listen and talk to customers at any time of the day. Conversation-capable chatbots are rapidly gaining popularity as businesses seek to stay competitive. Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends For 2021. There is a silver lining in COVID-19.

Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends For 2021

It has been a remarkable catalyst for technology adoption in the past eight months. It has changed both the trajectory and the velocity of digital transformation, and will continue to do so well into 2021. Document Management Software System. SharePoint Intranet Solution. Enterprise Mobile App Development Company. We are a leading international mobile app development company offering mobile apps integrated with superb UI/UX design features and customized functionality.

Enterprise Mobile App Development Company

From concept to application software development, we cover the entire mobile app development cycle. No matter how diverse or complex your requirements are, we have the capability to meet your needs. E Commerce Services Company India. Outsourced Strategic Marketing Consulting Services. This is an outsourced marketing service based on a monthly fixed price consulting engagement designed to give our clients on-demand access to world-class marketing, branding and communications expertise at a fraction of the cost of a full-time Chief Marketing Officer.

Outsourced Strategic Marketing Consulting Services

We have a team of marketing experts with decades of hands-on experience managing global strategic marketing at multi-national companies like Singapore Airlines. At the outset of our CMO engagement, we will start with a comprehensive review of your company’s marketing plan, business positioning, competitors and product portfolio. Working as an extension of your executive management team, our CMO will provide consultation and direction in formulating a fully integrated, strategic marketing plan for your organization.

Digital Transformation Consultancy Services - MindsterDX. MindsterDX Digital Maturity Model - is your organization ready? We have created MindsterDX Maturity – the only known tool today that combines 5 key metrics that can accurately assess the extent of technology adoption.

MindsterDX Digital Maturity Model - is your organization ready?

Organizations requiring help with transforming its business will find MindsterDX Maturity a valuable tool. The 5 metrics in our model are: • Technology: the extent of data collected electronically and quality of insights derived • Revenue: the extent of sales generated and derived from online channels • Customer: the quality of interaction and engagement with customers • Culture: the degree of acceptance of Digital-First mindset across the organization • Processes: the measurement of agility, the level of automation, and a complete review of organization structures and productivity levels. Reliable Microsoft Power BI Consultant - MindsterDX. Certified Microsoft Gold Partner - SharePoint - MindsterDX. Digital Transformation Company in India - MindsterDX. MindsterDX has over two decades of experience in creating engaging digital experiences for its global customers. Our expertise in both the mobile and web domains makes us one of the most preferred digital transformation companies in India and the USA.

We have worked with some of the top names in the industry to streamline their processes through workflow automation.