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Crème Brûlée French Toast Recipe - NYT Cooking. Grapefruit Sorbet recipe (David T. King) Thanksgiving Recipes Across the United States. Karen Van Guilder Little grew up in Knoxville, where Thanksgiving always included old-school American brussels sprouts, boiled into submission and doused in butter.

Thanksgiving Recipes Across the United States

“I was the only one who ate them,” she said, “but I was always the weird kid who would eat anything.” Fast forward to last December, when Ms. Little and her husband, Andrew Little, a chef, opened Josephine in Nashville. Not many states with fewer than seven million people have three major food cities, but Memphis, Nashville and Knoxville are all burgeoning restaurant destinations. And every new place, it seems, has to have killer brussels sprouts. “I knew I couldn’t do bacon, because everybody else had that covered,” Mr.

Ingredients Preparation Heat oven to 400 degrees and place a pan of hot water in the bottom, to help prevent the sprouts from becoming tough. What Makes Thanksgiving in Tennessee? Popcorn Recipes: Tips for Popping Heirloom Corn Varieties. Photo Cooking a pan of popcorn is so simple and satisfying that I’m always surprised when people say it seems like too much trouble.

Popcorn Recipes: Tips for Popping Heirloom Corn Varieties

The results are far superior to anything that comes from a microwave or a bag. “It’s amazing how confounded people are,” said Wendy Boersema Rappel, a spokeswoman for the Popcorn Board. “There is no ratio other than your pan. You cover the bottom of the pan with oil, then add a single layer of popcorn. Still, I’ve discovered that cooking stovetop popcorn well requires a few professional tips and leaves room for plenty of variation. Heat two tablespoons of coconut oil over high heat (though other pantry oils, like canola or even olive oil, work fine). (You can also melt the butter in the hot pan after the popcorn has been removed for a more pronounced butter presence, but I find that pouring it on after the fact makes the popcorn a touch soggy.) Turn the heat down to the medium side of medium-high and cover the pan. But I’m a purist. Tempura Recipe. Directions Whisk the cake flour and rice flour together in a medium glass bowl and divide it in half.

Tempura Recipe

Set aside. Heat the vegetable oil in a 5-quart Dutch oven over high heat until it reaches 375 degrees F on a deep-fry thermometer. Once the temperature reaches 365 degrees F, whisk the egg, seltzer water and vodka, in a medium mixing bowl and divide it in half. Put half of the mixture in the refrigerator to reserve. Dip the sweet potatoes into the batter using tongs, drain for 2 to 3 seconds over the bowl, and then add to the hot oil. Whisk together the remaining halves of dry and liquid batter ingredients as above and repeat dipping and frying with the shrimp and fish fillets. Cook's Note: Tempura may be held in a 200 degree F oven for up to 30 minutes, though texture is compromised. IHM Sriracha, Lime, and Sesame Popcorn. Ice Cream Basics - Video.

Ice Cream

Millet Polenta With Tomato Sauce, Eggplant and Chickpeas. Spiced Mango Chutney With Chiles - Recipes. Preserving Mangoes and Pineapples at Their Peak. Mary F.

Preserving Mangoes and Pineapples at Their Peak

Calvert for The New York Times Pineapple sauce poured over a banana split. Most plants produce only one harvest a year, and for pineapples and mangoes that harvest time is now. So they are showing up at groceries in great abundance, ripe and ready to be enjoyed, just as we tire of eating cold-storage apples and pears. For the apprehensive canner, both the mango chutney and pineapple sauce here are straightforward, uncomplicated and sophisticated condiments: beautiful in the jar, complementing and enhancing the simplest fare, and well worth preserving before the season is over. With a little knife work and a slow simmer, the pineapple sauce is ready in no time at all. If the knife work strikes fear into your heart, buy the pineapple already cored and peeled.

Chutneys are often made with unripe or dried fruit; they always include vinegar, sugar and spices. There are thousands of varieties of mangoes, but two are predominant. Sauce Soubise. The sauce soubise or onion sauce is dedicated to the Marechal de France Charles de Rohan, Prince de Soubise who like a lot aristocrates of his time (XVIII's Century) was very interested in culinary arts. This classic French sauce is based on a bechamel in which is added an onion puree. Recipe for 1/2 litre of finished sauce: 250g (87/8 oz) onion.60g (41/2 tablespoons) butter.12g plain flour.21/2dl (1 cup) clear veal or chicken bouillon, or 21/2dl milk.2 tablespoons creme fraiche.pinch nutmeg.pinch caster sugar.salt and pepper.

Procedure: Peel and wash the onions. When this is done, stir in the flour, allow to cook for 5 minutes. Force the sauce through a chinois and put back on the heat. Set aside in a bain-marie until serving time. "Make [food] simple and let things taste of what they are. " Curnonsky (Maurice Edmond Sailland 1872-1956) Suitable for pregnant women, lactose intolerant (if using the bouillon), Coeliacs replace the flour with rice four, nut free. 1 comments: Soubise - Recipes. Foodie pearl. Enjoy the Best Fondue Tonight. Gwynnett St. Chef Justin Hilbert’s Walnut Soup. “Kimy” chocolate and hazelnut tartlets. Creamy Custards That Put Pudding to Shame. Culinary cliff dives « More Than Food. Several years after the Velvet Revolution freed Slovakia from Russia’s perverse over-lording, the exit from the bus stop in Bratislava was lined with 4-5 makeshift food kiosks selling a variety of wares; shriveled potatoes, stray pieces of pork, homemade cheese (the kind that never melted) and bright red hot dogs whose flavor came from the fiery mustard slathered on them.

culinary cliff dives « More Than Food

At the end of the row sat an old and rotund woman next to an old and rotund cask, both without the mercy of umbrella or plastic lean-to. From the cask she scooped sauerkraut for her clientele into whatever vessel or slightly used bag they brought with them. Over time, I noticed that at the end of each day, the old woman’s spot would acquire a fairly large queue of customers, sometimes as many as five, waiting patiently in the snow. In true lemming fashion, one day, did I join this queue for the unknown culinary cliff dive waiting just ahead. After about twenty yards or so, the magic began to unfold. Righteous Reuben. Better Living Through Homemade Yogurt.