Millet Polenta With Tomato Sauce, Eggplant and Chickpeas
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Preserving Mangoes and Pineapples at Their Peak Mary F. Calvert for The New York Times Pineapple sauce poured over a banana split. Most plants produce only one harvest a year, and for pineapples and mangoes that harvest time is now. Preserving Mangoes and Pineapples at Their Peak
The sauce soubise or onion sauce is dedicated to the Marechal de France Charles de Rohan, Prince de Soubise who like a lot aristocrates of his time (XVIII's Century) was very interested in culinary arts. This classic French sauce is based on a bechamel in which is added an onion puree. Recipe for 1/2 litre of finished sauce: 250g (87/8 oz) onion.60g (41/2 tablespoons) butter.12g plain flour.21/2dl (1 cup) clear veal or chicken bouillon, or 21/2dl milk.2 tablespoons creme fraiche.pinch nutmeg.pinch caster sugar.salt and pepper. Sauce Soubise Sauce Soubise
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culinary cliff dives « More Than Food culinary cliff dives « More Than Food Several years after the Velvet Revolution freed Slovakia from Russia’s perverse over-lording, the exit from the bus stop in Bratislava was lined with 4-5 makeshift food kiosks selling a variety of wares; shriveled potatoes, stray pieces of pork, homemade cheese (the kind that never melted) and bright red hot dogs whose flavor came from the fiery mustard slathered on them. At the end of the row sat an old and rotund woman next to an old and rotund cask, both without the mercy of umbrella or plastic lean-to. From the cask she scooped sauerkraut for her clientele into whatever vessel or slightly used bag they brought with them.
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