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L’Echo-Doppler - Service d'angiologie. L’examen écho-Doppler est utilisé pour détecter des pathologies des veines ou des artères.

L’Echo-Doppler - Service d'angiologie

Il associe l’échographie vasculaire (ultrason) et le Doppler, ce qui permet à l'angiologue de visualiser les veines, les artères et les différents tissus et d'analyser en même temps la vitesse de la circulation sanguine dans les vaisseaux. Cet examen se pratique au niveau du cou, des membres supérieurs, inférieurs et de l’abdomen. D'une durée d'environ 20 à 30 minutes, il est indolore et se fait en général sans préparation particulière. Cependant, si l’on doit visualiser des vaisseaux intra-abdominaux, il peut vous être demandé de venir à jeun. Pour le réaliser, une sonde est appuyée sur la peau après étalement d’un gel qui empêche le contact de la sonde avec l’air. L'écho-Doppler nécessite de la part de l’angiologue de la concentration et de la vigilance. Les résultats de l’écho-Doppler sont généralement disponibles immédiatement. National Sleep Foundation Recommends New Sleep Times.

National Sleep Foundation Email: WASHINGTON, DC, (February 2, 2015)–The National Sleep Foundation (NSF), along with a multi-disciplinary expert panel, issued its new recommendations for appropriate sleep durations.

National Sleep Foundation Recommends New Sleep Times

The report recommends wider appropriate sleep ranges for most age groups. The results are published in Sleep Health: The Journal of the National Sleep Foundation. The National Sleep Foundation convened experts from sleep, anatomy and physiology, as well as pediatrics, neurology, gerontology and gynecology to reach a consensus from the broadest range of scientific disciplines. The panel revised the recommended sleep ranges for all six children and teen age groups.

How To Fall Asleep In Minutes With a U.S. Military Technique. For a lucky few, sleeping comes almost as naturally as breathing.

How To Fall Asleep In Minutes With a U.S. Military Technique

But for most of us, falling asleep can often take far longer than we'd like. If counting sheep or even taking melatonin supplements doesn't always do the trick, it's worth trying a technique developed by the U.S. military to help soldiers fall asleep, even in stressful or uncomfortable situations. The Bud Winter Technique The technique was first detailed in 1981's Relax and Win: Championship Performance, and was developed by naval ensign Bud Winter to ensure soldiers got enough rest, and thus would not be cognitively impaired during combat operations. The technique itself is incredibly simple, and according to a military study, it reportedly works for 96% of sleepers after six weeks of practice. History of Tecartherapy. Studies show that for over 100 years, therapeutic effects have enabled tissue reconstruction as well as pain reduction.

History of Tecartherapy

The founder of this current is Jacques Arsène d’Arsonval, a famous doctor, but also a French physicist and inventor. In 1890, Arsonval discovered the benefits of the permeability of plasma membrane by increasing frequency to more than 100 KHz. 11 lesser known superfoods you need in your life. ​Many of today’s chronic illness are caused through a combination of dietary and lifestyle choices.

11 lesser known superfoods you need in your life

The rise of chronic illness in developed countries is directly related to being overfeed and undernourished. While it is relatively easy to obtain the macronutrients such as protein, fat and carbohydrates most people overlook the importance of micronutrients. See the list below for some of the lesser know top plant based sources. 6 remèdes naturels pour faire baisser son cholestérol.

Pour combattre le mauvais cholestérol et les risques qu’il fait encourir à votre organisme, il existe des remèdes de grand-mères simples et naturels.

6 remèdes naturels pour faire baisser son cholestérol

Mangez des pommes On sait que la pectine contenue dans les pommes est particulièrement intéressante pour agir sur les niveaux de cholestérol. Il faut manger 2 pommes par jour pour obtenir des résultats satisfaisants, en pensant bien à ingérer la peau. Buvez du thé vert Le thé vert permet également de faire diminuer les niveaux de mauvais cholestérol. Adoptez le vinaigre de cidre.

A Fat-Blasting Jump Rope Workout You Can Travel With. Even though jumping rope places a heavy emphasis on the lower body, you still need to warm up your upper body.

A Fat-Blasting Jump Rope Workout You Can Travel With

To fire up your shoulder muscles, use a spinning jump rope as a rhythmic, dynamic weight to control. HOW TO DO THEM: Hold both handles of the jump rope in your right hand. Holding the rope out to your right side, start making circles with the rope. Once you have a rhythm, cross your arm in front of your body to make a circle on the other side. Eventually, your right hand will be making circles on alternating sides of your body (right, left, right, left).

Slideshow: Nasal Irrigation: Relief for Colds & Allergy Symptoms. Allergies & Asthma Newsletter Improve treatments and prevent attacks.

Slideshow: Nasal Irrigation: Relief for Colds & Allergy Symptoms

Reviewed by Stanley M. First Aid. The McKenzie Institute - The McKenzie Method. The McKenzie Method The McKenzie Method is not merely extension exercises.

The McKenzie Institute - The McKenzie Method

In its truest sense, McKenzie is a comprehensive approach to the spine based on sound principles and fundamentals that when understood and followed accordingly are very successful. In fact, most remarkable, but least appreciated, is the McKenzie assessment process. Assessment. Unique to the McKenzie Method is a well-defined algorithm that leads to the simple classification of spinal-related disorders. Simplifying the Decision for a Prostate Screening. Stuart Bradford One of the most difficult decisions a man makes about prostate cancer happens long before the diagnosis.

Simplifying the Decision for a Prostate Screening

Should he get a regular blood test to screen for the disease? Screening for early detection of cancer sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s not an easy choice for men considering regular P.S.A. tests, which measure blood levels of prostate-specific antigen and are used to detect prostate cancer. Though use of the test is widespread, studies show that the screening saves few, if any, lives. While the test helps find cellular changes in the prostate that meet the technical definition of cancer, they often are so slow-growing that if left alone they will never cause harm.

As a result, major health groups don’t advise men one way or the other on regular P.S.A. screenings, saying it should be a choice discussed between a man and his doctor. So how does a man decide whether to get P.S.A. screening or not? Blood Pressure Chart - Normal Blood Pressure Range. The Indivo Personally Controlled Health Record. Back Pain. The single best thing for our health [video]

The Once and Future Way to Run. Yoga Journal. Michi's Ladder. If you are familiar with Tony Horton's Power 90 In-home Bootcamp, P90X Extreme Home Fitness, and his other at home workout plans, then you are probably familiar with the diet plan Michi's Ladder. Aside from Horton's workout plans, Michi's Ladder provides a simply way to assess and readjust your diet plan for anyone looking for a positive change in their eating habits.

The diet plan works very simply. Michi's Ladder is composed of five different tiers of food and food types. The idea is to receive the majority of your foods from the top tiers, Tier 1, Tier 2, and even Tier 3 of the plan. As you can imagine, Tier 5 is composed of the worst foods you can have while on any diet plan, including hamburgers, fries, pizza - you get the idea. Slideshow: Lowering Cholesterol: 15 Tips To Avoid Heart Disease. (1) Rosemary Calvert / Photographer's Choice (2) Hemera (3) iStockphoto (4) Linda Steward / iStockphoto (5) Ivan Mateev / iStockphoto (6) Carl Durocher / iStockphoto (7) Rita Maas / The Image Bank / Getty Images (8) Tetra Images / Getty Images (9) iStockphoto (10) Stockbyte / Getty Images (11) ICHIRO / Taxi Japan / Getty Images (12) Peter Teller / Digital Vision / Getty Images (13) DMH Images / Photographer's Choice / Getty Images (14) Lucas Cornwell / iStockphoto (15) Noel Hendrickson / Blend Images / Getty Images (16) PhotoAlto/Sandro Di Carlo Darsa / Getty Images (17) Blue Line Pictures / Photographer's Choice / Getty Images (18) Jose Luis Pelaez / Iconica / Getty Images American Heart Association web site.

Most Effective Exercises Pictures Slideshow: Squats, Lunges, and.