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Facebook Twitter BIRD ON THE WIRE LEONARD COHEN A E Like a bird on the wire A D Like a drunk in a midnight choir A E A Asus4 A I have tried in my way to be free A E Like a worm on a hook A D Like a knight from some old fashioned book A E A Asus4 A I have saved all my ribbons for thee D A If I, if I have been unkind Bm A I hope that you can just let it go by D A If I, if I have been untrue Bm E Esus4 E I hope you know it was never to you A E Like a baby, stillborn A D Like a beast with his horn A E A Asus4 A I have torn everyone who reached out for me A E But I swear by this song A D And by all that I have done wrong A E A Asus4 A I will make it all up to thee D A I saw a beggar leaning on his wooden crutch Bm A He said to me, "You must not ask for so much.

" D A And a pretty woman leaning in her darkened door Bm E Esus4 E She cried to me, "Hey, why not ask for more? " Berklee Press Modern Method for Guitar Volume 1. Cat Stevens - Father and Son. Father and Son Cat Stevens Strum: D d D DUD d D DU d = soft strum Intro (play 4x, fermata last measure): B |--0--------0--0-h1------|-1---------------------| D |--0--------0--0-h2------|-----------------------| A |--x--------x--x---------|-----------------------| Verse 1: It's not [G]time to make a [D]change, just re[C]lax, take it [Am7]easy you're still [G]young, that's your [Em]fault,

Cat Stevens - Father and Son

Cat Stevens - Father and Son - Easy Song Acoustic Guitar Lesson. Guitar Lesson - Father and Son - Cat Stevens. Father And Son Chords by Cat Stevens. American Pie Chords (ver 2) by Don Mclean. Mclean Don Chords for - American Pie Tabs. PAUL SIMON - 'SLIP SLIDIN AWAY' Chords. These 'Slip slidin away' chords by Paul Simon also include lyrics.


Please give your feedback: Rate and comment! ** CAPO 1ST FRET ** Chorus: G Slip slidin' away, Em Slip slidin' away. Guitar Lesson - Slip Slidin' Away - Paul Simon. Slip Sliding Away Chords (ver 3) by Paul Simon. Slip Sliding Away Chords by Paul Simon. Paul Simon - "Slip slidin away" Guitar chords. Accurate and free. Chorus I know a woEmman Became a wGife These are the veCry words she uDses To descCribe her life C7 She said a goGod day Ain't got no rEmain She said a bGad day's when I liDe in bed And thCink of thingsD that might have bGeen And I know a fEmathD-er Who had a sGon He longed to tCell him all the reaDsons for thiCngs he'd done C7 He came a loGng way Just to expEmlain He kissed his Gboy as he lay sleDeping Then he tuCrned around and heDaded home agGain God only kEmnows God makes his plGan The informCation's unavaDilable To the moCrtal man C7 We work our Gjobs Collect our Empay Believe we're gliGding down the higDhway When in faCct we're slip slidin' awGay Em G G Em Em G G Em Printing is not available on your current plan.

Paul Simon - "Slip slidin away" Guitar chords. Accurate and free

Carolina In My Mind Chords (ver 2) by James Taylor. How To Play Carolina In My Mind Cover. Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Muse - Acoustic Guitar Lesson. The Times They Are A-changin Chords by Bob Dylan. How to Play "Times They Are a-Changing" (Part 1) Bob Dylan - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right. Carlos gardel, el dia que me quieras (Acordes. C Acaricia mi ensueño Am G7 El suave murmullo de tu suspirar E7 Am Como ríe la vida D7 G Si tus ojos negros me quieran mirar.

Carlos gardel, el dia que me quieras (Acordes

C Y si es mío el amparo Em B7 Em De tu risa leve que es como un cantar D7 Ella aquieta mi herida C F Fm G Todo, todo se olvida. C E7 El día que me quieras Am La rosa que engalana C7 F Se vestirá de fiesta A7 Dm Con su mejor color G7 Y al viento las campanas E7 Am Dirán que ya eres mía D7 Y locas las fontanas G Se contaran su amor.

C La noche que me quieras E7 Am Desde el azul del cielo C7 F Las estrellas celosas A7 Dm Nos miraran pasar E7 Y un rayo misterioso A7 Dm Hará nido en tu pelo, Fm C Luciérnaga curiosa F G7 C Que vera que eres mi consuelo. Recitado: El día que me quieras No habrá mas que armonías Será clara la aurora Y alegre el manantial, Traerá quieta la brisa Rumor de melodías, Y nos darán las fuentes Su canto de cristal. Verde Luz chords by Antonio Cabán Vale. "Verde Luz" El día que me quieras. Letra[editar] La letra de Alfredo Le Pera es una paráfrasis del poema homónimo de Amado Nervo, incluido en su libro póstumo, "El arquero divino" (1919).

El día que me quieras

Acaricia mi ensueño el suave murmullo de tu suspirar, ¡como ríe la vida si tus ojos negros me quieren mirar! Y si es mío el amparo de tu risa leve que es como un cantar, ella aquieta mi herida, ¡todo, todo se olvida..! El día que me quieras la rosa que engalana se vestirá de fiesta con su mejor color. Al viento las campanas dirán que ya eres mía y locas las fontanas me contarán tu amor. Recitado: El día que me quieras no habrá más que armonías, será clara la aurora y alegre el manantial.

La noche que me quieras desde el azul del cielo, las estrellas celosas nos mirarán pasar y un rayo misterioso hará nido en tu pelo, luciérnaga curiosa que verá... Grabaciones[editar] Se contabilizan unas 200[1] versiones de la obra. Algunas de estas versiones son: Derechos de autor[editar] Guitar Pro Tabs With Online Player. Pro Guitar Tuner. Do you remember how to tune each string.

Pro Guitar Tuner

Check below! Great tuner. Just intonated my bass with it and it worked great. –Noah Fantastic tuner! Drop A# works properly for me! Thank you! Online Guitar Tuner: Tune your guitar easily with our interactive tuner.