Food Cravings? Here Is What Your Body Really Wants~ Chocolate Magnesium Raw nuts and seeds, legumes, fruits Sweets Chromium

Food Cravings? Here Is What Your Body Really Wants~

Classic British cheeses Robinson Crusoe author Daniel Defoe penned one of the earliest references to Stilton cheese in 1724, when he wrote that he has "pass'd Stilton, a town famous for cheese, which is call'd our English Parmesan, and is brought to table with the mites, or maggots round it, so thick, that they bring a spoon with them for you to eat the mites with, as you do the cheese." The cheese's distinctive blue veins are created by piercing the cheese with needles, allowing air to enter and mould to grow. Picture: Martin Pope Classic British cheeses
Know Your Cuts of Meat - Interactive Feature
A Pig Roast or Bust A Pig Roast or Bust Michelle V. Agins/The New York Times On a farm in upstate New York, the author and friends prepare a pig roast for a large group of guests: lining a pit with rocks; stuffing the pig with pineapple and squash; wrapping it and lowering it onto the bed of coals. More Photos »