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Career Assessment: Meaning, Type of Assessment Tests and Benefits. Career assessment procedures are being extensively used by schools, colleges, universities and several other educational institutions.

Career Assessment: Meaning, Type of Assessment Tests and Benefits

Professionals in the education industry feel that students need to choose the right career path as it is important for their future growth. This raised the need for career assessment. So, let us understand the meaning of career assessment, type of assessment tests and its benefits. 3 Must-Have Skills for a Career Counsellor. Growing up, people have numerous aspirations.

3 Must-Have Skills for a Career Counsellor

While some wish to be an astronaut, others might wish to join the army. But often, things do not happen according to their choice. At times, they would realise that their dream job is actually not meant for them. That is when a career counsellor comes into the picture and guides the individual to choose the right career path. How to Choose the Right Career. By Surjeet K.

How to Choose the Right Career

Career Counsellor It is said, “get a profession you are passionate about and you will never have to work in your life.” When you choose a career that you do not love, the only purpose you have with your job is earning money, and it really puts lots of pressure on you where you have to spend the whole day doing work that you are not interested in. 4 Career Tips for Class 10th Students in India. 5 Career Opportunities for a Liberal Arts Graduate in 2019. 5 Reasons Why Studying Liberal Arts is Beneficial for You. Pursuing a liberal arts degree course is an enriching experience as students get to learn a variety of subjects such as science, humanities, music, theatre, literature, women’s studies, and history.

5 Reasons Why Studying Liberal Arts is Beneficial for You

With an in-depth knowledge in such diverse subjects, the future prospects of liberal arts graduates can be very bright nowadays. Following are five of the most useful reasons to study this dynamic course: 1. Enhance your Communication Skills. 4 Ways in Which Career Counselling Helps after 10th Board Exams. We all remember the stress of studying for our board exams in class 10th.

4 Ways in Which Career Counselling Helps after 10th Board Exams

Each student goes through a tough time where s/he has to study all year round in order to score well in the board examinations. However, life changes dramatically after these exams are over since students have to then choose their stream for class 11th. While some people are very focussed and have their career path pre-determined, others might need some help in choosing the right fit for them. They can seek career counselling after 10th which will bring a lot of clarity as they will be well-informed about their choices. Career Counselling: Things to Keep in Mind. Spiring to become a successful professional in the field of your choice requires dedication and passion.

Career Counselling: Things to Keep in Mind

However, these qualities won’t be enough as you will require guidance before beginning your career in India. Competition in metropolitan cities like Gurgaon, Noida, and Ghaziabad is so strong that you can easily get lost in the crowd. From a teenager who’s contemplating on choosing his stream to a graduate adult who needs assistance in her/his master’s degree course options, career counseling in Gurgaon is easy to find, if given by the right counselor.

Here are some of the key aspects to keep in mind while choosing the best career counselor in Gurgaon. How to Become a Career Coach. Think about a career where you will be getting paid for coaching and guiding other people to choose a successful career.

How to Become a Career Coach

Seems interesting, isn’t it? The job of a career coach is all about helping others to discover their passion while doing their own dream job at the same time. If you also want to become a career coach, you need to have the right knowledge and experience to guide others. 3 Easy Steps to Become a Career Coach. There are a number of students who are at a career crossroad and employed professionals who are willing to make a career switch.

3 Easy Steps to Become a Career Coach

These individuals might find themselves in a dilemma as to which career path will suit them the best. And that is it when the need for a career coach comes into the picture. The need for career counsellor has increased considerably over the years. The Role of Career Counselling in a Student’s Life. By Surjeet K.

The Role of Career Counselling in a Student’s Life

Career Counsellor Career counselling refers to the professional guidance provided to individuals and students to help them to obtain the knowledge, skills, information, and experience necessary to identify their passion and pick the right career option. Career counselling is important in this day and age as choosing the right career path can have an impact on an individual’s social, financial, and emotional well-being.

The following points highlight the role of career guidance for school students to make an informed and logical career choice: Getting an Insight into the Corporate World. How Career Counseling Can Help Commerce Students Select A Career Path After 12th Class. Commerce, as a stream of study, is very popular among students who have cleared their 10th boards.

How Career Counseling Can Help Commerce Students Select A Career Path After 12th Class

However, it is important that before they choose this stream of study, they understand it thoroughly. They must collect every bit of information and understand whether commerce is a suitable career path for them or not. Many a time, students get confused about choosing a stream after passing 10th class, and here, career counseling can help them a lot. What is Commerce? Commerce educates students on trade and business activities like production and exchange of goods and services, business principles and basic economic theories. How Career Guidance Program Help College Students? How Career Guidance Program Help College Students? You must have heard a college student saying “I am pursuing bachelor’s in business administration because my friend is doing so. He told me that I will get good job after I clear the semesters with flying colors.”

Also, you might have come across students studying a bachelor’s degree just because it is up and coming and promises a good future. These students, perhaps, are driven by social and peer pressure. Why Career Counseling is Vital for Class 9th Students. Today, when the competition is so stiff in the field of education, students cannot afford to make any mistakes while making a career choice. This puts them in the dilemma of choosing the right career option. There are students who are pretty clear and sure about their career choices that they have to make, but then there are students who may feel immense pressure of choosing the right career.

In this situation, a career counseling program may help. It tends to direct students towards their dreams and also provides them with complete support. In case you are also worried for the career options after 9th, here are the reasons that stress on the significance of having career counselling sessions for the same. Five Major Benefits of Online Counseling for Students. Seeking counselling is becoming extremely popular and for all the right reasons. Students are often clueless about multiple things, such as streams to choose, subjects to go for in graduation, what career to go for. For a student, the times are very difficult and guidance from an expert means a lot. 3 Steps to Pick the Right Stream after Class 10th. It is often said that one has to make their biggest decisions in their most immature years. The thought of picking a stream that decides the rest of your life could be quite daunting for a 16-year-old. Although educational background plays a major role in the kind of career you choose, you do not have to panic when you have to make a decision.

Importance of Counselling for Students After 12th. Most students face this common question ‘what next’ after class 12. They get confused about choosing a certain area for further studies which can help them to make a bright career in the future. A class 12 student, as per their subject combinations, is usually exposed to several agencies offering support to prepare for the entrance exams to join reputed colleges. 3 Tips to Become a Career Coach. 3 Reasons to Go For Certified Career Coaching Programs. A Brief on Career Counselling Offered for 12th Students. Career Guidance & Counselling for Class 10th, 11th & 12th Students - Mindler. Reasons to Enroll in a Career Counseling Certification Program. All You Need to Know About Career Coaching Programs. Reasons to Choose a Career in Fashion Designing.

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