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At Mindful Market we believe shopping can be an empowered, meaningful, and enjoyable act. We connect conscious consumers, who shop based on their unique values, with conscious businesses who admire people and sustainability over profit. Sign up now (it's free!), or just explore the market.

Zero Waste Products online. Sierra Wooten is the founder of The Sustainable Switch, a business that not only sells reusable straws but is actively teaching us about zero-waste living.

Zero Waste Products online

Through her business’ Instagram page @thesustainableswitch, it’s clear that her main goal isn’t just to sell sustainable products but to be a part of the zero-waste community. She often shares tips, memes, and daily sustainable swaps from other small brands like hers. “Our dream here at The Sustainable Switch is to support, inspire, and provide individuals and communities with the best zero-waste products and practices for their daily lives.” -Sierra Wooten The Sustainable Switch is based in San Diego, CA and they currently make reusable stainless steel and bamboo straws, eco-friendly toothbrushes, straw cleaning, and carrying kits, and a 3-in-1 stainless steel utensil.

What is conscious consumerism and why does it matter? What is unconscious consumerism aka mindless consumption?

What is conscious consumerism and why does it matter?

It helps to know the dark before you can see the light. Mindless consumption is often fueled by greenwashing. That is to say, preying on the good intentions of consumers. Ethical and Sustainable From Every Touchpoint. Chews Happiness – a dog treat bakery, based in Boulder, CO, was created after founders Tavor White and Meeta Gawande returned from an impactful trip to Bhutan.

Ethical and Sustainable From Every Touchpoint

Inspired by Bhutan’s commitment to Gross National Happiness (GNH), a concept that values protecting the environment, people, and culture over making money, they quit their corporate jobs to start Chew’s Happiness. From sourcing to production and packaging, Chews Happiness takes it seriously to uphold ethical and sustainable practices. The Pet Sustainability Coalition has named them one of the top 20 pet companies in 2020. They are also recognized by 1% for the Planet, the Animal Wellness Magazine, and vets.

Chews Happiness is committed to supporting traditional lifestyles and local cultures of indigenous people. 5 Benefits of Buying Handmade Products in the USA. We can all agree that Buying Handmade Products is expensive.

5 Benefits of Buying Handmade Products in the USA

This is especially true with handcrafted items. But what happens when we choose to understand why these prices are fair? What transformative benefits are there? We can all agree that buying products made by hand is expensive. This is especially true with handcrafted items. Organic Body Care Products by Red Bird Naturals. Red Bird Naturals is a small business that makes non-toxic organic body care products.

Organic Body Care Products by Red Bird Naturals

These include everything from facial care creams to sunblock and bug spray. Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, most of the ingredients are grown locally. Meggi, the founder, is very hands-on with creating her products. She not only tests and formulates each product, but she partners with local farms to get the freshest ingredients. Some of these ingredients include calendula flower, hemp, honey, and beeswax. Small Conscious Business in Connecticut. Mystic Pines Candle Co. is a small conscious business in Connecticut that not only makes quality candles but leads in the way they make an impact.

Small Conscious Business in Connecticut

Since their launch in 2015, founders (Christina & Christopher Cox) have worked tirelessly to ensure that their mission of “spreading light and kindness… one candle at a time” is not just words but followed by an action. Conscious businesses exist for reasons beyond just making a profit. Do You Recycle? 6 Things You’re Recycling Wrong.

6 Things You’re Recycling Wrong I don’t know about you, but the thought of huge “islands” of trash floating in our oceans makes me feel a bit queasy.

Do You Recycle? 6 Things You’re Recycling Wrong

The problem seems insurmountable. The one thing I know I can do is recycle. Each week, I put anything and everything I think can be recycled into my bin and gleefully place it at the curb. Little did I know, I was doing it wrong! Personal Care Products. Recent reports of high levels of lead in fidget spinners are a good reminder that toxic chemicals remain in kids’ items.

Personal Care Products

Fortunately, in Washington state, companies that make toys and other kids’ products have to tell us what chemicals they use in their products by filing reports with the Washington State Department of Ecology. These reports cover 66 chemicals of high concern for kids’ health (and soon to be 85 in 2019). Chemicals that must be reported include lead, cadmium, and toxic flame retardants. Halley Marie Shaw, Buffalo NY. Author: Halley Marie Shaw, Buffalo NY Sketch: Halley Marie Shaw.

Halley Marie Shaw, Buffalo NY

Photo Editing/Reimage: Kerry Fey Author Bio: “I am no one” I’m just going to spit it out: I don’t want to sit at your fucking table. Walking In The Here and Now. Written by Mindful Market’s Spiritual/Meditation Guide | Columnist: Myster Blu Walking in the here and now is an extraordinary place to be.

Walking In The Here and Now

Walking is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. As Ti has taught me…We always have the choice to walk mindfully and peacefully…with each step we are kissing the earth…leaving an imprint of our love and compassion for all the world and all humanity. With that, it’s like throwing a little pebble into a lake and noticing how much of an impact that one little pebble can create through the ripples it sends out. Far beyond the impact zone. “Life And Other Four Letter Words: What Is A Life Coach And How They. -Article and Interview By Halley Marie Shaw -Photo Credit: Julia Turk It should be easy, right? Get up, go to work on time, return messages, keep finding ways to advance, be our best selves. We turn on our phones and laptops to find slews of social media threads. We get locked into group texts. We market ourselves on LINKEDIN. Spiritual And Meditation Candles. Article by: Tabitha Riley Candles are a beautiful and quick way to enhance and support your meditative routine.

Utilizing them during prayer and mediation is a widely historic practice among many cultures and beliefs. There are many variations of candles you can choose from, depending on your preferences and objectives. Most of the candles fall into two main categories, spiritual and Meditation Candles. Sustainable Household Products. What is Sustainable Agriculture? In simplest terms, sustainable agriculture is the production of food, fiber, or other plant or animal products using farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities, and animal welfare. Why buy sustainable food products? Buy Vegan Food Online USA. Many people wonder what the big deal about raw food diets is. Nutritionists have associated raw food with numerous health benefits. Not only is raw food good for your digestion, it improves your skin tone, and has a huge impact on many body processes. Here is a look at the frequently asked question about raw food diets. What is the Raw Food Diet?

Buy Vegan Food Online USA. A Green Smoothie That Tastes Good. Remember your first attempt at making a green smoothie? If you were like me, it didn’t turn out too well. It had all the “right” ingredients – or so I thought – just not in the right proportions. My family still jokes about how I like to drink “green stuff” that tastes, well… like grass! So, I decided to go to the authority for some direction – the green goddess Kris Carr. Kris Carr is a New York Times and #1 Amazon best-selling author, wellness activist and cancer survivor/thriver. Conscious Business Community. Mindful Market Introduces the Global Good initiative. Let the Conscious Consumer Movement Begin. A Beginning to Mental Health Epidemic through Conscious Consumerism. Why Conscious Business Matters In a World of Uncertainty, Know Your Values. Two Stories from Two Generations: Are You With Us? Why Conscious Business Matters Pandemic Reading for the Conscious Consumer. What Is Your Conscious Consumer Alter Ego.

10 Quotes That Will Inspire The Conscious Consumer Within. Good, Fast, and Cheap: Pick Two It's Time For The Conscious Business. Want To Advance An Unpopular Cause? Sell Popular Stuff. Enchanted Botanicals: Finding a Purpose Within Healing. Where does the conscious consumer go from here. Why Generation Z is The Most Conscious Consumer Generation Yet. The Psychology Behind Conscious Consumerism. 5 Simple Steps to Make a Conscious Purchase. The History of Conscious Consumerism. How to Make Your Work Breaks Mindful. An Open Letter to Gen Z About Conscious Consumerism. 5 Health Conscious Food Products for the Holidays. What We Need to Bring Into 2021, and What We Need to Leave Behind. Holiday Gift Guide Based on Your Astrology Sign. 5 Habits of Highly Conscious People. Mindful Market. Shop Your Values. Buy Health and Nutrition Products Online. Vegan Handmade Natural Products. Buy Environmentally Conscious Products. Buy Natural Sports and Fitness Products. Essential Pet Care Kit.

Healing Jewelry Collection. Best Sustainable Kitchen and Dining Products. Healing Jewelry Collection. Eco Friendly Home Products. Buy Household & Health Products Online. Buy Handmade Products Online in USA. Healthy Vegan Grocery Online. Handmade Fashion Accessories Online. Conscious Stories Bookstore Online USA. Homemade Beauty and Personal Care Products Online. Mindful Market l Shop Products & Services From Conscious Businesses.