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Scalify - Badumna Network Suite
Access Denied A French R&D project (ANR-RIAM) leaded by Orange Labs, funded by ANR and Media & Networks cluster of Brittany , launched in January 2007 and based on prior works dating from 2000. Five partners are involved: IRISA - Peer-to-peer networks & distributed systems Archivideo - Auto generation of 3D models & declarative method Access Denied
Welcome on the website. This website aims at presenting Romain Cavagna's activities especially in the networked virtual environments field. Wide Reality ? The massive interest for the Games / Virtual Environments (VEs), for the Virtual Reality (VR) applications, the potential of Augmented Reality (AR) and the current revolution of the Internet world (Web 2.0, Web 3D.0) are key points for the emergence of an 'ambient' Web which will make it possible for the users to communicate, collaborate, entertain, work and exchange contents possibly with using 3D metaphors which will extend their reality.
HyperVerse This website provides information on the HyperVerse research project of the Systemsoftware and Distributed Systems Working Group at the University of Trier, Germany, in cooperation with the University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg. With the HyperVerse project, we investigate how collaborative virtual environments like Second Life or MMOGs can scale to a global dimension! In order to realize this vision, our project has a strong focus on self-organizing P2P systems. Apart from developing fundamental concepts and technologies we also implement them for test and demonstration purposes. HyperVerse
Multiverse: The MMO Development Platform Time again for another update on what we've been up to. In a nutshell, we've made some good progress updating the server's Java code to JDK 8! This has already been implemented on the Live Worlds server and seems to perform alot better than JDK 6/7. Once this is complete, we will be starting on finally updating Axiom to the most current release OR swapping out Axiom for the latest OGRE 3D OR Illricht 3d releases. Once we have that in the bag, we'll turn our attention to updating the toolset for the platform and will aim to add some new features along the way. Multiverse: The MMO Development Platform
Worlds - HOME Articles, videos and images organized and available for the benefit of the press and media. Learn more Current and archived articles about Worlds. Worlds - HOME
Entropia Universe - The Official Site

Entropia Universe - The Official Site

– Let Your Avatar Explore New Worlds – Read more..^ With a Free Entropia Universe Account your Avatar can start exploring the many worlds and possibilities inside Entropia Universe.
NEW GAME launched: Desert Attack by ludiloom on November 19, 2009 GOOD guy? BAD guy? Choose your side, find your desert and PLAY NOW the 1st FPS released by the ludiloom team: Desert Attack. NEW VIDEO is out: Back to the Yardby ludiloom on June 24, 2009 Have you notice a new video on the homepage? ludiloom :: The Game-Making Game: Unleash Replayability with User-Generated Game Development ludiloom :: The Game-Making Game: Unleash Replayability with User-Generated Game Development