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Reasons why Digital Marketing out shine any other courses available. Image Source : We all know that Digital Marketing is the fastest growing sector all over the world, the growth of Digital Marketing has opened doors of opportunity for a lot of youngsters in the country. With Digital India scheme in the corner, it also increases the chances of employment for youth of India. Today we are discussing why in today’s time Digital Marketing outshines any other courses available in Market. Digital Marketing is the fastest growing sector Digital Marketing sector is growing at the rate of 200 % since last 5 years, Digital media spending has grown to 1.17 billion dollars from 0.17 billion dollars in 2015. Less costly & High ROI Digital Marketing course is quite cheaper if you compare it with any other modern day course like if you do MBA in marketing from a decent college it would cost you at least 4-6 lakh rupees, and if you opt for a higher course in Engineering it will cost you not less than 5 lakh rupees.

Time is money. Top most followed politician on social media in Chhattisgarh : Raipur. Since the 2014 election, the way Narendra Modi won the election with the immense help of his social media brigade and campaigns he ran on almost all social media platform has changed the outlook of state politicians as well in regard to social media management. People perception is the big thing in politics and social media is the greatest tool is been discovered to manage the people perception & Chhatisgarh’s politician have understood this fact and they have started using it more aggressively and professionally but they are yet to understand how to run a professional political campaign strategy through social media but they are trying hard to catch up with national leaders. Let us see who is the most followed politician from Chattisgarh:- 1 – Raman Singh Yes, Being a chief minister of state he is highly popular on Social media, he has almost 14 lakh + followers on facebook & 9 lakh + on Twitter.

He is also quite popular in image sharing platform Instagram. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 6 . Things You Will Get By Under Going Digital Marketing Course. Digital Marketing is one the fastest growing sector of India & the world as a whole, the marketing has moved out from called calling to inbound marketing, & digital marketing helping people to get their business successful in this era.

Let’s some of the major Things You Will Get By Under Going Digital Marketing Course Enter the upcoming biggest industry Digital marketing is a fast evolving domain with almost daily changes happening across various platforms. I think as the digital marketing industry is always evolving it is a good idea to spend time in learning these skills.

Now digital marketing has become the billion dollar industry in itself and growing at the rate of 40-60 % YOY. Indian startups have become the biggest contributors to growth engine and job creation. By going through Internet marketing course you will open a gate of fortune for you by which you will be flooded with opportunity and chances. Get a competitive advantage on your competitors Develop Skill & Earn Online. Best web design practices to increase user engagement & trust. Your website is the 1st and may become the last impression of your work. So take your web designing practices very seriously. Here we are going to present you some chosen best practices of website design to increase user engagement and trust of your visitor. 1. clean & simple web design To drop a good impression on your visitors we sometimes overburdened our website and put so much thing on every page.

Developing a good website is never been about putting so much animation, graphics, and content together. With limited animation & design also you can impress your customers & sometimes it impacts more when you show them only what it required to them. When visitors will be less confused and better explore your site with less friction, there are increased chances that they’ll engage more with you & come back for more. 2. 3. Always keep your website update, the content should be updated timely if your website is CMS based update your plugins regularly. 4. 5. 6. Image Source: Google Image 7. Social Media Marketing Company.