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Renewable Energy

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Pennsylvania AEPS Alternative Energy Credit Program. Welcome to the Pennsylvania Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard Program website The Pennsylvania Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS) requires that an annually increasing percentage of electricity sold to retail customers in Pennsylvania is from alternative energy sources.

Pennsylvania AEPS Alternative Energy Credit Program

The program requires that retail energy suppliers utilize Alternative Energy Credits (AECs) for demonstrating compliance with the standard. An AEC is created each time a qualified alternative energy facility produces 1000 kWh of electricity. The AEC is then be sold or traded separately from the power. This makes it easy for individuals and businesses to finance and invest in clean, emission free solar power. This website provides a portal for the application and registration of alternative energy facilities that qualify for the AEPS program. To be qualified as an alternative energy facility under this program, an application must be submitted. For questions about the PA AEPS Program or this web site, contact: Alternative Energy. Technip buys Scottish offshore wind subsea cable installer Subocean. By Renewable Energy Focus staff Technip says the acquisition is part of its strategy to “develop a leading position in the renewables market in the coming years, focusing on offshore wind services.”

Technip buys Scottish offshore wind subsea cable installer Subocean

Technip launched its operating centre in Aberdeen, Scotland, as its headquarters for all European offshore wind projects in early 2010. Subocean Group Ltd and its subsidiaries went into administration on 28 January following cash flow pressures in recent months. Around 300 of Subocean’s 380 strong workforce will be taken on by Technip. Bruce Cartwright, Head of Business Recovery Services at PwC and Joint Administrator for Subocean, says: “Subocean operate in what is still an emerging and immature market, and over recent weeks and months, the directors have worked tirelessly to find a solvent solution that would protect creditors and jobs. Renewable energy news - Recharge - wind, solar, biomass, wave/tidal/hydro and geothermal. Photovoltaic Systems. Power plant cost to top $1 billion. The cost to build a new coal-fired power plant in Cassville or Portage has soared because of higher construction prices, Alliant Energy Corp. said Friday.

Power plant cost to top $1 billion

The 300-megawatt power plant, which would generate enough power to supply 150,000 homes, is now projected to cost $1.1 billion if it is built in southwestern Wisconsin and $1.2 billion if it is built in Portage, the utility said. The cost of building power plants has risen in recent years as the prices of steel, concrete and other materials have escalated, Alliant Energy spokesman Rob Crain said. Earlier this year, the utility projected that the plant would cost $850 million to $950 million, but costs have continued to rise. The new figures were included in documents filed with state and federal regulators. “You’re talking about an extremely expensive plant, with fuel costs rising and capital costs rising and carbon costs rising, you’re talking about a huge increase in rates for Alliant’s ratepayers in Wisconsin,? Energy Information Administration (EIA) Ited Nations Statistics Division - Energy Statistics.

August 2013 The Energy Statistics Database contains basic statistics for more than 200 countries/territories.

ited Nations Statistics Division - Energy Statistics

Currently, the database provides time series for the period 1950-2010 and is updated annually. The most recent four years in the database are disseminated through the Energy Statistics Yearbook and the Energy Balances and Electricity Profiles. Data from 1990 to 2010 are available on-line through the UNdata portal. The database also contributes to various statistical publications of UNSD, such as the Statistical Yearbook. The Energy Statistics Database provides statistics on production, trade, transformation and consumption (end-use) for solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels, electricity, and heat. Electricity consumption by petroleum refineries by country. Definition, graph and map. Citation "All countries compared for Energy > Electricity > Consumption by petroleum refineries", Source: Energy Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division.

Electricity consumption by petroleum refineries by country. Definition, graph and map.

Aggregates compiled by NationMaster. Retrieved from. Energy Information Administration - Previous Featured Articles from the Annual Energy Outlook. Suntech Power at leading edge of renewable jobs. From left, John Ruggles, Dan Price and Mike Starr each joined Suntech Power Holdings Co.

Suntech Power at leading edge of renewable jobs

Ltd. in Goodyear after substantial job layoffs by their previous employers. Mike Starr has a lot of work ahead of him at the Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd. plant in Goodyear, which is set to start production next week. For Starr, it represents a shift from 18 months without employment to working as production manager for the Wuxi, China-based company on its maiden voyage in the U.S. “This is kind of a starting industry,” he said. ASU, Science Foundation Arizona team on algae biofuel center. Algae pools at ASU Polytechnic Arizona State University and Science Foundation Arizona are using a $2 million grant create a algae development center, which gives the state an edge in the growing biofuel industry.

ASU, Science Foundation Arizona team on algae biofuel center

The Arizona Center for Algae Technologies and Innovations was announced Tuesday morning to push research at ASU’s Polytechnic campus in the East Valley and throughout the state. There are only two or three such algae development centers, putting Arizona at the forefront of the biofuels industry, said Rick Shangraw, senior vice president for the office of knowledge enterprise development at ASU. “Arizona is right on the cusp,” he said.


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