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2014-2015 Wallpaper Trends - Gold Damask Colour Trend Wallpaper, R2067.

2014-2015 Wallpaper Trends -

NLXL launches Archives wallpaper by Studio Job at Milan design week. Milan 2014: Studio Job has revisited its own archive to create a unique wallpaper range for Dutch brand NLXL, which debuts in Milan this week.

NLXL launches Archives wallpaper by Studio Job at Milan design week

Studio Job founders Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel raided their archive and used existing drawings, icons, images and patterns to create unique nine-metre running compositions without any repetition, for the Archives wallpaper collection for NLXL. The collection comprises seven designs: Industry, Labyrinth, Perished, Alt Deutsch, L’Afrique and Withered Flowers, which is available in both monochrome or colour.

Made from a non-woven paper with a matte finish, each roll is nine metres by 48.7 centimetres. "Can you imagine what it feels like to browse through the archives of Studio Job if you love art? " says Rick Vintage, founder of NLXL. Art Deco Wallpaper - Stellar Interior Design. The Great Gatsby’s Catherine Martin Launches a Fabric & Wallpaper Collection.

Art Deco Wallpaper - Stellar Interior Design

The talented set designer behind the film is designing Jazz-Age 1920’s inspired fabrics & wallpaper for Mokum called Metropolis. The line includes Art Deco motifs with metallic inks and foiled wallpapers, graphic velvet fabric and geometric trims. Jannelli e Volpi. Brisbane Wallpaper Installation - Teneriffe Wool Stores. We are wallpaper installers in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Brisbane Wallpaper Installation - Teneriffe Wool Stores

We recently installed a beautiful wallpaper from Netherlands based designer Ellie Cashman in an apartment in the woolstore precinct at Teneriffe in Brisbane. Teneriffe was once an important wool trading suburb with the first wool store built in 1909 and another 12 wool stores added to that from 1915 to the 1950′s. These large buildings were built as a testament to our successful commercial wool industry and were designed at the time by well known architects. Today these large brick constructed buildings have undergone a dramatic transformation from industrial run down eyesores into much sought after luxury riverside apartments. The Teneriffe woolstore apartments have breathed new life into this upmarket area attracting cafes, restaurants, shops and transport. Pattern design and wallpapers. On a roll: the best wallpapers for sale. Make a bold statement in your home – with wallpaper.

You can’t ignore wallpaper.

Make a bold statement in your home – with wallpaper

Whatever the print – the overused damask, the cheesy paisley – it’s always there calling for your attention. Paint easily fades into the background. Wallpaper, however, is always making a statement. And unlike paint, it can also tell a story. Wallpaper peaked in the 1980s, then fell out of favour as it took on a reputation for being fusty and too much of a commitment (steam off one tiny piece at a time when you decide to redecorate? Beyond Beige/Randal Kurt Photography Many are simply drawn to the look. Just as reclaimed furniture is popular in large part because it has a back story and narrative that is much richer and more interesting than simply rolling off the factory floor, wallpaper’s appeal lies in its connection to history, says Jane Lockhart, a Toronto-based interior designer.

“Wallpaper allows you to have this real looking glass in to the past,” she says. Gorgeous Grey! « Copy. Grey is the new neutral – a statement you may have heard when people are discussing decorating.

Gorgeous Grey! « Copy

More and more people are using grey as an alternative to white and beige. Grey offset with gloss white trim is clean, crisp and stunning. I hope these images inspire you get out your paint brushes. Bedroom in monochromatic greys Grey patterned wallpaper removes the need for any artwork The perfect compliment for grey is hot pink Dark grey cabinets with white marble counter tops compliment each other perfectly There is a lot of dark grey in this bedroom, yet it isn’t too dark as it’s balanced out with gold shimmer & white accessories Source: All images from. 10 Ways Wallpaper Became Cool Again. Remember that point in the late '90s when you had enough of those nautical stripes?

10 Ways Wallpaper Became Cool Again

Well, that's how we now feel about taupe paint. Luckily, wallpaper has made a glorious return--this time with more inspired styles. Jungle Spots Don't call 'em a polka. This new dot feels more organic, even a little random.  Shop the look. The New Florals Out: symmetrical granny prints.  Shop the look. Throwback Palm Fronds The famous Beverly Hills Hotel print lets you dabble in preppy vintage.

Wall Mural Installations. We hang wall murals on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Wall Mural Installations

They have become very popular due to the huge range in variety and the many different manufacturers offering all sorts of designs. Wall murals have instant effect when installed. As most murals are photos of either a landscape, cityscape, the ocean, a landmark or people, they can transport you to another place instantly. Creating an atmosphere has never been so easy just by choosing the right mural and installing it in the right place. Interior Wallpaper Trends For 2014. This year will see the use of graphic patterns and bold prints.

Interior Wallpaper Trends For 2014

There is also the continued trend of an industrial recycled look using cement, aged timber and raw steel. Timorous Beasties, Contemporary Fabrics, Wallpapers, Cushions, Lampshades & Rugs. Shell and chinoiserie: Seaside style with an Eastern accent. Next up on my Wednesday Wishlist series is paisley!

shell and chinoiserie: Seaside style with an Eastern accent