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Warnas - Awesome Cafe & Restaurant Template Preview - ThemeForest. Fastcodesign. Sure, digital design apps might be finally coming into their own, but there's still nothing better than pen and paper.


Here at Co.Design, we're notebook fetishists, so we recently asked a slew of designers about their favorites—and whether they would mind giving us a look inside. It turns out they didn't. Across multiple disciplines, almost every designer we asked was thrilled to tell us about their notebook of choice and give us a look at how they use it. Our operating assumption going in was that most designers would probably be pretty picky about their notebooks, but this turned out not to be true: While Muji and Moleskine notebooks were the common favorites, some even preferred loose paper. But what makes the notebooks of designers special isn't so much what notebook they use, as how they use them. Gadi Amit: President And Principal Designer, NewDealDesign "It's just a quick (and dirty!) Michael Bierut: Partner, Pentagram Joe Brown: Designer, Ideo "I normally don’t use notebooks. House at Khlebny. House 19 at Khlebny Pereulok is a fine example of a typical pre-Revolution rental building.

House at Khlebny

Designed by a renowned architect, the building features costly finishing elements and construction materials. The house was built in 1913 by the architect Piotrovicz for the house owner Baskakov. Considered a high-rise building early in the century, the house features neoclassical style, with plenty of curious architecture elements, including rounded bow window, pediment, and graphic rustication of the first two floors.

Only affluent people could afford to live in a house like that. The building became a home to rich entrepreneurs and high-rank officials. In the summer of 1918, a top-floor apartment #24 was a home to Robert Lockhart, the head of the British diplomatic mission in Moscow. Large spaces, high ceilings, high-profile neighborhood, and well-off residents. Prototyping in the Browser: Tips and Tools for Designers - Designmodo. The task of prototyping a website is an extensive process of creating a basic wireframe with interactive features.

Prototyping in the Browser: Tips and Tools for Designers - Designmodo

While a wireframe may be static images or sketches, a prototype is often interactive with functionality for all the major pages. Graphic editing programs have always been the most popular choice for prototyping. But in recent years more developers are switching to in-browser prototyping. Website Design - Designmodo. The Future of Magazine-Style Blog Layouts: Trends & Design Ideas All major trade & specialty magazines have built a web presence online.

Website Design - Designmodo

Many still release print editions but the Internet is a much cheaper medium to publish content. The... Web Design Trends For “Start Here” Pages When visitors land on a new website they usually have no idea where to begin. They usually just look around for nav links that might provide the info they’re looking for. Free website icon images, sets & png — vector design & styles by PixelBuddha. Download new free icons for blog & page. Creative Link Effects. Elmastudio – WordPress Themes & Blog von Ellen und Manuel.

Solutions by industry - The Pixel. It's no secret that B2B buyers are now expecting the same level of service from an ecommerce purchase as an everyday consumer would from a B2C transaction.

Solutions by industry - The Pixel

Magento is already ahead of the game in this field, offering B2B self-serve browsing and purchasing tools to cut out the middleman, personalised recommendations, powerful search capabilities, the ability to nurture leads throughout the buyer journey and an easier buyer experience. Lifestyle Lifestyle websites rely on a range of refined ecommerce functionality to provide their extensive ranges of fitness and lifestyle products to a demanding crowd, that often consist of valuable & dedicated repeat customers.

Such features can include real-time, on-screen reward point updates and loyalty systems, multiple upsell options (both when adding to basket and at checkout) and responsive product imagery that's quick to view and zoom. iOS-9-Tipps: Notizen und Erinnerungen ausreizen. - Smartphone-Konfigurator. - Smartphone-Konfigurator

Free Stone Photoshop Brushes 5 - Free Photoshop Brushes at Brusheezy! Free Marble Madness Textures. Paper Texture Vectors, Photos and PSD files. Old paper background with stains 9,799 69 7 months ago Recycled paper background 16,315 155 9 months ago Old paper texture 9,009 65 7 months ago Ripped paper 49,701 225 1 years ago Grunge textures collection 2,178 132 6 months ago New Wall with chipped paint 50 2 3 days ago Grey elegant polygonal background 27,781 102 9 months ago Be happy, purple watercolor 53 3 6 days ago.

Paper Texture Vectors, Photos and PSD files

Maskottchen für Scopeland – Meike Teichmann. Für die Firma Scopeland Technology GmbH aus Berlin habe ich eine Bildmarke/Maskottchen entwickelt.

Maskottchen für Scopeland – Meike Teichmann

Das bestehende Logo mit dem Berliner Fernsehturm sollte um ein kleines Eichhörnchen ergänzt werden. Im ersten Schritt habe ich das Eichhörnchen entwickelt und es am Fernsehturm empor klettern lassen. Anschließend sind zwei weitere Posen mit unterschiedlichen Varianten entstanden, so dass der Kunde drei Eichhörnchen für seine Firmenpräsentation nutzen kann. Zusätzlich kann er variieren, indem er die verschiedenen Zusätze nutzt oder etwas in die Sprechblase oder auf die Tafel schreibt. Schnell Follower auf Instagram bekommen. 4 Methoden:Beliebte Posts erstellenSchnell neue Follower bekommenDeine Seite bewerbenFollower kaufen So viele Leute benutzen Instagram, dass es schwer sein kann, auf sich aufmerksam zu machen.

Schnell Follower auf Instagram bekommen

Je mehr Abonnenten, desto mehr Aufrufe deiner Posts und somit mehr Aufmerksamkeit anderer Instagram-Nutzer. Es gibt ein paar sichere Methoden, schnell neue Follower zu bekommen und die Qualität deiner Inhalte so zu verbessern, dass dir die Follower auch erhalten bleiben. ALFRED BASHA. Just another WordPress site. Just another WordPress site. Impfempfehlung - de-la-fees Jimdo-Page!

Impfempfehlung der Ständigen Impfkommission Vet. für Hunde Gültig seit August 2009.

Impfempfehlung - de-la-fees Jimdo-Page!

Chihuahua begegnet großen Hunden - de-la-fees Jimdo-Page! The Best Designs - Web Design Inspiration. 10 Watercolor Hand Lettering Logo for Your Inspiration. Could there be a perfect combination than hand-lettering and watercolor brush? The watercolor texture and different hand-lettering style give a unique characteristic to the design. That’s probably why we get so obsessed with watercolor hand lettering design. Frú Frú on Behance. Ein Katalog unendlich vieler Ideen.

Ein Katalog unendlich vieler Ideen. FRESHFACE themes. Untitled. Theme Features Change Log Version 1.5 – December 13th, 2016. Quadric - A Modern Theme for Creatives Preview - ThemeForest. Blog – Flat. Clever Polly’s. Clever Polly’s. Logopond - Logo, Brand & Identity Inspiration. Case study page template - Jupiter Wordpress Theme   Shape Divider - Jupiter WordPress Theme. Photo Album Grid - Jupiter WordPress Theme. Ronneby Premium Wordpress template. Ronneby Wordpress theme. WordPress. PHP-Speicherlimit erhöhen. Kommt es beim Öffnen einer WordPress-Website zur Fehlermeldung Fatal error: Allowed memory size of XXX bytes exhausted, dann steht nicht genügend Speicher zur Ausführung des Skripts zur Verfügung.

Um den Speicher zu erhöhen gibt es mehrere Möglichkeiten, die nachfolgend beschrieben sind. Anpassen via php.ini Sofern man Zugriff auf die Datei php.ini hat, kann man folgende Zeile anpassen: memory_limit = 256M; In diesem Fall wird das Speicherlimit auf 256MB gesetzt. Anpassen via .htaccess Eine Alternative besteht darin, in der Datei .htaccess den folgenden Eintrag hinzuzufügen: Ronneby Theme Documentation. Extra powerful and stylish WordPress theme By DFDevelopment Thank you We would like to say thank you for choosing Ronneby theme. In this documentation you will find everything you need to use this theme.

If you have any questions which are not covered in this documentation, please, create a ticket or email us your problem or question. Swindler & Swindler. Martin David - DESIGN. 8 simple steps to better icon design. Icons are everywhere. From app icons on home screens to graphic representations that lead users through a design, icon design is a big deal.