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Agentur für marken + interaktion. Problem loading page. iGNANT. Laufende-hasen-2105995.jpg (JPEG Image, 1300 × 947 pixels) - Scaled (78%) realisierte den Relaunch des Malerwinkel Hotels in Bergisch Gladbach. Die Stärke des Malerwinkel Hotels besteht unter anderem in seiner Vielfalt. realisierte den Relaunch des Malerwinkel Hotels in Bergisch Gladbach

Diese zeigt sich wiederum in der Aufteilung der verschiedenen Haustypen und deren Zimmer und Gestaltung. Da gibt es zum einen die zeitgemäße Romantik im Stammhaus, berühmte Komponisten und Musiker im Musikhaus, das unter anderem durch Leonardo da Vinci inspirierte Künstlerhaus und das Galeriehaus Moitzfeld mit dem besonderen Wohlfühlcharakter. Yogahotel in SPO. The George Hotel in Hamburg – zwischen Alster und Hauptbahnhof. Saisonkalender - vegane visite. Bonxie - Out Now! LOGO. Bei Firmenzeichen werden häufig unterschiedliche Begriffe wie Signet, Logo, Wortmarke, Logogramm, Symbol, Bildmarke, Marke, Brand, Wort-Bild-Marke, Trademark, visuelle Marke oder Logotype verwendet.


Bevor es um den Aufbau und die Erstellung bzw. auch Bewertung von Firmenzeichen geht, ist es wichtig, die Unterschiede zwischen diesen Begriffen zu kennen, die oft als austauschbar angesehen werden. Außerdem ist die Kenntnis und Verwendung von Fachbegriffen wichtig, wenn man professionell im Bereich der visuellen Gestaltung arbeitet. Kelli Anderson. Marmalade bleue. Marmalade bleue.

Real_Pixels.jpg by Balraj Chana. CSS letter-spacing in Photoshop and browsers. What’s the letter-spacing ?

CSS letter-spacing in Photoshop and browsers

The W3C’s definition is rather simple and straight-forward : The letter-spacing property specifies spacing behavior between text characters. In other words, it’s the designer’s way to specify the space between the characters of a text. It supports various values : inherit : uses it’s parent computed valuenormal : uses the default valuelength : number with unit Implementations in browsers Most informations about the support of the property can be found Full Support Internet Explorer 8+Firefox 1+Safari 1.3+Opera 9.2+Chrome 2+ Untitled. Showcasing the most creative things being built with Unsplash. Grafikdesign, Branding, Corporate Design in Frankfurt - Dreimorgen - Über Uns.

Dreimorgen wurde 2005 als Büro für visuelle Kommunikation gegründet.

Grafikdesign, Branding, Corporate Design in Frankfurt - Dreimorgen - Über Uns

Vom Konzept über die Gestaltung bis hin zur Umsetzung betreuen wir Projekte in den Bereichen Grafikdesign, Illustration, Branding, Corporate Identity, Corporate Design, Editorial, Webdesign und Programmierung. Grafikdesign, Branding, Corporate Design in Frankfurt - Dreimorgen - Labor. Website Awards - Sites of the day. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

Website Awards - Sites of the day

Learn More.GOT IT! Design Trends in Responsive Navigation: Best Practices 2015. Responsive websites have become standard.

Design Trends in Responsive Navigation: Best Practices 2015

More and more people switch from their desktop devices to mobile clients like smartphones and tablets to consume websites. If you don’t want to fall behind and lose valuable visitors, it’s about time to optimize your website for mobile view. Such a website provides a good and accessible navigation on mobile devices. Practically speaking, mobile navigation is one of the most important elements in responsive design, so be sure to invest adequate time. Latest Trends in Mobile Navigation Responsive navigation menus are continuously being developed further with new solutions coming up. Responsive Full Width Tabs Mobile portrait (320×480) A fantastic solution for websites with few navigation items. Demo and download Responsive Retina-Friendly Menu A very unusual solution for blogs and websites with few navigation elements. Demo and download Responsive Multi-Level Menu Demos and download The same here. 10 Tools to Create Beautiful Infographics and Visualize Data.

Sep 02 2014 They used to say content is king.

10 Tools to Create Beautiful Infographics and Visualize Data

Send Better Email. Design Principles: Visual Weight And Direction. Advertisement Every element on a web page exerts a visual force that attracts the eye of the viewer.

Design Principles: Visual Weight And Direction

The greater the force, the more the eye is attracted. These forces also appear to act on other elements, imparting a visual direction to their potential movement and suggesting where you should look next. We refer to this force as visual weight1 and to the perceived direction of visual forces as visual direction. Both are important concepts to understand if you want to create hierarchy, flow, rhythm and balance in your composition. Simply Gum - The Only 100% Natural Chewing Gum. Heimkehr: Das Ende einer Reise › Multimedia Reportage › The Travel Episodes. It’s hard to say how the journey affected our personal growth.

Heimkehr: Das Ende einer Reise › Multimedia Reportage › The Travel Episodes

If we’d stayed in Germany for the last year and a half, we (hopefully) wouldn’t have just stagnated. You’re constantly gaining in experience as you go through life. Still, on a long trip you’re nourished by particularly rich soil, so in this chapter we’ve gathered together a few insights gleaned from our journey. One caveat: there were so many insights that it’s impossible to enumerate them all.

The more we travelled, the wider and richer the world became. The social insight Normal problems at last As members of a prosperous Western European society, our day-to-day problems are generally of the abstract variety. Travelling forces you to contend with genuine problems and threats. How do I react when somebody attacks me? ‘We’d been walking through the darkness for two hours already.

The sad insight In a foreign country, you’re the foreigner. Rita Konik. Fonts Inspirations. Vincent VIRIOT on Behance. Dig Deep by Ryan Hamrick. Vasjen Katro. Animal Logos by Ink Ration. Animal logo sketches by Ink Ration.