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Kevin & Kell Last updated: Sunday April 13, 2014 2014 Appearances I'm confirmed for my annual Anthrocon visit over the Fourth of July weekend, and my table in the dealer's room will be right in front of the entrance at the end of row M/N. Kevin & Kell
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Dr. McNinja December 24th, 2013 Merry Christmas, everybody who is a person who celebrates that! And a joyous Winter Solstice to the rest of you. Just to let you know, we won’t be updating on Christmas or New Years day. Dr. McNinja
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Posted by sohmer on January 7, 2014 It’s safe to say that I have somewhat more than a passing interest in the ‘Interwebs’, especially when it comes to viewing habits. Over the last decade, I’ve seen a great deal of ridiculous shite capture people’s attention for brief moments, only to be eclipsed and forgotten when the next thing comes along. It’s only recently that the culmination of all this aforementioned shite has combined and formed something new, something terrifiying. It’s as if Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, TMZ and Gawker were all pieces of Voltron. Least I Could Do Least I Could Do
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Evil Diva A Message from Team Diva Comic. Friday, October 4, 2013. JOE C: Hello Evil Diva Fans. It’s been two months since my last confession, and these are my sins… I’ve been in Korea on a job since May of this year. I had every intention of keeping ‘The Diary’ going from a distance, however things got busy, then really busy, then I found myself working 16 hours a day for weeks on end. Evil Diva
Bear Nuts Bear Nuts Like Nerd even knows what the girl parts are… I went to kickboxing on Thursday night and left Jim to deal with the boy’s bed time routine all by himself… I came home to my husband huddled in front of his computer with a bottle of wine and a bag of chocolate chips. He wants me to emphasize that it was a mostly empty bottle and he was being efficient by not bothering with a glass, which is just fine since he most likely would have left that for me to clean anyway. Dooomcat has a Tumblr now! I’ve realized that my laziness/fear of social media isn’t helping me get my work out there so having finally gotten comfortableish with Facebook (the BN page is here by the way) I’ll start trying some other avenues and see what happens… so Tumblr! I’m planning on posting lots of wip tee designs and other stuff, BN/etc. so follow me there too if you’re interested, plus I’m curious to hear other people’s suggestions for great artists to follow :) Vote incentive: Gay’s latest obsession
Girl Genius is written by Professors Phil & Kaja Foglio of TPU, with drawings by Prof. P. Foglio. Volume One was inked by Brian Snoddy. Volumes Two and Three were colored by Mark McNabb. Girl Genius Girl Genius
Candi So I took a free women’s self defense class today at the Krav Maga Worldwide Center in Sherman Oaks. (thanks to BK for the heads up) I’d been wanting to take one for a while now since I haven’t been able to afford to take Krav Maga since I moved back to LA almost two yrs ago. So I knew I was a bit rusty, and any refreshers would be helpful. I kept to myself and read a book as everyone sat around the room, waiting to get settled in. Candi
Multiplex - a comic strip about life at the movies Multiplex - a comic strip about life at the movies Deleted Scenes Blog Bonus comics, drawings,movie trailers and more Spoiler Zone: Captain America: The Winter Soldier talkback Sunday, April 6, 2014 When longtime Community producers and directors Anthony and Joe Russo were tapped to direct the sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger, it was a bit of a head-scratcher for me. These guys have literally only done comedy to date: loads of sitcoms, mostly, the box office bomb Welcome to Collinwood, and You, Me, and Dupree.
Manly Guys Doing Manly Things Manly Guys Doing Manly Things Howdy all! Corbin here with a few quick updates. First off, I’d really like to thank everybody that donates to the hosting fund.
Hyperbole and a Half Power is intoxicating. Everyone loves having the ability to make their decisions into reality — to think "this should be something that happens," and then actually be able to make that thing happen. It is also dangerous.
Rock, Paper, Cynic I am launching a book tonight! November 27, 2013 Tonight, Half-Cat: A Partial History, a book that I collaborated on, will be launching in Toronto at 8pm after receiving $14,349 of Kickstarter support.
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Apokalips no longer Mon/Thurs :( By mikegioia on Monday, August 30, 2010 Hi all - Unfortunately, due to a number of reasons (time, work, etc) maintaining a Monday / Thursday schedule is just too difficult. And I've noticed the comics I put out just for the sake of putting them out are less funny and less interesting than the ones that come about naturally. So, rather than pumping out crap, I've decided to only post t[...] Apokalips
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