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Downtown Houston Tunnels - 5 Things You May Not Have Known. As some of you might know, I just recently came back from an extended trip to Houston, where I downright got in love with the city. The views, the people (including some of our awesome Houston SEO clients), that particular flavor and energy that seems to permeate every building and activity that goes on down there… I just couldn’t get enough. And among all the things I got to do, see, and experience when I was over there, I must say that one that stands out and earns a spot easily in the top 5 has to be the downtown Houston tunnels system. This is mainly because (and I’m being candidly honest here) I had no freaking clue such a fantastic thing existed! I had heard about Chicago’s tunnels before (after I got briefly obsessed with all things prohibition-era related).

Houston Underground 1 – It is Massive The Downtown Houston tunnels system is not a small endeavor, as the phrase “go big or go home” lives in every Texan’s heart more so than in any other place. 2 – It is easy to access.