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Dirty Martini Eye Tutortial · How To Create A Two Toned Eye Makeup Look · Beauty on Cut Out. Green Smokey Eye · How To Create A Smokey Eye · Beauty on Cut Out. Glamorous Cut Crease · How To Create A Cut Crease Eye Makeup Look · Beauty on Cut Out. Make Your Own Soap: Grapefruit Mint Poppyseed Bars. I've always been intrigued by the world of soap making.

Make Your Own Soap: Grapefruit Mint Poppyseed Bars

Choosing your own ingredients to make your own special scent, adding colors and textures to make it aesthetically pleasing, and then getting to share those goodies with friends and family just sounds like the best thing ever. I'll admit that I've been an admirer for some time, but the thought of taking on another hobby that can be very involved was pretty intimidating ... until I heard about melt-and-pour soap bases, that is. Craft stores sell soap bases that you literally heat up in your microwave (or on your stove top) and then add whatever ingredients you want to customize your own soap bars. Now THAT I can get on board with. Ingredients:-10 oz goat's milk melt-and-pour soap base (sold at local craft stores or on Amazon )-1 grapefruit (only zest half the grapefruit)-1 tbsp poppy seeds-10 drops of grapefruit essential oil-4 drops of mint essential oil. The 1 Hack You Need to Know to Give Short Hairstyles Life. I’ve been styling above-the-shoulder short hair on myself for a while now, and if you’re anything like me, there are usually two types of styling sessions you’re used to.

The 1 Hack You Need to Know to Give Short Hairstyles Life

One is the gather-up-your-products-and-tools-and-bunker-down kind — you know, the time-consuming sesh you need to make sure short hair looks just right. The other is, well, wake up and go. If you’ve let your bedhead do the talking a few more times than you’d like to admit, try this hairstyling hack the next time you wanna sport an elegant style that’s quick and easy: backcombing. It’s an approach that will add long-lasting lift to your rotation of go-to hairstyles that you can complete in a matter of minutes. In other words, this done-in-minutes technique will give your hair life. Prep: Center Part + Back Comb. Smokey Cut Crease · How To Create A Cut Crease Eye Makeup Look · Beauty on Cut Out. Lime Green Cut Crease · How To Create A Cut Crease Eye Makeup Look · Beauty on Cut Out.

Braided Pompadour - Twist Me PrettyTwist Me Pretty. This is one of my favorite “mom” hairstyles.

Braided Pompadour - Twist Me PrettyTwist Me Pretty

It takes a couple of minutes and keeps your hair out of your face and off your neck. The shape of the hairstyle is really pretty and flattering. It’s a great “I need to wash my hair but just don’t have the time” hairstyle. I couldn’t get to a tutorial, so hopefully the step by steps are sufficient. 3 Hair Hacks For Growing Your Bangs Out In Style. Every woman who’s gone for a fringe knows about the dreaded phase of the bang grow-out.

3 Hair Hacks For Growing Your Bangs Out In Style

Sometimes that phase comes about a few months after the decision to cut ’em, and sometimes it happens the day after you decided to get ’em. And now you feel like you are perpetually “growing out your bangs.” Well, we’ve got you covered with three super simple style hacks to get you through the awkwardness. Bangs away!

10 Easy Hairstyles You Can Do in 10 Seconds - DIY Hairstyles. 11 Ways to Style Short Hair in 10 Minutes or Less. It’s an unfortunate fact that oftentimes, short hair gets left out of the hair tutorial mix.

11 Ways to Style Short Hair in 10 Minutes or Less

We’re setting out to solve that. There might be less length to your hair, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still a ton of things you can do with it, including crazy easy hairstyles. Think that updos and braids are off the table for your cropped locks? Think again, friend. Take a peek below at 11 easy and rad ways you can wear your short tresses and get to styling, STAT. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Kaley Cuoco Proves You Can Braid Your Hair Even If It’s Short. If you’re thinking about going for a dramatic hair change to mark the beginning of fall, there are endless reasons why a pixie cut should be a front runner.

Kaley Cuoco Proves You Can Braid Your Hair Even If It’s Short

You’ll spend less time under the hair dryer, showers will be quicker and, oh ya, it looks awesome. But one of the major downsides of the style is the inability to switch things up: when you’re rocking a pixie, you can definitely add a pin here or there but, overall, there isn’t much you can do to make it feel totally new. At least, that’s what we thought until we saw Kaley Cuoco’s latest Instagram. The actress took to the social media platform yesterday to show off a super stunning halo braid. Usually, this wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but since Kaley is rocking a long pixie, we were surprised to see that she managed DIY the style and keep it in tact. Vlogger, Rachel Marie Miller, who has a super similar cut to Kaley (long in the front, short in the back,) shows us how to easily master the look.

Homemade Chocolate Milk Bath. Today we’re talking chocolate, and the fun stuff you can do with it besides eating it!

Homemade Chocolate Milk Bath

Earlier we made a seriously decadent chocolate scrub, but if a relaxing bath is more your thing, we’ve got you covered. This recipe for a chocolate milk bath is so easy to make with just three ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. Since this is a dry mixture you don’t have to worry about using it immediately. You can package it up in a fun cellophane gift bag or a small container. The milk powder in this recipe will nourish your skin. The Best Burn Salve Recipe. The Best Burn Salve Homesteading can be rough on a person with all of the physical labor and chores that are rough on the body.

The Best Burn Salve Recipe

Even if one is very careful, things still happen, and thus the invention of this Best Burn Salve! DIY Whipped Sugar Cookie Body Butter. Homemade Whipped Coconut Oil Cooling Lotion. Just in time for all the warm and sunny weather that will soon be upon us, here is a super easy recipe for DIY whipped coconut oil cooling lotion.

Homemade Whipped Coconut Oil Cooling Lotion

Not only is coconut oil great to cook with, but it also makes an amazing all-natural moisturizer – it is full of antioxidants and is super hydrating and healing when used on skin. And did you know that when you whip coconut oil, the consistency changes from a clear solid to a luxurious white body butter?! This recipe combines the healing power of coconut oil with the cooling effects of aloe; I also opted to add lavender and peppermint essential oils. Whipped Coconut Oil Cooling Lotion Recipe 1 cup Coconut Oil, solid 1/2 cup Aloe Gel 18 drops Essential Oils (I used Lavender & Peppermint)

M.cutoutandkeep. M.cutoutandkeep. Gardener's Bliss Hand Salve · How To Make A Lotion · Beauty on Cut Out + Keep. Braided Faux-hawk Tutorial. Reader be warned: this is not your little sister's braid!

Braided Faux-hawk Tutorial

It's chic, it's edgy, it's the perfect solution for those no-good, terribly bad hair days. Whether you're brunching with a girlfriend or hitting the town with your manfriend, the braided faux-hawk is an unexpected twist on everyone's favourite 'do. ClipCombBobby Pins (same color tone as hair)Hair SprayDry Shampoo/Texture SprayClear Elastic Step 1: Grab all of the hair on the top of your head, and tease at the root of the hair to create texture for the braid. If desired, spray dry shampoo or texture spray for added thickness. Step 2: Start by creating a dutch french braid down the center of your head, tucking bobby pins into the braid as you go. Step 3: Once the crown of your head has been dutch french braided, begin pulling 1/2" strands of hair from the side of your head, and braid all the way until the end, securing with a clear elastic.

Chamomile & Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse for Shiny, Sunkissed, Hair - jjbegoniajjbegonia. My hair grows very fast, and because I color it, it can be a real pain to maintain while being very costly too. I am also a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding next month and want my strands to be in tip-top, freshly-colored shape for the big day, so that fact coupled with my latter points has me trying to stretch my latest dye job as far as I possibly can (My roots are looking pretty scary right about now!). I have a couple more weeks to go before my next salon visit, so in the meantime, one of the things I have been doing is using this rinse. Chamomile tea has natural lightening properties, and will bring out blonde undertones. Apple cider vinegar is the ultimate beauty aid – as it will keep your body healthy inside and out – and balances the PH of your hair while removing product buildup and residue.

DIY Aromatherapy Shower Tablets. After a long day, I crave a hot shower to help me unwind. Those few minutes of alone time help me process the day’s events and reset. I don’t usually have time for a long, luxurious bath, so a quick shower does the trick. How to Make Homemade Bath Melts. Dandelion Lotion Bars. I originally made these lotion bars for my husband. His primary job is as a rock mason and the mortar and rough stone often leaves his hands dry, cracked, and bleeding. At night, I put salve on them, and while that helped a lot, it just wasn’t enough. Lotion bars have a long history of helping the toughest cases of cracked, dry skin while dandelion oil is particularly useful for alleviating the chapped skin and soreness that comes along with manual labor. This combination has been excellent for his skin.

He rubs the bar over his hands several time while watching TV each evening. Make Your Own Rosehip Anti-Aging Facial Oil. This recipe is rich. Like, ‘whoa, look at all the different oils in there’ rich. But trust me, your skin will love it. If you haven’t started slathering your face with oil then now is the time (coconut oil is an excellent gateway to this).

Then you can try other amazing oils for the face. Rosehip seed oil is high in essential fatty acids that heal dehydrated skin. This recipe, courtesy of Dr. What are all those oils up there? Jojoba oil a super hydrating oil that closely matches the oil our skin produces so it won’t clog pores.Pomegranate seed oil and carrot seed oil both provide powerful antioxidants that repair damage done to your tissues by oxidants (free radicals) and protect skin from wrinkles.Evening primrose oil, an omega-6 essential fatty acid, has long been used to heal bruises and treat skin conditions like eczema. Make Easy DIY Mosquito Repellent to Battle Bugs All Summer. Summer means fun in the sun, BBQs in the shade, cornhole in the backyard and mosquitos buzzing incessantly around your bod every time you leave the house.

And sometimes when you leave the window open. Yup, you know it’s true — probably because you’re already sporting some itchy, scratchy, annoying bites, oh, you know, head-to-toe from last weekend’s outdoor outing. Homemade Foundation Powder - Live Simply. All Natural Homemade Eye Shadow Recipe. Homemade eye shadow. You know, the all natural kind. Homemade Natural Eyeliner (& Eyeshadow) Homemade Natural Blush. Lately, I am on this quest to create my own natural and cheap makeup products. How to DIY the 5-Step Smokey Eye Stars Love Right Now. Creamy Toner · Extract from Natural Beauty Alchemy by Fifi M. Maacaron · How To Make A Cleanser / Toner. 20 Natural Methods For Teeth Whitening. White and bright teeth are something desired most people across the globe. But for creating these ideal whiter teeth maintaining good oral hygiene is a must. Apart from chemical techniques, which often have harmful side effects on the body and results in tooth sensitivity, one can also look for natural treatments that could possibly help their smile sparkle better.

Listed below are 20 different natural methods that could prove helpful in getting whiter teeth. Application Of Baking Soda And Lemon Juice Paste Both baking soda and lemon juice acts as natural bleaching agent. Strawberry And Salt Scrub Strawberries are very rich in Vitamin C that helps in breaking the plaque which makes the teeth look yellow. Homemade Bath Bombs. Oh yes, we went there. Easy Two-Ingredient DIY Lip Gloss. AFTER SUN HOMEMADE DIY LOTION. I'm not gonna lie. One of the best things i enjoy at this moment is spending my days at the beach. Something i didn't quite appreciate last year. Like already said in a previous post, i'm taking in every single second. And swimming, sunbathing is what i live for right now.

Quick And Simple Smokey Eye · How To Create A Smokey Eye · Beauty on Cut Out. Cara Delevingne Inspired Feline Eye Makeup Tutorial · How To Create A Cat Eye · Beauty on Cut Out. Bold 'stacked' Eyeliner · How To Create Eye Makeup · Beauty on Cut Out. Fizzing Bath Dough. Relax With DIY Rose Bath Salts. Add Tea Leaves to Your Next Homemade Bar Soap. DIY Cocoa Butter Milk Bath. Continuing on with my obsession with DIY beauty treatments; and also because I have ridiculous amounts cocoa butter left, I give you: Cocoa Butter Milk Bath! Cleopatra was notorious for bathing in milk and apparently, so is Charlize Theron. Great company to keep if your ask me. Milk baths are great for dry skin as the lactic acid helps to loosen the proteins binding together the dead skin cells and this makes it easier to exfoliate them away.

The cocoa butter helps to moisturise your skin (I've talked about how awesome cocoa butter is before so don't worry, I won't go on about it.) and not to mention, it smells delicious! This DIY is as simple as grating some cocoa butter, mixing it with some powdered milk and cornstarch and... that's it. DIY solid lotion bar recipe. Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub · How To Make A Body Scrub · Beauty Product Making on Cut Out.

Body Scrub. Bath Fizzies. Almond Joy Sugar Scrub Cubes - With Lovely, These truffle-like almond joy bars may look, smell, and even taste delicious, but don’t go sinking your teeth in just yet! Instead, treat your skin to dessert. Cold Process Soap Making for Beginners! Sleepy Time Bath Boms - We Made That. Sincerely, Kinsey: Clean Living // Honey + Banana Face Mask. Massage/Lotion Bars · How To Make A Lotion · Beauty on Cut Out. Homemade Lotion Bar Recipe: All Natural and Easy to Make. DIY Pre-Shave Oil. Bustle. Sincerely, Kinsey: Clean Living // Honey + Banana Face Mask.

Christina Aguilera's Classic Makeup · How To Create A Retro / Pinup Eye Makeup Look · Beauty on Cut Out. Pretty in Pink. Homemade Olive Oil Night Cream - Jellibean Journals. Maleficent · How To Create Eye Makeup · Beauty on Cut Out + Keep · How To by Lilles89. 3 Fancy Updos for Short Hair.