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Sewing Machine Mat · How To Make A Craft Organizers · Needlework on Cut Out + Keep. Embroidery Hoop Projects. Magical Disney Castle Cross Stitch · How To Cross Stitch · Needlework on Cut Out. Update Your Beach Cooler With Only 2 Materials! We showed you how to disguise your cooler on your patio with a stand-up cooler box, so now let’s talk about how to spruce up your cooler for those days at the beach.

Update Your Beach Cooler With Only 2 Materials!

This DIY is actually a breeze. All you need is two supplies — origami paper and dishwasher-safe Mod Podge. Once you’re done, fill your cooler with sparkling water, beers or pre-made bottled cocktails and head to the beach! Materials + Tools: — cooler — origami paper — dishwasher-safe Mod Podge — spray adhesive — foam brush — scissors Instructions: 1. 2. 3. Wood Base Terrariums. Materials: Wood veneer edging Hot glue gun.

Wood Base Terrariums

Easy Square Aprons (No Sew Option!) As you can probably guess, I wear aprons pretty often.

Easy Square Aprons (No Sew Option!)

I highly recommend them. Honestly I don't think home cooks wear them enough. I cannot tell you how many shirts I have saved because of my love of aprons. No really, I don't know how many because I don't keep track, but it's a lot. Aprons, man, they are awesome. Diamond Doily · How To Make A Doily · Yarncraft on Cut Out. Homelife - How To Knit Star Ornaments. Difficulty: Intermediate What you’ll need: 1 x 100g ball of wool4.00 mm circular knitting needle (40cm)Set of 4 double-pointed knitting needles20cm x 6mm ribbonScissorsYarn needleTape measureSewing needle & threadHobby fill Abbreviations K = knitp2sso = pass 2 slipped stitches oversl2tog = slip 2 stitches together knitwaysst/s = stitch/es.

Homelife - How To Knit Star Ornaments

Blanket Weave Baby Blanket · How To Stitch A Knit Or Crochet Blanket · Knitting on Cut Out. DIY: Canine Wine Toppers. In need of a fun gift for your fellow dog loving wine enthusiast?

DIY: Canine Wine Toppers

Fun addition to your next dinner party? Or maybe you just want a cute way to top off your wine? We’ve got you covered with this super simple DIY. In just a few quick steps you can have a slew of stylish canine wine toppers. Even better, this fun project won’t break the bank since you probably already have most of these materials. Get organized: DIY Monogrammed Baskets - kraft&mint. Back to school is in full swing for us and I’m slowly adjusting to our new routine.

Get organized: DIY Monogrammed Baskets - kraft&mint

Now I thought once the kids were in full-time school I would have extra hours to get things done. Wishful thinking! I realized that I was wasting a lot of time looking for everyday items the kids needed for school. Such as gloves, hats, and essentials things scattered all over their bedrooms and our family living room. So inspired by my partnership with Cottonelle Megaroll’s 4-rolls- in-1 efficiency, I came up with a set of monogrammed baskets to organize the important items my kids need for school and extracurricular activities.

Hare Animal Head · Extract from Animal Heads by Vanessa Mooncie · How To Make A Taxidermy Mount. Step 4 Chest, neck and head Join shoulders With 2.5mm hook and A, join yarn to the last dc of row 16 of one shoulder piece with a sl st.

Hare Animal Head · Extract from Animal Heads by Vanessa Mooncie · How To Make A Taxidermy Mount

Round 1 (RS): Work 1 dc into the same dc as the sl st, work 1 dc into each of the next 31 dc, make 4 ch to go across the chest, work 1 dc into the first dc of row 16 of the other shoulder piece, work 1 dc into the next 31 dc, sl st into the same st as the first dc worked, to join the shoulders at the centre back (68 sts). Tassel Keychain — Prospect Goods. Fancy Piñatas, Tassel Garlands, Enormous Balloons, decor, gifts, and home accessories.

Tassel Keychain — Prospect Goods

Fancy Piñatas, Tassel Garlands, 36 Inch Balloons, Gifts, and Accessories. Home of the Diamond Piñata and Multi-Colored Pinata & Confetti Kit! 111947 2F2015 11 11 003754 Poppy%2BBrooches%2Bby%2BJane%2BBurns. Milk Carton Tea Light House · Extract from Craft Camp by Lark Crafts · How To Make A Lantern. 18 Whimsical Home Décor Ideas For People Who Love Vintage Stuff. By now, we know that DIY's are all the rage.

18 Whimsical Home Décor Ideas For People Who Love Vintage Stuff.

However, many DIY projects are just so modern. What about the clever crafters who prefer something with a little bit more vintage charm? Here, we've put together 18 DIY projects with the vintage-lover in mind. Cozy Sweatpant Christmas Gift Basket! · How To Make A Gift Basket · How To by craftymeesa. Mister Mustache · How To Make A Mustache · Yarncraft on Cut Out. Personalised Letter Bead Framed Artwork · How To Make A Shadow Box · Art on Cut Out. Button Flowers. This Is the Best Beach Towel Hack You’ve Ever Seen. When heading to the beach or a pool party, there are a few ways to distinguish your style — you can wear a chic floppy hat, a flowy cover-up, some dazzling sunnies or a DIY bathing suit.

This Is the Best Beach Towel Hack You’ve Ever Seen

Carry your book, sunscreen and water in a beach tote, and the only fashion accessory you’re missing is a towel. Today we’ve got a project that combines the beach bag and towel into one adorable item. Inspired by The Golden Adventures of a Very Dark Horse, we made a towel with a pillow that rolls up into a bag. The best part — the incredible flamingo towel we found at Target! Materials: – 2 beach towels – polyester fiberfill – fabric – VELCRO Tools: – fabric scissors – sewing machine – pins Instructions: Lay out one towel, and then (if the towels aren’t the same size) place the second one perpendicular to the first, lining up one edge.

Get started by laying out one towel, and then (if the towels aren’t the same size) place the second one perpendicular to the first, lining up one edge. Silverware Key Chain · How To Make A Charm / Keyring · Jewelry on Cut Out. How to make t-shirt yarn. 20 Ingenious Ways To Reuse Old Containers. #14 Is A Really Clever Soap Dispenser. Gifts In A Jar Homemade Gift Ideas. Check out these darling DIY mason jar cocktail gifts! November 28, 2014 Happy Black Friday! Today I have a super fun, totally easy and extra adorable project for you. I know you are all busy shopping and such, so while you are out make sure to pick up the couple of things you’ll need to make these fab Mason Jar Cocktail Gifts for all your favorite boozers! They would make the perfect bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts, especially if you personalized each jar – but of course they would also make great inexpensive gifts for any occasion, like the holidays!

16oz Mason Jar Mugs (mouth must be at least 2.5″ wide)7.5oz Mini-skinny bottles of sodaMini bottles of alcohol Cute strawsTwine and tagsScissors The most important part is that you find soda cans skinny enough to fit inside your mason jar mugs. Start with two pieces of twine (to make it nice and sturdy) and tie a double knot around the top of your jar.

Then make another knot but don’t pull it tight yet, insert your straw then tighten – it makes it easier to start the knot first. Mason Jar Superhero Banks - Fireflies and Mud Pies. Do your children receive a weekly allowance? We haven’t implemented one yet, but have been thinking about it as the boys grow increasingly interested in money. They have figured out that Mommy and Daddy earn money through work, and that money pays for our needs and wants. A weekly allowance would be an awesome, hands-on opportunity for the boys to learn about saving, giving, and spending. In the meantime, they’ve been saving pennies from in-between the couch cushions in adorable Mason Jar Superhero Banks I made this summer. This post contains affiliate links. The banks rest on the kids’ dressers and are a cool accessory to their superhero bedroom decor.

Make a Tote Bag That Transforms into a Picnic Blanket. When you’re planning an outdoor date with a group of friends, figuring out who’s gonna lug the picnic blanket is like playing a game of hot potato. It’s bulky, awkward to carry, and let’s face it, we’d much rather bring the fun stuff along like good grub and playful party favors! But seeing as it’s such a key element to any al fresco event, we knew there had to be a way to conveniently carry a good-sized blanket and still have room in your bag for other crowd-pleasing provisions.

Our solution: make a tote that transforms into a picnic blanket. The even more genius hack? DIY: Soap Pouch. Yesterday's Washcloth Travel Pouch was SUCH a fast & easy project for Crafty Night, that I decided I needed to come up with another project, preferrably around the same theme: cleanliness? Hygiene? Cute toiletry accessories? These pouches sew up just as easy, too. Once the soap is used up, you can reuse the pouch. It suds up & exfoliates at the same time! Learn how to make your own Pinecone Fire Starters! December 12, 2014 Another fabulous week has made way for another fabulous DIY Friday project! Today we are getting into the winter season and sharing how to make pinecone fire starter wedding favors! These would make terrific favors for any winter wedding… but if you aren’t up to making one for every guest, you can easily make them for your bridal party and maybe even your vendors.

There’s nothing better than a cozy night spent by the fire and these would make that night extra special. The only problem is that they smell and look so good, no one will want to burn them! Picnic blanket game board, an easy DIY from NellieBellie. Altoid Tin Pagan Altar · How To Make A Shrine · Other on Cut Out. Make your own something old, new, borrowed, blue dress pin! September 19, 2014 My tiny obsession with the “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” tradition was the ultimate inspiration for the name of this blog. You see, my “something blue” wasn’t blue at all – it was turquoise because it’s my favorite color. Hence the name Something Turquoise. I absolutely love hearing everyones interesting stories behind all of their special items. How to Make a Birthday Advent Candle for Your Bestie’s Big Day. Face it, we all have a birthday-centric someone in our lives. You know, that gal or guy who starts planning their party an average of two months in advance and manages to mention the big day at least once a week?

Felt Flowers · How To Make A Bouquet · Needlework on Cut Out + Keep · How To by Caz. Funky Cow Free Cross Stitch Pattern · · Needlework on Cut Out. Seed Paper · How To Make Paper · Papercraft on Cut Out + Keep · How To by TheYearlingBlog. Don't Throw Away Those Empty Wine Bottles and Corks. Try One of These 23 Crafts Instead. Ipad cover tutorial. We recently bought a new iPad 2 for work and I was floored at the prices of covers…..I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much. My husband’s friend Walker jokes that his composition notebook is his “low-tech iPad” because it is exactly the same size… it gave me an idea. Party lights made out of recycled plastic bottles - Easy Paper Crafts. Plastic trash is a serious problem.

It is a fact. Every year more plastic bottles are manufactured than recycled, and it takes 5 to 6 decades for most plastic bottles to decompose. Decomposition for some types of plastic takes much, much longer. Will You Be My Bridesmaid Custom Wine Labels by LabelWithLove. Traveling Cable Hand Warmers. Diy modern and very cool cooler. Well, just like last year, and the year before that — we’re throwing ourselves a little birthday picnic for our shared birthday week. so of course i have to make a thing or two.

(last year i made the picnic blanket) Diy guess who. My brother and i have been into board games since we were little – and we still go hard with it. we do game night with friends and play games every chance we get. so i decided for his birthday last month we’d make him his own personalized guess who with all his friends and family and his longtime man crush sam rockwell. Tortoise Loves Donkey par TortoiseLovesDonkey. DIY Gift: Terrarium Kit. November 30th, 2012 It’s widely accepted that terrariums are awesome, which means they also make awesome gifts.

Earth Day Craft: DIY Terrarium. April 18, 2014 No plans for Earth Day? No problem — we’ve got a great way for you to celebrate from Target Inner Circle member and blogger, Ashley Brown of 7th House on the Left. What Do LEGOs, Air Plants and a 3D Printer Have in Common? These Terrariums! Sprucing up for spring but need to keep it short and sweet? Handmade Christmas Gifts. DIY Glass Gem Magnets - Make: Family Chic by Camilla Fabbri ©2009-2014. All rights reserved. The blog. Instagram photos and videos. DIY "Little Book of Hope" Button Bookmarks · How To Make A Recycled Bookmark · Home + DIY on Cut Out. Soft Baskets · Extract from Knitting with Giant Needles by Hanna Charlotte Erhorn · How To Make A Storage Basket.

Crafts · Free craft projects, ideas and tutorials using on Cut Out. Making Cold Porcelain · How To Make A Clay · Other on Cut Out.