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7 Easy Ways to Give Your Résumé the Psychological Edge. Getting your résumé picked for interview is about more than just education, experience and background… It’s estimated that 1 billion résumés are screened around the world each year.

7 Easy Ways to Give Your Résumé the Psychological Edge

Employers typically take as little as 45 seconds to decide whether to reject it, put it down as a maybe or definitely interview. Naturally getting into the definite pile depends on your experience, your education and your suitability for the job, but it also depends on something else, the illusive X-factor. Being a human process, there are all sorts of psychological biases you can exploit, if you know how. Here are some research-backed tips that should help you on your way. 1. Managing the impression you give to recruiters is important, but don’t exaggerate. 2.

You should specifically target your knowledge, skills and abilities to the requirements of the job. Competency statements are things like: “Created new psychology website, demonstrating high energy, self-motivation and commitment.” 6 Ways B2B Companies Are Using Facebook. Is Facebook applicable for B2B companies?

6 Ways B2B Companies Are Using Facebook

Absolutely! With more than 750 million users, Facebook is useful for far more than just teenagers playing online games. The social network has become a representative sample of the world's population. As a company selling to other companies, Facebook serves as an important tool for generating leads and nurturing customer relationships. Let's take a look at 6 B2B companies and how they are using Facebook: 6 Ways B2B Companies Are Using Facebook. Merck Goes Social. Launching any company into social media requires planning, integration of multiple departments and a strong training program.

Merck Goes Social

On the outside, social media may appear to be all “likes” and “tweets,” but opening a new communication channel within a regulated global brand requires a measured and thoughtful approach. We’re excited to share that on Thursday. September 15th at 6:30 p.m., Merck posted its first Tweet and Facebook status update. The global health care brand was greeted with a variety of “welcome” replies and comments. They readily engaged and thanked their community in appreciation. Earlier this year, I had an opportunity to join the project and help bring the launch to fruition. Zach added, “Corporate Social Responsibility is extremely important to Merck and they spend extraordinary amounts of time, energy and money to help improve global health. While the road may be long, Cheryl stated, “Be patient and never give up! September 21, 2011. 3 Ways to Improve Your Company's Social Media Architecture.

Joshua-Michéle Ross (@jmichele) is SVP and director of digital strategy, Europe with Fleishman Hillard and an O’Reilly Radar blogger.

3 Ways to Improve Your Company's Social Media Architecture

His free ebook on social media architecture is available here. While the pressures on large organizations to use social media have gone up, creating a social media presence has reached one-click simplicity. The result is a sprawling mess. Take one look at the social media footprint of any large brand and you find dozens of social sites that lie abandoned with no active engagement. Many are redundant, fracturing the same potential audience into separate, so-called “communities.” This is unsustainable and counterproductive. The solution is a “social media architecture” — a structure that brings harmony, utility and durability to the diverse elements of an organization’s social media presence. 1. A proper footprint uses a few data points (site name, platform, size, recency of moderator activity) to visualize your social media presence. Click to enlarge. Publications Social Media & Marketing Daily 09/20. 15 strange and twisted pillows.

You may have left the sweet haven that is bed only hours (or moments) ago and the right pillow makes that an even harder task to accomplish, but certain designers have decided to redesign that comfortable standby with more nightmare than sweet dream in mind.

15 strange and twisted pillows

Pillowig, the nap anywhere alternative Bed head’s no problem with Pillowig since it not only guarantees no one will spot your tousled tresses, but it offers up a comfortable place to nap on the go. Oddly enough, designer Joo Youn Paek sold forty-seven of the fifty strange pieces of headgear he produced. The Boyfriend Arm Pillow Looking for a cuddle without the complications? Blood Puddle Pillow Yeah, this is just sick. Full story at WebUrbanist.