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Milk + Sass® is an emerging indie beauty brand that believes in uniqueness and multifunctionality while also having fun with hair. We have a passion for superior quality, sustainability, and for community. Our eco-friendly products are made with your locks in mind. From the curly-haired cuties, to the straight-maned stunners, and all types of tresses in between, Milk + Sass® believes in beauty without borders. To us, a “good hair day” is global holiday, one that should be celebrated every day of the year. And so, we travel on. From country to country, culture to culture, we draw inspiration and knowledge to ensure no tangle goes un-wrangled, no frizz remains untamed, and all hair types and textures are represented and celebrated. Whether it’s a pinch of style from Paris, or a colorful Tutti Frutti candy-inspired fun hair ties, or an exotic hair oil from “the tree of life” in Hawaii, Milk + Sass® unveils the best in haircare from around the world.

Return Policy. Travel Hair Brushes and more. Notice of Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy May 1, 2018 MILK+SASS (“Supplier”) is committed to enforcing policies designed to support and protect its brand reputation and competitiveness.

Travel Hair Brushes and more

Supplier has an established Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy that an Authorized Customer must follow for the advertising and marketing of Supplier Goods. This MAP Policy applies to all Goods listed in any Supplier price list. Supplier intends to sell its Goods only to Customers that do not advertise Goods below the MAP as set forth in this policy. 1. (a) It shall be a violation of this MAP Policy for a Customer to (a) advertise prices for the Goods below the MAP set forth in the then-current Supplier price, or (b) advertise any additional discount, coupon, gift card, or incentive that provides an immediate price reduction, where the effect would be to reduce the displayed advertised price of a Good below the Good’s MAP. (e) This MAP Policy does not set a maximum advertised price. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Terms Of Use. Terms of Use Welcome to (our “Website”) owned and operated by MILK+SASS, a Texas limited liability company (“MILK+SASS,” “us” or “we”).

Terms Of Use

Travel hair brush, anti-frizz hair products, and hair ties. MILK+SASS, a Texas limited liability company (“MILK+SASS,” “us” or “we”), respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it through our compliance with this Privacy Policy (“Policy”).

Travel hair brush, anti-frizz hair products, and hair ties

This Policy describes the types of information we may collect from you or that you may provide when you visit the website (our “Website”) and our practices for collecting, using, maintaining, protecting, and disclosing that information. In this Policy, “personal information” means any information by which you can be identified or contacted, such as your name (first and last), home, billing or other physical address, email address, telephone number, billing information, etc., as well as any information associated with the foregoing. Please read this Policy carefully to understand our policies and practices regarding your information and how we will treat it. Our Website is not intended for children under 13 years of age. Travel hair brushes, anti-frizz hair products, hair ties. Who is the MACARON FOR HAIR® for?

Travel hair brushes, anti-frizz hair products, hair ties

Calling all candy and couture lovers alike—the quirky design and quality manufacturing make the product suitable for busy women on the go, men, teens, and kids alike. This Travel all inclusive brush can be used at the office, at the gym, in the car, at the beach and while traveling. It is the perfect tool for quick touch-ups and travel needs. Plus it fits perfectly in any small bag and purse. How do the bristles work to detangle hair? The distinct radial bristles are placed at varying heights and widths to detangle hair quickly, painlessly, and without the breakage caused by other conventional brushes. What features separate the Macaron For Hair® from other hairbrushes on the market? The removable full cover protects bristles from being bent, broken and dirtied inside your bag, while also offering a compact mirror for easy styling on the go. How to do you clean the Macaron brush? Simply rinse the brush with shampoo and water, then allow brush to air dry.

We Will Get Back to You. Created With Your Locks in Mind. Busy lifestyle demands flexible on-the-go beauty tools and we have you covered -- the busy bees, the travelers and the fashionistas.

Created With Your Locks in Mind

We’re here to make your day smoother and convenient no matter where you are — And we’re starting with the world’s sweetest all-in-one portable travel hairbrush that makes a big impact so you can brush anywhere, anytime! Sometimes you are running late and you realize that you don’t have time to brush your hair or wear makeup. Well, we run where you run — Whether you are at the office, in your car, at the beach, at the gym or traveling, keep calm and toss a MACARON FOR HAIR® in your bag for a quick touch-up. Our all inclusive cute hairbrush goes where you go and fits just about anywhere. Milk + Sass® is an emerging indie beauty brand that believes in uniqueness and multifunctionality while also having fun with hair. Press. Travel Size Hair Detangler: Cotton Candy Hair Bundles. BonBons For Hair: Best Hair Ties Online! Treats For Hair: Mother's Milk Hair Products. Deep in the forests of Hawaii grows a sacred tree the natives call “The Tree of Renewal and Light.”

Treats For Hair: Mother's Milk Hair Products

Sometimes towering more than a ninety-feet tall, the tree is crowned with its light-colored leaves and white flowers, and in the early half of the year, it is dripping with the coveted Kukui nut. Cascading down in pearls of light silvery green, the nut conjures images of candlenuts found in faraway realms. However, beneath its fantastical shell sits a woody amber center from which real-life magic can be sourced… Used for centuries, Kukui Nut Oil has long been sought and praised as a beauty treatment and an emollient by the Hawaiian people.

Rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, the oil of the tree lives up to its name: giving life…to dry, limp, and damaged hair. Now, Milk + Sass® is proudly bringing this Kukui Nut oil to your tresses with its new Haircare. Sugar Twists: Eco Friendly Hair Ties. French Macaron Cookie Brush. Anti-frizz Hair Products.