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Milesweb Internet Pvt. Ltd is a web hosting venture to support the ever growing online business and meet the expectations of business users at an affordable price. Feel free to visit us at:

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How To Fix 404 Error and What are the best ways to errors – The Beautiful Way to Organize Code Snippets. In your day to day working, you browse multiple URLs and this might have happened that you must have entered the wrong URL in the browser or clicked the broken link.

How To Fix 404 Error and What are the best ways to errors – The Beautiful Way to Organize Code Snippets

Whenever you click or browse such types of URLs then you must have got 404 errors? Have you ever questioned that why this type of error happens? And how to fix this error? Then to overcome such types of error you can read this article and get your queries clear. What is a 404 Error? 404 Error means a webpage which you are browsing does not exist anymore. What are the reasons for website landing up on 404 page? The wrong URL browsedCopy and paste errorBroken link on the websiteMoved contentDeleted content Why having 404 pages is crucial and what are the objectives of it?

An objective of having a 404 page is to get back the visitors on the website even if he/she tries to access the page which does not exist or changed. Why Is Cloud Computing In Developing Android Applications The Most Trending Thing Now. Competition is growing like anything and every day a new competitor is getting added to the list, right?

Why Is Cloud Computing In Developing Android Applications The Most Trending Thing Now

Competitors are adopting new ways to reach out to their customers and that is one of the reasons for an increase in mobile search. Nowadays, it is observed that people are sticking to their smartphones and tablets powered by the Android or iOS. Moreover, various applications are out there that offer features like data sync, data sharing, backup and storage facilities and more. If you design the application that offers multiple functions and stores data only in a single device, then this may not fulfil your requirement.

Unfortunately, you required a backup platform to store the data that get access easily from anywhere at any time. The small businesses and large organizations are adopting cloud computing for simplifying things and storing the data at an affordable cost. The Android operating system is an open platform that is designed with the help of Linux for the mobile devices. How To Enable Or Disable The Demo Store Notice In Magento. It is possible to configure Magento to display a notice when your store is operating in a demo mode in order to let your customers know that if they place any order it will not be processed.

How To Enable Or Disable The Demo Store Notice In Magento

When your website is ready to ‘go live’ all you have to do is remove the demo store message. For enabling or disabling the demo store notice you have to login to your Magento admin area and follow the steps mentioned below: What is the difference between web hosting and website builder – Click Opps – Incredible Technology. It is observed that people tend to be confused between the concept web hosting and website builder.

What is the difference between web hosting and website builder – Click Opps – Incredible Technology

A very first question I usually asked all “Do you know what is web hosting and website builder?” Actually, I will suggest to everyone that if you are planning to design a website and looking to host your website then you should ask this question to yourself. To overcome such questions here you will get the right answer an in-depth explanation of web hosting and website builder. Dedicated Server Or Cloud Hosting: Which One To Choose – can only give you answers. The hosting industry is growing rapidly and this leads to improvement in the technology of different hosting solutions.

Dedicated Server Or Cloud Hosting: Which One To Choose – can only give you answers.

Their multiple types of hosting servers available in the market that enable users to store files. It is very common suggestion that almost every newbie is asked to opt while buying hosting for the website is shared hosting the most economical type of hosting. But what if you are looking to switch to cloud or dedicated then which option is best for your website is more confusing while selecting between two. How To Design A Website When You Are Not A Website Designer. A website is the main element that helps user to know about your business.

How To Design A Website When You Are Not A Website Designer

If you are willing to design your own website, but what if you belong to the banking sector and have all your expertise in finance and banking. In that case, you must have got a question how to design a website or to whom you should consult to overcome this challenge. The answer is very simple that there is no need to gain technical or designing knowledge to design a website. This can happen with the help of tools or platforms that are available easily and allow you to design the desired website as per your wish. 5 Reasons Why Your Website Is Underperforming And How To Fix Them. There is a lot of competition in the online world and if your website is not performing up to the mark you will not just lose out on website traffic but you will also lose out on customer trust.

5 Reasons Why Your Website Is Underperforming And How To Fix Them

It is extremely important to ensure that your website is at par with the expectations of your audience. If your website is not performing well, there might be some important reasons behind it that need your attention. Here are the main reasons why your website is underperforming and quick fixes to them: # 1 : Search Engines Can’t Find Your Website Most of the people will try to find your website through Google or through some other search engine.

How to host a website in simple steps. Due to the growing demand for internet, it has become necessary to present on the internet.

How to host a website in simple steps

Being a beginner, you must have got the question that how to start? Because it is quite tough and complicated. What to look while choosing a Dedicated Server Hosting – Uni Zone Web. All hosting service provider are not similar, as each offers different services, and it’s quite difficult choosing a right hosting option for your business if you haven’t used dedicated hosting earlier.

What to look while choosing a Dedicated Server Hosting – Uni Zone Web

Keeping in mind, here I have come up with few factors that can be considered while choosing a dedicated hosting service. #1.Reliability This is not for a moment you can fully define by just looking at the website, in this situation you’ll need more research. It’s always an appropriate idea to end a search on a host to find any reviews from current or past customers.You can do that by searching for the keyword phrases by using a company name. There are several best review sites you can explore, for example, Hostsearch review or Hostadvice review, or even you can take a step forward by reviewing support forums of that hosting service if they have it. Why Smaller Web Hosting Companies are Better Than Larger Ones. Competition in the web hosting industry is growing rapidly, therefore it is becoming tough for the users to get best web hosting service for their website.

Why Smaller Web Hosting Companies are Better Than Larger Ones

Generally, users have the perception that brand or big players in the industry offers qualitative service. But on the other hand, they also give more priority to the price and based on this parameter they select hosting services for their website. It also observed that while listing down the hosting companies users usually avoid preferring small web hosting companies thinking that they must not be providing quality hosting service or they are offering services at cheap prices so that is one of the reasons of neglecting small web hosting companies.

When you search on Google for web host then you must be getting names of big players in the results, but that doesn’t mean others are bad. Web Hosting Provider also offer these Important Services. Many companies have expanded their service and product offerings that have outgrown their industry classification. Web hosting businesses are no longer just a web hosting service providers nowadays. They offer various other similar services wheremany of them are becoming one-stop shops for the one who need to create and promote their websites or blogs. The following are some essential services offered by the Web Hosting Service Provider: #1. How Hosting Can Affect your Website Page Load Speed. The website loading speed matters a lot! No one would like to spend time waiting for a site to load and spin at its speed. A fast loading web page performs well on all aspects:good user experience, higher conversion and more engagement.

Importantly, Google has added the page load speed factors to take into consideration to its ranking algorithms and it has turned out a buzz in SEO world. This algorithm of Google has been around since very long, yet there are many inaccurate and incomplete information related to page load speed. Know how SSL Certificate help to boost your search ranking. What is SSL certificate? The SSL certificate is a boon for your website. However, it increases the trust of the users who visit your site.

Incorporating an SSL certificate to your website makes easier for the users to share the confidential things like contact information and credit or debit card info. You must have observed that when you browse any site you receive a notification “ website is not secure” this indicates that website is not safe and you are notified before you browse the website. 7 Important Website Features For Increased Ecommerce Conversion Rate. There is a tough competition among the ecommerce websites and if you own one it is eminent that increasing sales and withstanding the competition is an important goal for you.

If the conversion rate on your website is low, then there might be various factors responsible for it. So what can you do to improve the conversion rates? Pay attention to these 7 important factors mentioned below: Difference between SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. Cloud computing is the most trending in today’s IT world. It is the technology that gives innumerable benefits, which brings to the businesses by offering agility, scalability, economy, and high securityavailability. Businesses that invest in the Cloud Computing technology come up with a wide variety of applications which are designed according to its infrastructure model.

Let’s take a look at the main models of cloud computing. The main model’s forms of cloud system are: SaaS – Software as a ServicePaaS – Platform as a Service andIaaS -Infrastructure as a service However those acronyms are quite older terms in the market, still many people are not aware of what exactly it is. If you are the part of such group of a people who are still not aware or clear with the concepts of these service models, then don’t worry! Top 10 Key Features of VPS Hosting. Your Company Needs A WordPress Website. Difference between Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting? Cloud Hosting and Web hosting can look alike because those two types of services have quite similar types of setups and deliver lots of same results. Though, there are some significant differences between Cloud hosting and Web hosting services which have its technical definition each. Difference Between Shared SSL and Private SSL. - Web Hosting FAQs by MilesWeb.

The acronym SSL stands for secure socket layers whose characteristic lies in encrypting and transmitting confidential and all sorts of information securely over the internet. Without SSL all the confidential information like Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, or any other information entered into a web site would be viewable to all the computers it goes through. How to choose best Wordpress hosting in India? - Web Hosting FAQs by MilesWeb. What is different between Posts and Pages in WordPress? How to Add Security to your Dedicated Server?

Nowadays, honestly, you can’t be too careful or simply can’t ignore things when it comes to the data security. Unfortunately, the attacks can happen every day, at any time and the websites of all sizes and all scopes are being targeted. Having a dedicated server is always a better option in terms of security than being with several other types of a hosting.

Reasons for choosing managed web hosting for your website. Most people seeking for a hosting solution comes across the term “Managed Web Hosting”, but don’t exactly know what it is exactly. Well, this is a type of hosting service that goes beyond what’s normally the hosting companies offer. As the name implies, the service is kept under management, i.e., monitored 24/7. 5 reasons to leave the Shared Server and join the Cloud Server. Using a shared server means that the same machine will be split between your project and other clients. The choice of a good server is one of the crucial points for the development of your business on the internet. 6 Ways To Prevent Hackers From Touching Your Ecommerce Website. How To Use Magento Multistore? How To Change Product Price In Magento?

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47 Digital Marketing Tools For Your Strategy In 2018. Why it is necessary to host a WordPress blog on your own domain. Linux Reseller Hosting VS Windows Reseller Hosting. How To Check If Reseller Account Is Upgraded ? - Web Hosting FAQs by MilesWeb. How To Detect Common Internet Connectivity Issues? - Web Hosting FAQs by MilesWeb. Redundancy and High Availability in the Cloud. How to become a self made Digital Marketing Expert? - Afogwish. What Is Malware? 7 Tips To Protect Your Website From Malware. The Future Of Data Centers And Its Role In The IT Industry. Know how much bandwidth does your site need? Importance of the Cloud in the Internet of Things.

Types of Cloud Computing in Business Environment. Does Server Location Matter? Selling Unused Domains Names : A Beginner’s Guide. What You Should Know about Shared Web Hosting? 5 Reasons Your Next Hosting Should Be In The Cloud. Why it is essential to select a best web hosting for your small business? - Elcraz: SEO Tips, Classifieds Sites, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Latest Blog Technology. What Would Be The Web Hosting Cost For My Small Business?

Tips to keep Website secure from Hackers. Know How You Can Utilize Quality Spam Free Reseller Hosting Service - Send Email From a PHP Script Using SMTP Authentication - Web Hosting FAQs by MilesWeb. How To Backup WordPress Using Softaculous? 7 Tips For More Organic Reach On Facebook. Know how a hosting provider can affect your SEO. Tips To Improve Your Web Texts Readability Drastically! How to switch to a new domain without destroying your SEO juice - Outway Network. Tips to Improve Sales Performance. Why it’s necessary for internet-based businesses utilize SEO web hosting - How To Backup Drupal Website With Softaculous? How To Add Products To Prestashop? 5 Steps to getting cheap WordPress hosting. Tips To Avoid Getting Hacked. Why A 404 Page Is Important? How To Design It Creatively?