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UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. When we stand together, we can make change. Mind & Brain Articles. May 19, 2017 — A new study has served to identify some genetic mutations that will help to improve the treatment of ... read more May 19, 2017 — Scientists have made an important step in understanding the organization of nerve cells embedded within the gut that control its function -- a discovery that could give insight into the origin of ... read more Scientists to Test Zika Virus on Brain Tumors May 19, 2017 — In a revolutionary first, scientists will test whether the Zika virus can destroy brain tumor cells, potentially leading to new treatments for one of the hardest to treat cancers. ... read more Female Faculty Face Strong Glass Ceiling in Male-Dominated University Environments, Study Concludes May 18, 2017 — Female faculty members hoping to advance to the highest ranks of academia face significant barriers due to male-dominated environments at colleges and universities, according to a new ... read more Consumers See Much Greater Risk Than Reward in Online Ads.

Mind & Brain Articles

TEDxSunsetPark - Diana Winston - The Practice of Mindfulness. Quantified Self Guide. John Amschler.

Quantified Self Guide

25 Habits Of People Who Are Happy, Healthy & Successful. Who among us doesn't want to be a happy, healthy and successful human being?

25 Habits Of People Who Are Happy, Healthy & Successful

Still, it can be easy to lose your way, which is why I've compiled a list of habits you can use to help reach your goals. So what is it about happy people that makes them the way they are? Below are just some of the ways they separate themselves from the rest of the crowd. How CBT can help. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - how it can help Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a type of psychotherapy that looks at How you think about yourself, the world and other people How what you do affects your feelings and thoughts By making links between what we do, think and feel, CBT can help us make changes in the way we think ("Cognitive") and the way we act ("Behaviour)".

How CBT can help

6 Tips To Get Motivated When You're Feeling Depressed. A common response to identifying lifestyle changes that might make a depressed person feel better is, “Easier said than done.”

6 Tips To Get Motivated When You're Feeling Depressed

ManagingDepressionwithExercise.pdf. 10 Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp. What Happens To Our Brains When We Exercise And How It Makes Us Happier. The use of lethal force by police officers in Minnesota and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has once again sparked protests over the violent dynamic between citizens and the police. Meanwhile, the tragic, horrific shootings of police officers in Dallas has complicated the Black Lives Matter message and reinforced fears of racially motivated police violence.

The ideal today is "democratic policing," a concept developed by scholars like Gary T. Marx at MIT. Broadly, this refers to a police force that is publicly accountable, subject to the rule of law, respectful of human dignity, and that intrudes into citizens' lives only under certain limited circumstances. Partly in response to this ideal, policing in America has evolved considerably over the past 50 years. The 20th century has seen a slow but steady integration of minorities and women within police forces. Some of these changes have been positive, but as recent events show, many problems remain.


5 Ways To Rewire Your Brain For Meaningful Life Changes. Neuroscientists have discovered the strategy for rewiring the brain.

5 Ways To Rewire Your Brain For Meaningful Life Changes

Contrary to popular approaches, this strategy involves more than just positive thinking or working hard. In fact, there are five pathways that must be activated in order to create new neural networks in the brain. Let’s explore a few principles from brain science in order to better understand how to successfully activate these pathways. First, the act of thinking sets into motion a chemical reaction in the brain that can be likened to plugging in a string of lights. As you think about something—be it positive or stressful—you turn on a string of lights related to that topic. Second, the more you think, feel and act the same way, the faster the lights turn on and the brighter they glow.

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The Most Dangerous Word in the World. E-hub Self-help for Mental Health and Wellbeing. Beacon. 10 Simple Ways of Keeping Depression Away And Staying on Good Mood. Depression is very common in our society and being on a bad mood often is very annoying.

10 Simple Ways of Keeping Depression Away And Staying on Good Mood

Feel depressed? Here’s 10 simple ways of keeping depression away and staying on a good mood: 1. Neurobiology and Neural Circuitry of Depression. 5 Powerful Exercises To Increase Your Mental Strength. WOOP - a scientific strategy to find and fulfill wishes. Psychology Today: Health, Help, Happiness + Find a Therapist.

Health Check: five supplements that may help with depression. Over two-thirds of Australians are thought to use complementary medicines ranging from vitamin and mineral supplements to herbal to aromatherapy and homeopathic products.

Health Check: five supplements that may help with depression

Mental health concerns are one of the reasons why people use supplements, but are they really useful? While there’s evidence for the efficacy of some supplements as potential treatments for depression, there’s none for others, and some have been found to be ineffective. But effectiveness is not the only concern – the quality and cost of unregulated products can also be problematic. And then there’s the issue of discerning between bone fide evidence from double-blind randomised controlled trials and slick company marketing campaigns.

Of the supplements that have been studied for improving general mood or treating clinical depression, omega-3 fatty acids, St John’s wort, S-adenosyl-methionine (SAMe), N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) and zinc are the most researched and commonly used. Omega-3 fatty acids SAMe St John’s wort Zinc. How to Heal From Rejection: 5 Steps to Soothe the Pain. “Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.”

How to Heal From Rejection: 5 Steps to Soothe the Pain

~F. Scott Fitzgerald I spent years training as a psychologist, waiting for the day I would graduate and finally have time to explore my second passion—writing. When I opened a private practice I left my mornings free, and over the next fourteen years I wrote six screenplays, two novels, and a children’s book.