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Mikearnord: One Lawyer for All Litigation-Michael Arnold In Oregon. The work of Michael Arnold, attorney in Oregon, speaks for his credibility as a well-respected attorney in Eugene, Oregon.

mikearnord: One Lawyer for All Litigation-Michael Arnold In Oregon

In his career as an attorney, he has dealt with a wide variety of litigation issues ranging from criminal cases to stalking order and restraining order matters. Whether it is a business dispute case involving dissolution of high value assets or a stalking protective order issue or personal injury claim, Michael Arnold in Oregon can solve the complex litigation for each of these categories efficiently. He absolutely understands the plight of the victims and tries his best to turn a client into a former client at the earliest possibility so their goals are achieved.

He has years of trial experience and knows how to use rare evidence to bring justice in favor of the client. He works passionately on every case as if it is going for trial that makes him ready in advance for the unseen consequences. At heart, Michael Arnold is a nature lover. Attend Events with Mike Arnold. The Strange Case of the Cage-Fighting Marine Corps Sniper. A former professional cage fighter and Marine Corps sniper was arrested earlier this month on charges that he shot and killed an unarmed man during a traffic dispute.

The Strange Case of the Cage-Fighting Marine Corps Sniper

Gerald Strebendt of Springfield, Oregon, now faces a murder rap in the death of 53-year-old David Crofut. Gerald Strebendt (top) vs. Will Shutt ( Strebendt, who once held the nickname “The Finishing Machine” during his years as a professional mixed martial arts fighter, says he was protecting his own life in January when he gunned down Crofut. At one point during the encounter, Strebendt, 35, called 911. “It remains our position that when an angry and hostile stranger acting aggressively to you tells you he has a weapon and threatens to kill you, you are entitled to take him at his word,” Mike Arnold, Strebendt’s attorney, told The Register-Guard. A “Support for Gerald Strebendt” page has since sprung up on Facebook, with 242 likes. .223-caliber semiautomatic rifle. Springfield Man Charged with Murder. EUGENE, Ore. — A Springfield man who says he acted in self-defense after shooting and killing another man on Bob Straub Parkway pleaded not guilty Friday.

Springfield Man Charged with Murder

Police arrested 35-year-old Gerald Strebendt Thursday night. Friends of Strebendt say he’s an intelligent man with a conscious and this is an unfortunate situation for everyone involved. Strebendt pleaded not guilty in the brief hearing that still leaves behind many unanswered questions. More than five weeks after an alleged road rage incident on Bob Straub Parkway in Springfield, Gerald Strebendt is facing murder charges.

Police say soon after he got into a fender bender with 53-year-old David Crofut, the two got into a fight. Many have questioned why a former Marine and MMA fighter would need a gun. And, the defense is standing its ground even after the grand jury’s warrant. Springfield police officers argue there isn’t a difference. That includes comparing the two individuals in physical difference, expertise and ability. Gerald Strebendt. Gerald Strebendt is a mixed martial artist, having competed in MMA organisations such as the UFC and Cage Rage.

Gerald Strebendt

The highlight of Gerald's career was at UFC 44, where he took on top lightweight,[1] Josh Thomson - losing in the first round by KO. Despite losing, Gerald showed an aggressive grappling style in his match, living up to his name "The Finishing Machine" - A name that has stood by him for his entire MMA career, where he has never gone to a decision, win or lose. Strebendt currently owns and operates Northwest Training Center in Springfield, Oregon. He has continued his involvement in MMA by training several successful amateur and professional fighters. Strebendt was arrested and charged with murder March 6, 2014 after being indicted by a grand jury.[7] Mixed martial arts record[edit] References[edit] External links[edit] The National Trial Lawyers. The Strange Case of the Cage-Fighting Marine Corps Sniper. Defense asks public’s help with case. SPRINGFIELD — A local murder suspect’s legal team is expanding its public plea for information from witnesses to a fatal shooting in Springfield in January.

Defense asks public’s help with case

Defense investigators working on Gerald Strebendt’s case will visit the scene of the shooting today, waving signs that encourage potential witnesses to submit information to a website maintained by Strebendt’s attorney, Mike Arnold of Eugene. “We are leaving no stone unturned in our search for witnesses,” Arnold said Monday in a news release issued by Vox, a Eugene public relations firm. Strebendt, 35, shot and killed 53-year-old Springfield resident David Crofut after a minor traffic crash on Bob Straub Parkway on the evening of Jan. 29. Strebendt has claimed through his attorney that he acted in self-defense when he fired on Crofut, who was unarmed. Strebendt, a former professional mixed-martial arts fighter, is being held without bail in the Lane County Jail.

Vogt loosened the order in June. Mikearnord: One Lawyer for All Litigation-Michael Arnold In Oregon.