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MildApp is the best app development company if you need urgent app developed with efficiency. They have multifaceted and technically well versed staff which makes it possible to develop app under pressured deadlines. They developed app in really short time, it absolutely took our trust in MildApp.

Mobile App Development Company, Mobile Application Development Company. TIPS TO SELECT THE BEST MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT COMPANY. The demand for mobile app development is unprecedented these days.


Every service is offered just a few clicks and that too at a couch comfort. Heading to the stores and grabbing groceries also has become a thing of past. Therefore, no wonder that if you are an entrepreneur, then you would want to get your business app made. After all, that is one of the most effective ways of getting your business online. Well, if in case you are not an app developer, then certainly you would need help of a Mobile Application Development Company. Mobile Game Development. Today, the mobile gaming market has grown to one of the most significant digital platforms for both game developers and publishers.

Mobile Game Development

It is a very popular category of the mobile Apps and they are worth of about $25 million in revenues. The mobile games prove to be a great way of earning huge profits today and the most famous model is In-App purchase right now. In this, the users can download a free version of the games and can upgrade to the paid version later. So, once the users develop an interest in the game, they are ready to pay. These games are played virtually on any kind of device from smartphones as well as computers. Mildapp has been developing various native and cross-platform games for diverse clients across the globe.

The integrated Unity Editor displays all the assets and it also previews the game’s look. Types of games we develop • 2D & 3D Games Arcade & Puzzle Games Action Games Board Games Trivia Games Adventure Games Sports Games Educational Games. Windows Phone App. Though windows got defame in the last few years, yet after the launch of Windows Phone-8 OS, it is gaining its popularity again.

Windows Phone App

Windows are yet used by many potential audiences. So, one cannot miss on the Windows App Development. Mildapp offers professional Windows App Development Services to the clients across the globe. Our experienced Windows App developers are there to create world-class Apps for you. Thye have successfully developed and designed some of the finest Windows mobile applications. Our distinct features are: Customized mobile applications Cloud applications Branding applications Business promotion applications Marketing applications And much more How we do it Understanding client requirements Project Estimation User needs’ Assessment Engineering Needs Prototype Testing and Fixing of bugs. Facebook App Development. Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms, connecting billions of users around the world.

Facebook App Development

Its huge customer database helps brands and businesses connect with their potential customers effortlessly. It is an excellent platform for users as well as developers who wish to create Facebook apps. Business owners leverage the power of Facebook for creating a business page, apps, advertising, and promoting the business to enhance online presence and drive traffic.

To make a mark in today’s highly competitive digital world, it is terribly intrinsic for businesses to develop Facebook apps to reach prospective audiences. Facebook apps have transformed the way businesses perceive social media marketing. Who We Are. Ios App Development. Undeniably, Apple’s iOS is the second most popular mobile platform around the globe after Android.

Ios App Development

However, in developed countries like the USA, the UK, Australia, etc. the craze of Apple devices and iOS apps dominates Android by a fair margin. Worldwide there are over 2 million iOS applications on the App Store. This number is increasing with each passing day as Apple continues to provide premium products and services. The growing popularity of iOS devices has increased the demand for iPhone application development. MildApp is a leading iOS app development company in Austin, Texas that can design and develop the best iPhone Apps for your business. We strictly follow all the principles and guidelines put forth by Apple and ensure a robust and effective iPhone application. Our iPhone Application Development Services Custom iPhone App Development We offer customized iOS app solutions for our clients according to their specifications and business requirements.

iPhone App UX/ UI Design Design: Android App Development Company. Android is one of the largest and most sought-after mobile platforms in the world.

Android App Development Company

Android OS covers a whopping 85% of the mobile market across the globe which makes it a prominent choice for mobile application development. Android’s scalability has produced comprehensive benefits for many organizations with a better return on investment and improved reach. Today almost every business wants to develop Android apps for its products or services as about 800 million potential customers are using Android apps. Thus, the demand for Android application development has also risen significantly. Who We Are MildApp is a leading Android application development company situated in Austin, Texas.We have developed a wide array of high-quality Android apps through our prompt Android app development services.

Our Android App Development Services Android M-Commerce Applications We develop cutting edge Android m-commerce applications that will add value to your business and improve your productivity.