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Portable communication. 10 Google Hangouts Easter Eggs. Like any successful chain store, IKEA prides itself on a uniform shopping experience.

10 Google Hangouts Easter Eggs

Walk into the company’s location at 15 Provost Drive, North York, Ontario, Canada and you’ll find two sprawling stories featuring stacks of easy-to-assemble furniture. Shoppers are enveloped in the smell of Swedish meatballs coming from the store’s trademark food market. Near the first-floor entrance is a playroom for impatient children to idle while parents push warehouse carts full of bookshelves. On December 9, 2012, shoppers expecting a traditional IKEA shopping excursion got something else. Sprinting between cars in the store’s adjacent two-level parking garage was a primate decked out in a tailored faux-shearling coat and a diaper. In less than an hour, animal services would arrive to collect him. Initially misidentified by some media outlets as a capuchin monkey, the beleaguered animal was a Japanese snow macaque named Darwin. Lisa Lin (Shopper): I was there with my family.

It was. Secret Gardens & Parks of NYC. Spring is in the air!

Secret Gardens & Parks of NYC

The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and it is definitely warm enough to walk outside without 4 layers of clothing. Even the plants are excited. Now, where to go to enjoy them? New York City is full of gardens, you just have to look for them. Check out a few of the treasures around the city that you should explore. Church of St. New Visions for Public Schools.

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Music and art venues. Gifts. In Iceland. Travel. Food places. For Ellen. Crafts. Healthy food. Yoga. Meditation. Ways to give. Тест на любовь: «шкала любви» З.Рубина. Е. Пушкарев - Интернет-клуб "Просвещенная любовь" Music websites. Art. Read. Movies. Fun. Good things. Social & Emotional Learning. AAC. Adapted learning. Science. Visualization tools. Computer games. IKEA Billy Bookcase to Drawer Hack. Magical Photographs of Fireflies from Japan’s 2016 Summer. Photo by 365March (Yu Hashimoto) | click images to enlarge Each year when summer comes along, we all look forward to different things.

Magical Photographs of Fireflies from Japan’s 2016 Summer

Some of us head to the beach, others to the mountains for camping. Some look forward to the epicurean delights like watermelon and ice cones. But for a select group of photographers in Japan, Summer signals the arrival of fireflies. And for very short periods – typically May and June, from around 7 to 9pm – these photographers set off to secret locations all around Japan, hoping to capture the magical insects that light up the night. One thing that makes these photographs so magical is that they capture views that the naked eye is simply incapable of seeing. Fireflies live for only about 10 days and they’re extremely sensitive. Pin It! Gle URL Shortener. Butt Exercises for Women.

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