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Sales Technology - Augmented Reality and the Sales Process. Augmented reality marketing strategies: The how to guide for market... CFW Augmented Reality and Cities. Social Interaction Design For Augmented Reality: Patterns and Princ... Augmented Reality Data - Webcam Social Shopper. Google to Sell Heads-Up Display Glasses by Year's End. History of Mobile Augmented Reality. This web page summarizes the major milestones in mobile Augmented Reality.

History of Mobile Augmented Reality

The list was compiled by the member of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Handheld Augmented Reality for the ISMAR society. Permission is granted to copy and modify. Thanks go to the ISMAR09 mobile committee and all others for their valuable suggestions. Icon Legend Please notify Daniel Wagner if you find errors on this page. Exploreengage. Upload Subscription preferences Loading...


Working... exploreengage. Explore Engage. Augmented Reality (Vuforia) Metaio Mobile Augmented Reality. Games Alfresco. Google PageRank 10 Sites February 2012-PageRank 10 Websites Updates History List. SEO Home Page Rank 10 Sites PageRank (PR) 10 sites / pages list (New) May 3'rd 2012 is the day when Backlink and PageRank got updated.Google usually adopts a strategy of updating their Page Rank either quarterly or once in two months.

Google PageRank 10 Sites February 2012-PageRank 10 Websites Updates History List

This time Google has taken only one month for updating the Page Rank. The previous Page Rank updation was on February 6th 2012.