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Mike Thornton

Digital content creator and property specialist at, a team of buyers representatives ACT who offer affordable property solutions to Canberra residents.

Buying Off Market Property in Canberra. Should You Buy an Off Market Property in Canberra? WHERE TO FIND OFF-MARKET PROPERTIES.paper. Tips for Buying or Selling Off-Market Property Canberra. Canberra Off Market Property Buying Guide. Advantages of Working with a Buyers Advocate Canberra. 3 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT CANBERRA PROPERTY AUCTIONS. It has been said and done but it is best to be reminded once more: exercise caution at property auctions.


Do your research and enlist the assistance of a trusted buyers agent in Canberra. When you buy a house through a property auction, you get to enjoy certain benefits. For one, you may be able to purchase properties that would have been difficult to purchase in a different arrangement. Hiring a Buyers Agent in Canberra by Mike Thornton on Prezi Design. Tips for Purchasing Property for Sale in Canberra, ACT.

Advantages of Hiring a Buyers Advocate - Coub. Tips for Winning at Canberra Property Auctions. For beginners, joining property auctions can be daunting.

Tips for Winning at Canberra Property Auctions

Auctions often get heated and inexperienced participants could end up discouraged or frustrated. Incentives from the government and low interests tend to spur on demand for a property. Home buyers battle it out for their dream home as well as the perks that go with its purchase. Negotiating Home Prices - by Mike Thornton - Mike’s Newsletter. Property prices fluctuate from time to time depending on the state of the economy, the supply and demand curve, and other attendant factors.

Negotiating Home Prices - by Mike Thornton - Mike’s Newsletter

However, with the help of an experienced buyers agent in Canberra, you can negotiate prices under certain conditions. But what does it take to be successful in this endeavour? Buy Your First Home in Canberra: Helpful Tips - mikethornton. Why a Buyers Agent in Canberra Can Help You Find the Right Home. A Canberra buyers agent is more than just a property specialist.

Why a Buyers Agent in Canberra Can Help You Find the Right Home

They are your guide and representative as you navigate your way through the often complicated and long-winding home buying process. If you have been thinking of buying property in the Australian Capital Territory in the coming months or years, working with a seasoned and independent buyer's advocate could be beneficial in the long run.

Not only will they help you simplify the process and let you focus on your job or personal obligations, they also make sure you land a property that matches your financial capacity and preferences. Advantages of a Buyers Agent Canberra. Consulting Buyers Agent Canberr - mikethorntoncpbs. Consulting a Buyers Agent Canberra Should be Part of Every Home Buyer's Property Purchasing Strategy Preparation is key - this catch phrase will continue to be relevant for a long, long time.

Consulting Buyers Agent Canberr - mikethorntoncpbs

Especially in Real Estate. Despite the ongoing pandemic, the property market continues to see activity. Some home buyers are taking advantage of price drops in certain areas, while others are moving out for personal reasons. Benefits of a Buyer's Agent Canberra by Mike Thornton on Dribbble. People purchase property for many reasons.

Benefits of a Buyer's Agent Canberra by Mike Thornton on Dribbble

Some would like to live in a place they can call their own. Others have a growing family and find it more convenient to move to a bigger residence. While there are those who profit from real estate investments and earn passive income through them. Whichever side of the spectrum you belong, whether you're a home buyer or an investor, working with an independent Canberra buyers agent will make property purchasing or investing a lot easier for you. A buyer's agent will guide you throughout the process, helping you explore your options and come up with well-informed decisions. Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration. Buy Property for Sale in Canberra, ACT - by Mike Thornton. Mind Mapping Online - - Buying Property for Sale in Canberra. Best Places to Buy Property for Sale in Canberra - More than just the seat of government, the Australian Capital Territory is also home to a major city where progress, nature and affordable properties are abundant.

Best Places to Buy Property for Sale in Canberra -

Home prices are cheaper compared to other bigger cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Overall cost of living can reinforce savings and pave the way for a good and sustainable life. If you're looking for property for sale in Canberra without going beyond your budget, start your searching for a home in these locations: 1) Belconnen. Talk to Pro Canberra Buyers' Agents for Quality Real Estate Solutions - Australia, Other Countries - Free Global Classified Ads site. Discuss Your Property Plans with a Buyer's Advocate in Canberra. If you've been seriously considering a move to the Australian Capital, which means buying property and settling for good or until further notice, requesting a buyer's advocate to assist you will spare you a lot of headaches down the line.

Discuss Your Property Plans with a Buyer's Advocate in Canberra

But how to know if you've approached the right Canberra buyer's representative? Below are the qualities you should take into consideration before finalising your move: 1) Talk to them and gauge how much they understand your home buying needs. Many property specialists and non-verified buyers advocates present themselves in an extravagant way.

Canberra Property Solutions Suburban Homes for Sale or Rent Buyers Agent ACT.