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How To Type The Apple Symbol On iOS and Windows. Majority of us know the brand symbol of Apple.

How To Type The Apple Symbol On iOS and Windows

This symbol is present not only on Mac devices but also on iPhone and iPad. The logo of Apple can be added to files, messages, and other places too. It can be done by the help of special keyboard shortcut or else text replacement ways. The method of writing the Apple symbol on iOS Firstly, press on Settings.Then, press on General.After that, tap on Keyboard.Next, click on Text Replacement.Then, press on the Plus (+) icon. The method of putting an Apple symbol on Windows Firstly, put the combination of Windows+R button for viewing the Run window.Then, write ‘charmap’.After that, click on Enter.Next, choose Baskerville Old Face by Font pull-down option.Move downwards towards the end of the present symbols grid.Then, do double click the Apple symbol. How to Restore Missing Stereo Mix On Your Windows 10 PC. Stereo Mix is an amazing feature on your Windows software if you have a recording of the sound which is being played by your speaker.

How to Restore Missing Stereo Mix On Your Windows 10 PC

Stereo Mix offers amazing features to its users, but several users report about its sudden disappearance from their Windows system. It may sound odd to many of you out there, but many of the affected users who have reported the incident of the disappearance of Stereo Mix from their Windows PC or laptops. How To Find Or Change The Windows Computer Administrator.

Computers are set up with an administrator and it is especially useful when you are working in a work environment.

How To Find Or Change The Windows Computer Administrator

An administrator is free to block any online site or to prevent any file or folder from opening. Computer administrator is the person who administers or handles it. To change the administrator setting of the computer, a user must hold the administrator privileges. How to Revoke Google Account Access from Third-Party Apps. Wondering how to remove the access of your Google Account from the third-party apps?

How to Revoke Google Account Access from Third-Party Apps

If yes, then you have landed on the right place. Whenever you download and install an app on your smartphone, it grants access to your Google Account. These third-party apps can use your Google account and all the information whenever they want. Even when you uninstall the app, it still has access to your Google account. Hence, if you want to keep your Google account safe and secure, then you must revoke the access of your Google account from these third-party applications. How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x8024401f. Sometimes, while searching for Windows updates, you might get 0x8024401f error.

How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x8024401f

How to Fix Facebook Not Loading Properly Error. Several users are facing an error where Facebook photos are not loading properly.

How to Fix Facebook Not Loading Properly Error

They will get this error either on their Android device or internet browser. If you are one of them, then try to fix this error by following the instructions mentioned in this article. Steps to fix Facebook not loading properly error · Change Google’s DNS. How to Enable Remote Desktop on Windows Server. The remote desktop connection is a protocol which let you pair to any other system which is currently available at the remote area.

How to Enable Remote Desktop on Windows Server

13 Reasons Why Season 3: Everything You Should Know. 13 Reasons Why Season 3: Everything You Should Know Netflix’s one of the most well-recognized teen drama TV series, 13 Reasons Why is returning with the third installment.

13 Reasons Why Season 3: Everything You Should Know

The TV series is an official adaptation from Jay Asher’s novel by the same name. The show started back in 2017 and was an instant hit on the streaming platform. - Enter Norton Product Key Here - Norton Setup. - Enter Norton Product Key Here - Norton Setup. How to Quickly Capture and Edit a Screenshot on iPhone. Whether you are using the iPhone 6 or iPhone XR, taking a screenshot is one of the primary functions you would like.

How to Quickly Capture and Edit a Screenshot on iPhone

It is a simple task, yet there are many iPhone users out there who do not know how to take a screenshot on their iPhone. Do not falter as this post will help you learn how to capture and edit screenshots on any iPhone model quickly. Here are the steps you can do so: Steps To Take Screenshots iPhone 8 or any earlier model If you own an iPhone model with a home button, taking a screenshot is pretty easy for you. iPhone 8 and previous models allow you to take a screenshot by just clicking the Home button and the Power button together. iPhone X or any later model. Why Agents of Shield Is Ending and Everything Else You Need to Know. It was recently announced that the hit Marvel TV show Agents of Shield is going to end after the seventh season.

Why Agents of Shield Is Ending and Everything Else You Need to Know

The reasons regarding the ending were not disclosed until now. The Marvel show was initially decided to be a five-part series, and that is why the last episode of Season 5 was named The End. The Shield team overcame their most significant threat and saved the planet from the claws of Hydra and Graviton. After the season ended Marvel was surprised that ABC had offered them another two seasons, although with a reduced number of episodes. It was confirmed by Marvel that the series would be coming to an end after its seventh installment. While many will speculate that ratings are the reason why Agents of Shield is ending, but it is not the case. There was a meeting set when the president of ABC network, Channing Dungey, contacted Marvel for the seventh installment. Agents of Shield is one of the few Marvel TV shows which have gone smoothly. Source url:- Like this: Like Loading... Wonder Woman 1984: Everything You Need To Know.

Gal Gadot is set to return as Diana/Wonder Woman. The first Wonder Woman did exceptionally well and was appraised by both the fans and critics. The movie became a surprising standout among big names like Batman VS Superman and Justice League. Patty Jenkins will be directing the movie again, while we will be seeing Diana facing an enemy after 70 years of previous movie events. How to Fix CX_FREEZE Fatal Error. Many users are facing CX_FREEZE fatal error on their Windows PC. Some users are complaining that they are getting this error in different scenarios.

Other users are complaining that they are facing this error while pressing on the Cortana option. This error doesn’t occur on any particular version of Windows, but it usually occurs in Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. How to Add Emoji and Symbols into a PowerPoint Presentation. A presentation can be made for various purposes, such as office, business, or school, and the idea for creating it depends on the users and requirements.

You may want to add images, video clips, audio files, or symbols to your presentation’s slides. Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to do everything that makes your presentation attractive, as well as effective. Adding emojis and symbols into your presentation is not so tricky, you can use keyboard shortcuts or Emoji and Symbols menu to do so. Here is how to add emoji and Symbols into a PowerPoint presentation. Adding emoji into a presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint In newer versions of Microsoft Powerpoint, you can add emoji keyboards to insert colorful smileys and symbols to your documents.

Note: No need to worry, if you don’t have a newer version of PowerPoint or do no want to install the add-on, there is also a traditional method for adding emoji into the PowerPoint slides. How to Fix Random New Drive Letter Appeared in Windows 10. Some users are reporting that random new drive letters are showing up in their Windows 10 PC. This can be because Windows does not complete the updating process correctly and leaves the drive on your system. The other reason can be you have turned on the network sharing on your system. In this article, you will get many different methods to fix this issue on your computer.

Here’s How to Fix Random New Drive Letter Appeared in Windows 10 • Change the drive letter. How to Color Code Cells in Excel Worksheets. Microsoft Excel is a great and versatile software in the Microsoft Office bundle. By using conditional formatting, you can do the cell formatting with the inserted value in Microsoft Excel. In case you are making a spreadsheet for your maths class and wish to color the irrational number cells, then you need to follow the steps mentioned below. Here’s How to Color Code Cells in Excel Worksheets. 4 Reasons Why Arrow Is Ending With Final Season 8. Ever since premiering in 2012 on CW Arrow has been one of the most successful superhero shows in the entirety of television. But recently it was announced that the DC comics-based successful show would be cut down to only ten seasons. How To Fix Roku Screen Mirroring Issue On Windows 10.

Roku is amongst the best options available with amazing features, and one of these is its screen mirroring. How to Tweak Advanced Settings in your PS4 Browser. Want to browse safe, manage cookies, or disable JavaScript in your PlayStation 4’s browser? How To Fix Fitbit’s Most Common Problems. How to Easily Pause Windows 10 Updates. How to Fix Surface Book Keyboard Not Working Error. While the Surface Book is an amazing device, at times users may face keyboard not working issues. How to Delete MP3 Metadata. How to Sync Your Google Calendar to Outlook. A few years ago, Google Calendar Sync was discontinued and it impacted the productivity of the people who used it for the purpose for smart task management. however, you can still sync your Google Calendar to Outlook.

How to Play Xbox One Game on Your Windows PC. How to Insert a GIF into an Email in Gmail. How to Use Keyboard Maestro Built-In Editor. How to Change the Background on Snapseed. How to Set your Favorite Superhero Character on Apple Watch Face. How to Change & Set Email Format in Your Outlook Account. How to Fix Realtek Digital Output Has No Sound. Most of the computers have in-built Realtek sound cards, and you can use the digital output to make audio. If you are facing Realtek Digital Output has no sound issue, then you can fix it by following the instructions listed below. Top 6 Best Arcade Games for Android Devices of 2019. Top 6 Best Arcade Games for Android Devices of 2019 - McAfee Activate.

How to Turn on Dark Mode in Safari. - Download install & Activate McAfee online. - Download install & Activate McAfee online.