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Landscape Maintenance & Irrigation for Residential and Business

Right way and wrong way - grass cutting in Bend, OR. There is a right way and a wrong way when grass cutting in Bend, OR. If you’re a homeowner, the odds of you searching in Bing or Google for “lawn mower central oregon” is pretty high. And when you finally find the right one (we recommend Honda engines), you may be ready to start cutting your own grass. This quick tip guide helps you do it right. 1/3rdRule How high or low your grass grows all depends on your root system. The deeper the roots, the better your lawn will perform. It can withstand droughts, diseases and even fight off pests. Dry grass Searching the phrase “grass cutting central oregon” will lead you to wet or dry grass problems.

Environmental conditions If you care about our environment, you may have searched “organic lawn care central oregon”. Direction #grass cutting. Residential water systems and irrigation needs in Redmond, OR - If you are looking for residential water systems in Redmond, look no further. Mike’s Irrigation recognizes the application of the controlled amounts of water (underground plumbing) for residential and commercial zoning. Irrigation needs are a must in Bend. Most homes that are built in the moderate to luxury have some form of irrigation installed. Same with commercial buildings. In Bend, there are many homes that were zoned commercial irrigation. Some of those old buildings, but it’s really rare, even have domestic wells which were built before the city’s expansion.

Residential water systems are our specialty. If you type in the phrase, “commercial water systems central oregon” you may find us. Honesty, integrity and truth is our motto. Email us or give us a call for a free quote! Pumping systems central oregon style - Mike's Irrigation. Interested in getting your pumping systems central oregon style? Believe it or not, because of the uniqueness of Central Oregon’s climate (high desert), underground and aboveground pumps are located all around if you looking for a pump station redmond oregon or one in other cities close by. From pump pullers redmond oregon to pump station installations bend oregon, and others, this article provides a a bit of knowledhe for the right type of situation for all kinds of pumps.

There are several types of pumps. Positive displacement pumps, impulse pumps, velocity pumps, gravity pumps, steam pumps, valveless pumps, priming pumps and pumps as public water supplies which we will go deeper about. The kinds of pumps range from dynamic, centrifugal, vertical, horizontal and submersible pumps. To put it in laymen terms, the type and kind of pump you would need depends on the flow or rotation of water and what type of energy is used to transfer it.

Contact us for more details! Newport ave landscaping and irrigation vrs mike’s irrigation - Landscaping & Irrigation For Residential & Commercial. Newport ave landscaping and irrigation versus mike’s irrigation Newport ave landscaping and irrigation has over 15 years’ experience maintaining properties around Central Oregon. They are friends of ours. Sometimes, when they are overloaded with clientele, they ask us to take the leads over and vice versa. Sterling West’s knowledge, their founder, comes from one the largest landscapers in California (modeled after his grandfather’s business) and brings Central Oregon a traditional landscaping business packed with 75+ employees, landscaping and maintenance services. Remember when we wrote about landscaping versus landscape maintenance? With maintenance work, Newport ave landscaping and irrigation does residential lawn care, commercial landscape maintenance, aeration services, sprinkler system activation, sprinkler repair, sprinkler blowout service and snow removal.

Bottom line is, Newport is a bigger company than us that does more design work and snow removal. Horizon Distributors - Mikes Irrigation of Redmond. Horizon Distributors is an excellent resource center for parts, lawn mowers, machines and anything you can think of for landscape maintenance, farms and the like. Every day, we run into small issues with our tools and machinery. We always need parts and look to Horizon Distributors as our savior. Located off of Boyd Acres, this distributor has saved our bacon multiple times when something happens on the site. These guys have everything in stock for our irrigation needs.

From pumps to pipes, you can be assured they have it all. They stock outdoor living products, landscape equipment, power machines, parts, to even used equipment. Apart from all of that, they are a fun group to work with. They offer a marketing kit for first time business which really helped us get our business going when we first started. Contact us for a free quote! #horizon distributors. Lawn Care Industry Standards - Mike's Irrigation Redmond, OR. The lawn care industry holds itself to many standards in Oregon especially OSHA. OSHA and other organizations look for several things when approving a landscape maintenance company’s licenses. Some of the below information is/are not what OSHA looks for, rather what a good buyer should look for when shopping for lawn care. Reputation Look online and find out the reputation of the company.

Do they have any Yelp reviews? Google reviews? Google the company name and any word that has a negative impact. Licensed and insured Does the company have a license to do landscape maintenance in the lawn care industry? Belong to a professional trade organization Does the landscape company in Redmond attend weekly or monthly meetings on their trade? Customer service When the landscape company in Bend picks up the phone, are they polite? Equipment maintenance Take a hard look at their equipment. Do they ask for contracts Contracts are a sign of stability in the Lawn care industry.

Are they reliable. Pipe Repair And The Tricks Associated With It - Mike's Irrigation. Last week, we wrote a great article about pipe repair here. What we described was the professional way to fix a pipe leak that is underground. But what if you your budget is tight and you need to do it yourself with a temporary fix? There are many tricks you can do to fix a sprinkler pipe, but be warned, a temporary fix for underground sprinklers is NOT RECOMMENDED. You really should have a professional fix this or do it the correct way before you put the dirt back in.

Common sense, right? Anyways, there are 3 types of pipes. PVC (plastic), galvanized (hard metal) and copper pipes (soft metal). Our last article explains how to dig up the pipe and fix with metal, but you really can add metal to pvc and pvc to metal and many people do not realize this. Fasteners Fasteners clinch into the metal which hold two panels together.

Adhesives Tube based epoxies like J-B Weld need curing and requires time and fasteners. For more information or a free quote, please contact us here. #Pipe Repair. Bend landscaping and how to find the right one - Mike's Irrigation. Bend landscaping is tough to find because you have to dig through hundreds of companies that are large to small. Usually when someone wants a lawn expert who mows the lawn and fixes the in ground or above ground plumbing (irrigation), they have a price usually in mind. And that price determines exactly what you get in expertise and quality. Sometimes you get lucky and can hire a landscape maintenance crew that is cheap and thorough. Usually, this happens because they are brand new in the business. They are hungry and not good at business yet. Remember, landscaping is not the proper term and the Bend City Council will tell you that they call it “landscape maintenance”.

EdgersBlowersLawn mowers (sitting, riding and pushing)Mulchers (usually half breed blower types)Chemicals (fertilizers, compost and the like)Irrigation parts and services (they can fix underground plumbing) Their equipment, trucks and trailers are usually battered by the elements and daily use. Trenching in Bend, OR Mike's Irrigation for Residential & Commercial.

If you are thinking of building your own underground sprinkler system for your home, you should know a little about trenching in Bend, OR. For instance, Bend is surrounded by volcanic debris. Supposedly, around 17 million years ago, deep underground magma was beneath eastern Oregon which rose to the surface causing significant volcanic activity. Lava floods erupted resulting in lava flows that traveled up to 400 miles covering as much as 10,000 square miles to a depth of over 100 feet. These lava flows covered almost half of the state of Oregon, creating a formation known as the Columbia River Basalt. The earth began to crack and stretch creating hundreds of volcanoes which added layers of lava all over Central Oregon. As the population grew, many suburban areas trucked in dirt from the Cascades which they used to cover over the lava enriched rocky ground. There are many contractors (excavation) in Central Oregon that do trenching.

Bend Landscaping – The Beauty of Central Oregon - Mikes Irrigation. If you haven’t been paying attention, Bend Landscaping is growing as the droves of people move here to Central Oregon from California, Texas, Utah, Idaho, Colorado and other states. Just look around at the license plates. California, Idaho, Texas to even Florida are the most common. But why are people moving to Bend? There are several reasons: The New Silicon Valley Near the Old Mill District resides a start-up cluster of entrepreneurs. There are dozens of data centers, software/hardware, aviation, breweries, bioscience and renewable energy companies that have attracted a swarm of new jobs which many have moved here for.

Atmosphere People in Bend, OR love their homes and take really good care of them. Beer Unless you have been living in a cave for the last ten years, Bend, OR has managed to spawn over 25 breweries, one in which was bought out by Budweiser (10 Barrel) which has extremely popular. Landscape Maintenance There are 1500 landscape maintenance companies in Central Oregon. Limitations to hand line custom lengths and adapters. Limitations to hand line custom lengths and adapters Hand lines are for smaller amounts of areas to water and wheel lines are for larger. You see hand lines at football fields and wheel lines on farms. Both do a good job of spreading up to 3 inches of water per 24-hour period, however, hand lines are much harder to maintain because a person has to move the machine every certain amount of minutes or hours (by hand).

The difference between the two are automations. Although hand lines have a ton of custom lengths and adaptors and at times, cheaper, wheel lines are more practical. If you want to save time because you have more field to water, wheel lines are the way to go. Hand lines Hand lines are straight pipe that is/are laid under or above ground hooked to either a pump or a water reel. Wheel lines Easily adjustable, wheel lines are not as limited. Custom lengths Hand line lengths can easily be adjusted. Adaptors Although wheel lines come with adaptors, hand lines need more. Difference between Landscaping and Landscape Maintenance. Landscaping is definitely different than landscape maintenance in Central Oregon. The difference is, first legally our company cannot say we do Landscaping when we are just doing upkeep. For example, there are two types of Landscapers. The first is Landscape Contractor, which according to, “Landscape construction professional means any person who for compensation or with the intent to be compensated arranges, undertakes, offers or contracts to undertake, or submits a bid to perform activities requiring the art, ability, experience, knowledge, science and skill to either plan and install lawns, shrubs, vines, trees or nursery stock or prepare property on which lawns, shrubs, vines, trees or nursery is to be installed”.

The second is Landscape Maintenance Contractor which according to, “Landscape maintenance is unregulated in Oregon and does not require a license with the State of Oregon.” Find Irrigation Parts & Accessories in Central Oregon. Find Irrigation Parts & Accessories in Central Oregon Finding irrigation parts and accessories in Central Oregon can be really tough especially if you have uncommon pumps, machinery or parts. There are two types of irrigation that you must consider before you start looking. Residential and commercial. Obviously, a residential pump for example, will cost less than a commercial pump. The trick is to understand the difference between the parts and accessories to save money on costs when doing both residential or commercial work. You can find parts right in your home. There are commercial stores and residential stores.

The best place for irrigation parts and accessories are auctions, estate, farm and garage sales. Organic Lawn Care - DIY Guide - Mikes Irrigation of Bend, OR. Organic lawn care is starting to become quite popular in Central Oregon. With environment issues, progressive values and water conservation, organic lawn care is brought up quite often. The reason people are switching from chemicals to organic is one, children play in the grass and two, to not let harmful chemicals into the environment. The chemicals that kill weeds and insects are considered pesticides and there are several studies from both angles if they are harmful to humans or not. If this is something you care about and want to make sure your lawn is completely organic, follow these steps.

Set your lawn mower blades high. Tall grass gives thicker roots which helps suppress crabgrass better than using herbicides. Set the blades 2 1/2 – 3 inches high. Water deeply. Bottom line, you will spend a lot more money getting your lawn back to the natural microbiology state. Sprinkler Blowout in Bend - Winterize DIY - Landscaping & Irrigation For Residential & Commercial. Sprinkler Blowout in Bend – Winterize DIY How to sprinkler blowout your underground pipe system for winter to prevent freeze damage.

First thing you want to do is find your main water shut off valve (turn it off) and teeing off to that should be your irrigation system valve. And if you can’t find it from there, track it down from the tap out on the outside exterior of the home and you can find it there. There’s also a little drain valve back behind or around the irrigation system valve. You will need to drain that into a cup and release any other water pressure from the irrigation tap out to this valve after the blow out. Find your tap out on the outside of the house. There should be a main ball valve where you can hook up your air compressor. Once you are sure every line (heads and nozzles) is/are open (this is important as it takes just one zone that is not properly blown out to replace the entire thing) go ahead and turn on the air compressor.

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