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Landscape Maintenance & Irrigation for Residential and Business

Limitations to hand line custom lengths and adapters. Limitations to hand line custom lengths and adapters Hand lines are for smaller amounts of areas to water and wheel lines are for larger. You see hand lines at football fields and wheel lines on farms. Both do a good job of spreading up to 3 inches of water per 24-hour period, however, hand lines are much harder to maintain because a person has to move the machine every certain amount of minutes or hours (by hand). The difference between the two are automations. Although hand lines have a ton of custom lengths and adaptors and at times, cheaper, wheel lines are more practical.

If you want to save time because you have more field to water, wheel lines are the way to go. Hand lines Hand lines are straight pipe that is/are laid under or above ground hooked to either a pump or a water reel. Wheel lines Easily adjustable, wheel lines are not as limited. Custom lengths Hand line lengths can easily be adjusted. Adaptors Although wheel lines come with adaptors, hand lines need more. Difference between Landscaping and Landscape Maintenance. Landscaping is definitely different than landscape maintenance in Central Oregon. The difference is, first legally our company cannot say we do Landscaping when we are just doing upkeep. For example, there are two types of Landscapers. The first is Landscape Contractor, which according to, “Landscape construction professional means any person who for compensation or with the intent to be compensated arranges, undertakes, offers or contracts to undertake, or submits a bid to perform activities requiring the art, ability, experience, knowledge, science and skill to either plan and install lawns, shrubs, vines, trees or nursery stock or prepare property on which lawns, shrubs, vines, trees or nursery is to be installed”.

The second is Landscape Maintenance Contractor which according to, “Landscape maintenance is unregulated in Oregon and does not require a license with the State of Oregon.” Find Irrigation Parts & Accessories in Central Oregon. Find Irrigation Parts & Accessories in Central Oregon Finding irrigation parts and accessories in Central Oregon can be really tough especially if you have uncommon pumps, machinery or parts.

There are two types of irrigation that you must consider before you start looking. Residential and commercial. Obviously, a residential pump for example, will cost less than a commercial pump. The trick is to understand the difference between the parts and accessories to save money on costs when doing both residential or commercial work. You can find parts right in your home. There are commercial stores and residential stores. The best place for irrigation parts and accessories are auctions, estate, farm and garage sales. Organic Lawn Care - DIY Guide - Mikes Irrigation of Bend, OR. Organic lawn care is starting to become quite popular in Central Oregon. With environment issues, progressive values and water conservation, organic lawn care is brought up quite often.

The reason people are switching from chemicals to organic is one, children play in the grass and two, to not let harmful chemicals into the environment. The chemicals that kill weeds and insects are considered pesticides and there are several studies from both angles if they are harmful to humans or not. If this is something you care about and want to make sure your lawn is completely organic, follow these steps. Set your lawn mower blades high. Tall grass gives thicker roots which helps suppress crabgrass better than using herbicides. Set the blades 2 1/2 – 3 inches high.

Water deeply. Bottom line, you will spend a lot more money getting your lawn back to the natural microbiology state. Sprinkler Blowout in Bend - Winterize DIY - Landscaping & Irrigation For Residential & Commercial. Sprinkler Blowout in Bend – Winterize DIY How to sprinkler blowout your underground pipe system for winter to prevent freeze damage. First thing you want to do is find your main water shut off valve (turn it off) and teeing off to that should be your irrigation system valve. And if you can’t find it from there, track it down from the tap out on the outside exterior of the home and you can find it there.

There’s also a little drain valve back behind or around the irrigation system valve. You will need to drain that into a cup and release any other water pressure from the irrigation tap out to this valve after the blow out. Find your tap out on the outside of the house. There should be a main ball valve where you can hook up your air compressor. Once you are sure every line (heads and nozzles) is/are open (this is important as it takes just one zone that is not properly blown out to replace the entire thing) go ahead and turn on the air compressor. What is Residential Irrigation in Redmond Oregon - Landscaping & Irrigation For Residential & Commercial. What is Residential Irrigation in Redmond Oregon?

Residential Irrigation in Redmond Oregon for lack of a better term, is basically yard plumbing. There is/are a lot to learn about it from zones to pressure, friction loss, volumes of water and types of systems like pumped or metered. This article will explain what residential irrigation is and if it could benefit your home or even business irrigation needs. The different types of irrigation systems: Pump System The pump is one of the most overlooked features of an irrigation system. There are several types of pumps, too. Metered Water System Just as it sounds, a metered water system measuring water. Now that you know there are many kinds of residential irrigation in Bend, Oregon, before you choose that you want an irrigation system (yard plumbing) installed, there are several decisions you must make to have one properly installed in/on your residential home or business. Lawn Edgers and Trimmers - Key To Good Lines And A Healthy Lawn. Lawn Edgers and Trimmers There are several types of lawn edgers and trimmers from electric to gas powered to push and string.

Flower beds, trees, lampposts and mailboxes need the perfect tool for a good looking landscape. Push and string edgers are sometimes used with wide rubber wheels with blades that are easily adjusted to fit any size of lawn. It all depends on the size of the lawn and the plushness of the grass that will make us switch up equipment to better the needs of the exterior. Landscapes have many types of edges from spade cut, strip (rubber, metal or plastic), masonry (cement, stone or brick) to even wood edging (cedar, bender boards or types of timbers). They are the most important tool in our arsenal. Lawn Mower Guide Tip #1 – Beware of Craftsman - Landscaping & Irrigation For Residential & Commercial. Lawn Mower Guide Tip #1 – Beware of Craftsman Here’s a good lawn mower guide tip when buying new. Once in your life, you will end up taking care of a lawn, and that means you will be owning a lawn mower.

These little 2 stroke machines are genius inventions, but lately, they are built with cheaper alloys, plugs and plastic. This means they break down faster if you don’t buy the right one or take care of your cheaper built one. This article will reflect buying the right lawn mower. If you are a homeowner, you really should pay attention to this article.

We used to buy Craftsman lawnmowers from Sears. 20 years ago, this meant that a lawnmower would run for at least 10 years if you changed the plugs and oil regularly. Why is this? Honestly, we are just as disappointment as you are reading this article. All About Lawn Fertilizer - Landscaping & Irrigation For Residential & Commercial. All About Lawn Fertilizer Lawn fertilizer is the first thing we think of when is comes to a green lawn. Thatching and aerating helps, but doesn’t produce the lush green that we want. When looking for a google fertilizer, look for the symbols NPK. These main nutrients are Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Testing the soil should be a big priority. Using a lawn fertilizer at the wrong times also can burn your lawn. Aeration should be done the following day after you apply.

Contact us today for a free estimate. Landscaping, is it just mowing lawns or building the turf? - Irrigation For Home & Business. Landscaping, is it just mowing lawns or building the turf? Landscaping, according to, “is the process of making a yard or other piece of land more attractive by altering the existing design, adding ornamental features, and planting trees and shrubs.”

However, there is a misconception that landscaping involves lawn care. When you search for a lawn or property maintenance company, many of them use the word “Landscaping” in their business name thus gives one the impression that they do lawn care. And guess what, many do! However, the real word “Landscaping” is the actual process of making a piece of land more appealing (attractive) to the eye.

In the late 16th century, The Middle Dutch (Holland) canvas painters coined the term referring to inland and rural scenery in their works of art. A landscape designer or architect is different. Today, typical landscaping is known for making improvements (modifying) or maintaining one’s property. What’s the difference between commercial irrigation and residential irrigation? - Irrigation For Home & Business. What’s the difference between commercial irrigation and residential irrigation?

A good question to ask yourself when installing a commercial irrigation system or a residential irrigation system is what separates the two? Understanding the differences can actually save you a ton of money. A residential irrigation zone is considered a single family home zoning while commercial is/are apartments, businesses, schools and farms. The water source is the key for saving money on installation. In example, the pressure. In a commercial area, you may be relying on city pressure in which you could have to install heavy pumps and think pipes to handle a specific area.

This could cost a lot of money, however, you could use that to your advantage and install a residential irrigation in a commercial if your installer understands the zoning and pressure requirements. Zone sizes matter as well. Larger sources of water mean more control and cheaper installation of irrigations. Backflow Testing Regulations - Irrigation For Home & Business. Backflow Testing Regulations According to state law, all backflow assemblies must be tested annually.

Many homes in Central Oregon need underground sprinkler systems because of the high desert. Regulating water throughout a desert landscape helps prevent leaks and other damage. According to the Bend Bulletin, “Homes built since 2003 are required to have a backflow assembly near the water meter, to prevent tainted water from flowing backward into the city’s water system, but maintenance of those devices is the responsibility of the city or water district supplying the home.”

Backflow is a reversal of non-potable water through a cross connection into potable water system. Because a backflow can cause serious damage to the home and the health of a person, the State of Oregon mandates that all homes be tested once a year to prevent this from happening. 9 Best Lawn Care Services in Bend OR - Irrigation For Home & Business. 9 Best Lawn Care Services in Bend OR Although we think we do a great job and perhaps you should consider us, we thought it would be completely fair to list 9 best lawn care services in Bend OR according to Home Advisor. The order is not of any substance, rather it is completely random. When choosing lawn care services is Sisters OR or surrounding Central Oregon cities, you really need to do your homework. According to Home Advisor, “HomeAdvisor is the operator of the largest home services marketplace across the globe, providing homeowners the tools and resources for home repair, maintenance and improvement projects.

Mike’s Irrigation Since 1992, Mike’s Irrigation has been servicing Central Oregon’s residential and commercial properties with integrity and strength. Oregon Tree and Landscape, LLC Oregon Tree Company LLC is Central Oregon’s premier tree and landscaping company. Landscape Maintenance of Bend, Inc. Yard Smart Lawn Service Native Landscape Maintenance Cimarron Construction, LLC. Bend lawn care is more important than Redmond lawn care - Irrigation For Home & Business. Bend lawn care is more important than Redmond lawn care There are 6 cities in Central Oregon so you would assume that each city has the same maintenance factor because the climate is the same, however Bend lawn care is definitely more important than Redmond lawn care and let us tell you why. Bend has a larger population than Redmond. Bend also has more wealth than Redmond.

These combined factors etch itself into the economy. For example, the water bill is different in Redmond than in Bend. The more populated area, the more expensive it is to maintain. Bendites spend an average of $30 – $60 a month on water according to a Numbeo Survey. Not only water, but electricity is higher in Bend. The savings combined from the above water and electric bill is hard to calculate unless you know your cost for electricity per kilowatt hour. What is the difference between Springtime Landscape and Irrigation and Mikes Irrigation? - Irrigation For Home & Business.

What is the difference between Springtime Landscape and Irrigation and Mikes Irrigation? Springtime Landscape and Irrigation overall is a great company. We could not find one problem with them. So, here are the real differences. Springtime Landscape is located in Bend, OR and Mikes irrigation is located in Redmond, OR. Springtime has a little less than 40 employees with annual revenues of around 2 – 3 million a year. Mike’s is smaller with less than 5 employees with revenues of less than a million a year. They offer landscape design, hardscapes (patios, fire places), pest control and winter services like snow removal (holiday lighting).

With the exception of a few more products than us, the differences are pretty subtle, right? Customer Support Larger companies have less personal customer support. Larger companies can also be too structured. Employee Morale Morale for employees in smaller companies is better. Pricing Smaller companies with less overhead can undercut competition. What is the difference between lawn care services and landscaping services - Irrigation For Home & Business. How many landscaping companies are in Central Oregon and how to choose the right one - Irrigation For Home & Business. How Important is Lawn Care in Central Oregon - Irrigation For Home & Business.