Sweetapolita Best-Loved Bakers’ Gifts 2013 + a Giveaway! {Winner Announced} The winner of the Best-Loved Bakers’ Gifts 2013 Giveaway is . . . #2778 Melissa Davison: “ERMEHGERD! That is the exact color of mixer I have been pining for for ages! My kitchen is all vintage pastels so this would be perfect! Anyway, I’m not a holiday celebrator for religious reasons, but I will say that […]


Heat Oven to 350 Heat Oven to 350 Ever since my daughter was born, I've understood why other parents would talk about "nap time" in hushed tones, like it was a sacred, essential part of the day that should not be disrupted or messed with. Something as important as water or air. That's because it is, folks. Nap time is as much for the baby/toddler as it is for the parent who just needs a mental break from trying to figure out what the word "toal" means and why your daughter is so insistent on having it. It's a chance to sweep up some of the Cheerios off the floor and hide the puzzle toy that frustrates your child that somehow reappeared out of nowhere that morning. Usually nap time at our house is fairly regular, but every once in a while you get what I like to refer to as an "epic" nap.
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