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+ Share • Comment • Read Article Posted Apr 18, 2014, by Nate von Zumwalt, Editorial Manager to the Blog Egg Hunt: 5 Sundance Films with Discreet Easter References These five films wouldn't typically summon associations with spring's most celebrated holiday, but look a little closer and… • Comment • Read Post Posted Apr 16, 2014, by Nate von Zumwalt, Editorial Manager, posted in Articles Dinosaur 13 Recounts the Heartbreaking Story of the World’s Greatest Dinosaur Discovery “I’ve jokingly said I wasn’t a full-blown nerd, but I was halfway there,” says Todd Miller, only… • Comment • Read Article.

Home. Global Leadership Summit 2011  The rapid advance of technology in the digital age has had a profound impact on society, politics and the economy.

Global Leadership Summit 2011 

Geographic and cultural boundaries have become blurred, traditional hierarchies have been challenged and business leadership redefined. Global knowledge is instantly accessible and the power of the consumer has never been greater. The way individuals communicate and consume has been revolutionised, scale has been amplified and the way work is organised, transformed. So what does this mean for business and how can you ensure you're not left behind? This 2014 Global Leadership Summit will bring together high profile individuals from a range of sectors and invite a global discussion on how business leaders should respond to both technological innovation and the changing demographic of the workforce. Global Leadership Summit 2013 Beyond Heroes, Villains and Scapegoats - The Future of Leadership What are the real issues behind the current leadership crisis?

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