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iLearn2 - Primary Computing Resources - EYFS, KS1, KS2. Make Tutorial Walk-Thrus Use WalkMe to Build Interactive Onscreen Walk-Thrus and Help Guide Users to Action. Hackster. Follow the Snap Circuits platform!


Overview. Learn to Code with GitHub - GitHub Education. Learning to use a flow chart - Home page. Theremin World - Schematics. Maker Lab - Barc, the Robot Dog. Content on this site may contain or be subject to specific guidelines or limitations on use.

Maker Lab - Barc, the Robot Dog

All postings and use of the content on this site are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the site; third parties using this content agree to abide by any limitations or guidelines and to comply with the Terms and Conditions of this site. Cypress Semiconductor and its suppliers reserve the right to make corrections, deletions, modifications, enhancements, improvements and other changes to the content and materials, its products, programs and services at any time or to move or discontinue any content, products, programs, or services without notice. Swift Playground. StoryClip. Discovery at Every Turn. Welcome to the SoC. 3D Print awesome Mechanical Toys! A radio that's out of this world! Muvizu Education. Project Ignite.

How to Turn Any Classroom Into a Makerspace. There is a certain magic found in rolling up your sleeves and tackling a project head on, an undeniable sense of empowerment that results from solving problems and manifesting big ideas.

How to Turn Any Classroom Into a Makerspace

In essence, that’s the soul of the maker movement — creative individuals from all walks of life united by an insatiable desire to improve the world around them. Although synonymous with 3D Printing, it extends far beyond a single technology or buzzword. Truth be told, the maker movement represents the instinctual drive of our species to ascend ever upwards: to innovate, design, and construct a better tomorrow.

Why the Maker Movement is Relevant to Education. Manylabs. Design Thinking for Educators. Tickle: Program Star Wars BB-8, Drones, Arduino, LEGO, Dash & Dot, Sphero, Robots, Hue, Scratch, Swift, and Smart Homes on your iPhone and iPad. The Pokémon Go influence on new tech. Pokémon Go has changed the trajectory of the world on a scale just slightly smaller than Google Search and Facebook, but still to a magnitude that will be felt through all industries in the coming years.

The Pokémon Go influence on new tech

To many, it looks like a very simple game that incorporates a few unique and compelling features. But this game has taken technologies from niche research and gaming communities and thrust them into the world’s consciousness. Suddenly everyone understands what “augmented reality” means and how an artificial digital world can be mapped onto the real physical world. Neither of these is new, but they garnered little attention until they appeared in a concrete, compelling and simple free game for every cell phone in the country. Augmented reality is a technique for layering data from one or more virtual worlds onto the real physical world. Overlaying virtual and physical worlds seemed like a plaything for nerds until it was coupled with the ubiquitous cell phone.

Obvious entertainment apps. 15+ Ways of Teaching Every Student to Code (Even Without a Computer) According to, 90 percent of parents in the U.S. want their children to learn computer science—it will be crucial for many jobs in the near future—but only 40 percent of schools teach it.

15+ Ways of Teaching Every Student to Code (Even Without a Computer)

Critics claim that it is mainly the more affluent schools that offer computer science courses, thus denying those who attend poorer schools the chance to learn necessary skills. A focus on STEM is not enough: also reports that while 70 percent of new STEM jobs are in computing, only 7 percent of STEM graduates are in computer science. It is imperative that savvy schools begin to focus some STEM resources on computer science and programming. In my opinion, parents of every student in every school at every level should demand that all students be taught how to code. CodeCombat - Learn how to code by playing a game.

Box Island - Award Winning Coding Adventure for Kids. 32 Augmented Reality Apps for the Classroom. By edshelf: Reviews & recommendations of tools for education Augmented Reality (AR) is a growing field of technology where real life is modified and enhanced by computer-generated sights and sounds.

32 Augmented Reality Apps for the Classroom

The most common use of AR can be seen through mobile apps. Point your device’s camera at something that the app recognizes, and it will generated a 3D animation or video superimposed over whatever is on your camera’s screen. The effect makes the computer-generated item appear like it’s really there. The World is Your Platform. Allcancode. The next chapters of the story are coming soon!


Jungle Sequence of commands, iterations, conditions Ancient Temple Variables, memory, simple data-structures (Coming Soon) Surprise! Data-structures, functions, simple algorithms. CodeCombat. Pencil Code. ComputerCraftEdu. Make Your Images Interactive. 27 Meaningful Ways to Use EdTech. Electrical Electronic And Programming News. Latest Examples Tables are useful items to have and as we needed a new coffee table for the lounge it made sense to build my own Read More Customers.

Electrical Electronic And Programming News

Fantastic Contraption. Minecraft. Maker Education Initiative – Every Child a Maker. Chromebook ToolboxA - Google Drawings. Two Guys and Some iPads. 12 weird and cool ways that virtual reality invaded Comic-Con. VR at Comic-Con If you were at San Diego Comic-Con this year, one thing was guaranteed: you would have come across some sort of augmented (AR) or virtual reality (VR) experience.

12 weird and cool ways that virtual reality invaded Comic-Con

Sometimes, both at once! For instance, there were a bunch of panels featuring VR and AR talks. And other times, like in the above photo, you might have come across someone shooting video with a VR rig strapped with multiple GoPros. Ding club - learn to program well. Making Learning Awesome! - Kahoot! Welcome to CodeBug Tether’s documentation! — CodeBug Tether 0.5.0 documentation. Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything - Home Page. The Practical Ed Tech Handbook - Download It Today. How to Teach Primary Programming Using Scratch.

This is the book I have been wanting to write for ages.

How to Teach Primary Programming Using Scratch

Based on teaching computing science in six schools for the last three years, over 1300 hours of lessons. 8 things every teacher can do to create an innovative classroom. Innovation can’t be tested or graded — but it can be built up Innovation is a trait that I desperately want to instill in my students, and many teachers I talk to seem to share that goal. In the current climate of high stakes testing, state standards, and prescribed learning outcomes, it can be incredibly difficult to foster an atmosphere of innovation and creativity that inspires students. But rest assured, it is possible.

Here, I outline eight basic principles for the “Innovative Classroom,” around which I designed a middle school course called Physical Computing. Unleash the power of Apple in the classroom. Measure the status of your devices and receive detailed reports. Accurate inventory is the foundation for any IT management system. In education, where devices are in the hands of on-the-move students, and managing content on each device is imperative — inventory is key to any technology initiative’s success. The Casper Suite is a full client management tool built to support the underlying architecture of iOS and OS X. It gives IT administrators the flexibility to automatically gather inventory data, so they can get a big-picture view of devices in their environment, see status information, and make wise decisions about hardware and software deployment.

Bionic Bird. How 3D Printing is being used in Schools. Manage and protect your Apple devices anytime from anywhere. Homepage - 12th Intel Education Summit. New Research Findings: MakeHers Report. Kids Learning Skills and Being Awesome.

Meraki - Cloud Managed Networks that Simply Work. Centralized Cloud Management The Meraki dashboard enables secure monitoring and management of all of your mobile devices from anywhere in the world. Network Settings Deployment Define and deploy network settings such as wireless connectivity, security, and remote VPN access to all your managed devices at once.

Device Location Find lost or stolen devices with integrated real-time location data via GPS, WiFi, or IP address. App Deployment Easy deployment and maintenance of free, paid, or Enterprise mobile apps. Remote Troubleshooting Automatically monitor devices 24×7 via the cloud. Device & Data Restrictions Protect devices and their data, control their usage with fine-grained policies, and restrict access to features such as the app store, gaming, and content. Rapid Provisioning Download the app from the Apple or Google App Stores to enroll a device, or streamline adoption by using Systems Manager Sentry to ensure mobile devices are enrolled in MDM before joining your wireless network.

Squid User Guide - Home - Oskar Pearson. How to Use Apple Configurator. Wearetherangers. Technical Specifications - Media Centre. Learn to build Android apps. Overview The online Children Counselling Course has been designed to help learners understand the skills involved in counselling children. Stonebridge. Enrol on a life changing course... ...without paying a penny up front! Many of our students are looking to change career and that's why they’ve enrolled on one of our vocational courses. You too can enrol on a life changing QCF distance learning course without paying a penny up front, with the help of a 24+ learning loan.

The Government has introduced 24+ Advanced Learning Loans to help learners aged 24 and over, in further education, pay a college’s or training organisation’s fee. Courses – Code Club. Projects. CodeBug – Home. CSEDrobotics. A Design and Technology Site. Your Python Trinket. Robjonescowley. Recommendations for Practical Analog Electronics Books. Perhaps the easiest introductions to electronics that you can find is the free e-book Lessons In Electric Circuits (allaboutcircuits) by Kuphaldt. Coursera - Free Online Courses From Top Universities. About the Course. KodTipset.

Creaza. Make Your Images Interactive - ThingLink. Skycademy - Free High Altitude CPD. Embedded for a 10 year old? - Energia.

STEM & Computing clubs

CheckiO. STEM Resources. Kids Learning Skills and Being Awesome. - DIY. Welcome. Erase All Kittens. Draw your own video game. National Gallery of Art NGAkids Art Zone. MulticolorEngine. Kids Learning Skills and Being Awesome. - DIY. Kids Learning Skills and Being Awesome. - DIY.

Free online Creative Computing workshop for teachers. Starting_from_Scratch_TUTOR. Gamestar Mechanic. Pelagios. Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire.

Code & Conquer. Most Important: Have Fun. And earn some badges. See how your strategy works out in different scenarios, challenge other players, receive points, earn badges and climb your way to the top of the leaderboard. Boost your coding skills. CodeCombat - Learn how to code by playing a game. Technology Enhanced Lesson Plan Sites.

Learn to program. Programming - ICT in the Curriculum 2014. Programmeringstips. CodePupil - Learn to code thru fun visual exercises & games. Education Plans. Here at Kodable HQ, we enjoy the occasional complexities in life, but we mostly prefer to keep things simple. Sound familiar? Vidcode: A Coding App Created with Girls in Mind by Alexandra Diracles & Melissa Halfon. A Coding App Created with Girls in Mind. Make a Comic.