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CBD. Substance Abuse Treatment Centers, Maryland (MD) Substance abuse is a chronic illness plaguing thousands of Maryland residents every year.

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers, Maryland (MD)

With 40% of users abusing alcohol, 30% subjected to heroin, and the other 30% affected by cocaine and other drugs, substance abuse treatment has become a critical turning point in the lives of those affected by drugs and alcohol. This is why many people in Maryland choose to leave their home state to begin their detoxification and overall treatment in a beautiful and peaceful setting, removed from the addictive life they know. At Transitions Recovery Program, we are proud to provide a safe haven for those searching for a new beginning and a life full of support and care in Miami Beach, Florida.

Since 1985, Transitions Recovery has provided help for substance abusers through all walks of life, including their family members and friends who also need counseling and education. Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Maryland. Maryland Addiction Rehab Centers. Although drug addictions have a lot in common, each individual recovery of addiction is very different.

Maryland Addiction Rehab Centers

Each person subjected to a drug addiction, and looking to obtain help from addiction rehab centers, has a different story as to who they are and why they have become dependent on drugs. Specifically, statistics show that Maryland drug users come in all different age ranges, genders, and ethnicities as well. Predominantly, Maryland drug addicts are non-hispanic whites, male, and between the ages of 36-40 years old, but drugs do not see differences in people, they see a user and an addict. In turn, Transitions Recovery Program of Miami Beach sees a person who needs our help.

10 Things You Should Know About Dual Diagnosis Treatment. Treating Dual Diagnosis is Available Dual Diagnosis can be comprised of multiple substance abuse and mental health issues affecting one person.

10 Things You Should Know About Dual Diagnosis Treatment

What is more, many people affected by dual diagnosis can function normally and may even seem fine to the outside world. But in order to help someone who might be affected by these ailments, it is important to know that different combinations of dual diagnosis can include alcoholism and depression, opiate addiction and anxiety disorder, or cocaine and sexual addiction. Whatever the combination, each disorder worsens the other and allows the user to become dependent on both. Substance Abuse With A Mental Disorder Is Very Common. Maryland addiction rehab centers. The Facts About Dual Diagnosis and Recovery. Substance abuse is a disease that affects a person physically and mentally, but what most people do not know about substance abuse, is that it is often coupled with an added disease: a mood disorder.

The Facts About Dual Diagnosis and Recovery

Mood disorders can come in many forms such as depression or bipolar disorder. Adding a problem of alcohol or drugs results in a patient with a dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis is treatable, but it involves the treatment of both drug abuse and the mood disorder as separate entities; Each illness needs a treatment plan. Transitions Recovery Program. Your Job May Require You to Get Drug Rehab Treatment - Many people are still under the misconception that alcohol and drug addiction in Texas and the rest of the country exists primarily on the fringes of society.

Your Job May Require You to Get Drug Rehab Treatment -

According to data provided by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, nearly 68 percent of illegal drug users are employed full- or part-time, as are most individuals who drink heavily. Here are issues you need to be aware of concerning the impact of substance abuse on your job. Workplace drug testing can take a number of different forms Job offers today are often contingent on the results of a pre-employment drug screen, but it doesn’t end there. Companies may institute policies ranging from random testing to probable-cause testing. Your Job May Require You to Get Drug Rehab Treatment - Transitions Recovery Program of Miami - Testimonial and Satisfied Customer. Alcohol Addiction Treatment Florida.

Millions of people in Florida have tried and failed, many times, to free themselves from drug and alcohol addiction.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Florida

The downward spiral of drugs or alcohol addiction, can only lead to jail, the hospital or the grave. Floridians need to look no farther, than Transitions Recovery for help. Our focus is on, first purging the patient’s system, of the drugs or alcohol, in safe surroundings, prior to the start of the client’s personalized addiction treatment. The cutting edge detoxification programs in use by, Transitions’ Florida treatment center, can make a huge difference, in the effectiveness of a person’s addiction treatment as well as affect the time and cost of recovery.

It can be a challenge, to decide which addiction treatment program will work best for you or your loved one. Drug Addiction Treatment Centers Miami, Florida. Texas Teens and Prescription Drug Addiction - What to Know to Help - If you have a teenager in your Texas family, drugs like cocaine and Ecstasy are no longer the most dangerous substances you need to be concerned about.

Texas Teens and Prescription Drug Addiction - What to Know to Help -

According to the National Institute for Drug Abuse, here is what you need to know about teens and prescription drug addiction. Prescription drugs rank alarmingly high on the list of abused substances For Americans aged 14 and over, only marijuana and alcohol are abused more frequently than prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Studies show that while the trend dipped slightly in 2014, the number of 12th-graders using prescription drugs during their lifetime has been around 20 percent for the last four years. Prescription drugs can be as dangerous as those produced illegally Teens may find false reassurance in the idea that prescription drugs are “legal.”

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Pennsylvania. Transitions Addiction Treatment Centers in Pennsylvania Cocaine and heroin are the primary drugs of choice in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and their use is growing, pill mills are supplying the pharmaceutical Oxycontin which is viewed as a “gateway drug” to heroin addiction and Alcohol addiction (or alcoholism) is also a serious problem.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is fortunate to have Transitions Recovery to help her citizens end addiction to drugs and alcohol, through our medically supervised detoxification and recovery programs. Our controlled and monitored detoxification process, performed by our specialized medical and psychiatric professionals, is applied before we start the addiction treatment. Our intent is to purge the patient’s system, of the drug or alcohol, prior to the start of the patient’s personalized addiction treatment. OxyContin Use Approved for Children by the FDA May Lead to New Levels of Abuse.

According to law enforcement and healthcare personnel, abuse of painkillers is the most rapidly growing form of addiction today.

OxyContin Use Approved for Children by the FDA May Lead to New Levels of Abuse

That fact gives an alarming perspective to recent news that the Food and Drug Administration has given official approval to the use of OxyContin by children as young as 11. The U.S. National Institutes of Health states that one out of every four people in this country is affected by some type of chronic pain. When those people are young children, they have to rely on their parents for assistance, causing ramifications for the entire family. In making the announcement, the FDA noted that OxyContin has been used “off-label” to treat children for nearly 25 years.

The FDA’s ruling applies specifically to youths between the ages of 11 and 16, which coincides with the period when many begin experimenting with drugs. Drug and Substance Abuse Pennsylvania. Houston Non Profit Wins $500,000 Grant to Build Housing for Recovering Addicts - A pair of companies in Texas have stepped up to help provide a fresh start for adults fighting to come back from drug addiction.

Houston Non Profit Wins $500,000 Grant to Build Housing for Recovering Addicts -

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas (FHLB Dallas) and one of its member institutions, Amegy Bank, recently awarded The Men’s Center Inc. in Houston with a $500,000 Affordable Housing Program (AHP) grant. This award is part of more than $7.4 million in grants that FHLB Dallas has given this year to 32 projects in its five-state district. Each year the lender earmarks 10 percent of its profits for AHP grants to fund projects providing home construction, remodeling and financing for elderly, special-needs and low-income individuals and groups. Miami, Florida - Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment -Transitions Recovery Program. Addiction Treatment Center New Jersey. Drug and alcohol addiction can be a very low point in a person’s life. Anyone who has dealt with a serious addiction, or knows someone who has gone through this understands that there are serious consequences for not taking care of it. It is paramount that someone who is struggling with addiction addresses it as soon as possible to prevent the sickness from worsening.

In New Jersey, Transitions Drug & Alcohol addiction treatment centers & programs are some of the best available in the country. In a rehabilitation center, the patient will receive top quality care from a trained professional. Drug and Substance Abuse Florida. Transitions Recovery Program. Addiction Rehab Centers New Jersey. Treating Alcohol and Drug Addiction. Drug Addiction Treatment Centers Miami, Florida. Drug Rehab Pennsylvania. Addiction Treatment Center New Jersey. Healthcare Providers May Overlook Alcohol Abuse Warning Signs in Seniors. Adults aged 60 and over in South Florida and elsewhere are not immune to addiction issues.

In fact, alcohol abuse among senior citizens is growing at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, healthcare providers often overlook the warning signs, making it difficult for affected seniors to get help. Thanks to grown children and no job responsibilities, the “golden years” are often considered a time to be enjoyed. For many seniors, the reality is quite different. Health problems like arthritis can result in pain and reduced mobility, and the loss of spouses and friends creates a sense of loneliness. Ironically, the increased incidence of disease and illness in seniors is one of the reasons healthcare providers miss the signs of alcohol abuse. Drinking at an older age can create medical problems as well as compound any health issues that already exist. All about a Drug rehab center. Today many of us are surrounded by one common thing stress and anxiety. Yes stress and anxiety takes over the control on your body and mind and forces you to do things which are just out of control.

There are various ill effects of stress on one’s body; both physically and mentally. People try various things to get over this stress and anxiety. However, some of them are successful in the same as they resort to a long term cure while others get addicted to drugs. When you consume drugs, you are temporary out of the stress zone but in the long run they are harmful for your body.

Drug Addiction Treatment Centers Miami, Florida. Substance Abuse Treatment Pennsylvania. Seniors Favor Prescription Drugs for Abuse and Self Medication. Addiction can grip people from all walks of life and at any age. The non-medical use and abuse of prescription drugs is increasing on a regular basis and in a surprising age sector – Seniors! With prescription medicine abuse ranking third, only behind alcohol and marijuana, as the most abused category of drugs, our elderly citizens are at greater risk than ever before for falling into addiction. Addiction Recovery Starts With Transitions. Addiction can happen to anyone at any time. Drugs, alcohol, prescription medications, substance abuse, they can all lead to a situation that becomes overwhelming. If you find yourself in this position, it’s time to get in touch with Transitions Recovery in sunny south Florida. Our Treatment Philosophy Once addicted or in need of help, you may feel completely hopeless and filled with despair.

That’s when you need Transitions most. Transitions Recovery Program of Miami - Testimonial and Satisfied Customer. Addiction Treatment Center Pennsylvania. Synthetic Marijuana Hospitalizations Skyrocket in the North East. All About Flakka and How to Identify Users - Many people view the flakka users mentioned in news stories as easy targets for jokes and ridicule. Transitions Recovery Program of Miami - Testimonial and Satisfied Customer. PA Govenor Pushes Use of Anti Overdose Drug for First Responders - In the continued effort to battle the disturbing growth of opiate abuse in Pennsylvania, officials are turning to another weapon. Governor Tom Wolfe is seeking to equip emergency responders with naloxone, a powerful anti-overdose drug with the brand name of Narcan. Drug and Substance Abuse Pennsylvania. Drug Addiction Treatment Centers Miami, Florida. Drug Rehab Center in Pennsylvania. Miami, Florida - Drug Rehab, Alcohol Rehab - Transitions Recovery Program.

When You Need More Than a Hotline – But It’s a Start. For anyone facing an addiction, whether it’s drugs, alcohol, or both, taking the first step can be next to impossible. It’s a Herculean task on the best of days to reach out for help, and if the people you’re talking to have turned a deaf ear, the silence of their attitude speaks volumes. This is when the hotline at Transitions Recovery Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center becomes your life line, your friend, and your help. Specialized Treatments at Transitions Recovery At Transitions, our patients are not limited to receiving help only for substance abuse but also for compulsive behaviors. At our center, we help you in the recovery process for the following issues: Addiction Treatment Center Pennsylvania. Prescription Drug Abuse - It All Starts with a Pain in Your Back.

Prescription Drug Abuse – It All Starts with a Pain in Your Back. Saints Anthony Hargrove Revisits Transitions Drug Treatment Center. Drug and Substance Abuse Pennsylvania. Scientists Find First Gene Grouping Linked to Alcoholism. New research confirms what many scientists had long guessed: long-term alcoholism can actually alter the genes in our brains. While that sounds a little frightening at first, the discovery may actually lead to incredible new treatments for alcoholism.

If medication can target those altered genes, the patient may be able to quit drinking much much more easily. How Alcoholism Affects Gene Behavior Scientists had already identified several genes that cause alcoholism or undergo changes due to heavy drinking. The new findings from the University of Sydney show that those altered genes tend to clump together in the brain.

These specific genes also help keep an alcoholic addicted. Medications that Treat Alcoholism Genes Moving forward, researchers can develop new medicines to treat alcoholism genes. Researchers will be working with the FDA to streamline approval for these medications as soon as possible. About half of all alcoholics have family genetic issues that contribute to their disease. Heroin Combined with Prescription Drug Use Hits Epidemic Levels- Heroin and Meth Use Hits Suburbia as Marijuana Goes Mainstream. Drug Rehab Center in New Jersey. Saints Anthony Hargrove Revisits Transitions Drug Treatment Center. The Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic - Is There Hope? - Employers Have to Have the "Drug Talk" with More Employees - Drug and alcohol addiction in New Jersey not only cost employers in lost production hours and workplace injuries, it also robs them of some of their most creative and talented individuals.

While no company would neglect preventative maintenance on machinery or ignore potential mechanical problems, too often these same companies turn a blind eye to drug use or think of it as a problem with the individual’s personal life. Employers must be proactive Companies must establish a written drug and alcohol abuse policy that is intended to protect employees, the business, and the public. It is necessary to make a clear statement that they prohibit the use of illegal drugs, misuse of prescription drugs, and alcohol abuse, not only during work hours, but anywhere and anytime.