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Aquaponics—Integration of Hydroponics with Aquaculture
This hydroponics style system uses no chemical fertilizers, creates no toxic waste to dispose of and is simple to build and operate. You will be using the system of "Aquaponics" to grow and feed your plants. You raise fish in the deep water culture tank, the fish waste feeds the roots of the plants and in turn keeps the water clean and safe for the fish. Once set up and cycled you should only need to top off the water and perhaps do the occasional partial water change. How to Create a Deep Water Culture Aquaponics System How to Create a Deep Water Culture Aquaponics System
Aquaponics Systems Aquaponics Systems After hearing about Aquaponics, many people have the throught of growing plants on floating rafts in their existing fishpond. Sounds like a great idea - fish poo, plants take up nutrients and grow. Sounds simple, but does it work? Cris Gaston at the BYAP forums (nickname is crisgaston) recently did an experiement in the Philippines - over there there are many fish enclosures and the thought was to find out the cheapest way to be able to get a second crop for the fish farmers. If it was possible with minimal expense to grow plants in the fishponds, then this would create another income for the fish farmers and at the same time create a cleaner environment for the fish. For the experiment, lettuce would be grown in floating ratfs directly in the fishponds.
Aquaponics Basics
Portable Farms™ Aquaponics Systems
Go green with sustainable aquaponics | Aquaponics is the marriage of Aquaculture and Hydroponics to make a totally organic closed loop system that requires no chemical fertilizers and is environmentally friendly and safe! With Aquaculture or Hydroponics when the solution becomes unbalanced nutrient rich wastewater is dumped into the environment causing environmental damage With Aquaponics this does not happen, this is a water wise system too! Aquaculture is the raising of fish (in most cases a food fish) as the primary "Crop" The water used in this system will rapidly become out of balance for the fish ie., filled with fish waste... This waste water is then purged often on an ongoing basis in order to keep the water clean enough to sustain the numbers of fish being raised. Go green with sustainable aquaponics |
The Raft Method The Raft Method The Raft System An (abbreviated) article from the Aquaponics Journal Lettuce in raft aquaponics
Closed Environment Agriculture CEA - Closed Environment Agriculture By Erik Biksa A closed growing environment differs from the traditional grow room set-up in that it does not "connect" to the external environment and runs on a closed loop. Typically, grow room air is vented to the outside while outside air is drawn in to replace the air being evacuated. Closed Environment Agriculture
Salvari - Introduction The Theory The following diagram roughly summarises the theory of Aquaponics. Essentially the fish and the plants have a symbiotic relationship. Salvari - Introduction
EZ Farms & Fish -- Organic Aquaponic Gardening in the SF Bay Are Kits for Aquaponic Farms EZ Farms & Fish is proud to offer easy-to-install aquaponic systems for home and urban gardeners. No need for watering; the farms are fully automated. A one-hour, twice-per-day program circulates water through the system. No soil is necessary; your plants grow in trays filled with gravel. No weeding is necessary. EZ Farms & Fish -- Organic Aquaponic Gardening in the SF Bay Are
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