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Was Botnet used by Cybercriminals for Spy Campaign? There is no secret that cybercrime and lines between State-sponsored hacking are ambiguous.

Was Botnet used by Cybercriminals for Spy Campaign?

It is important that depending on professional staffs probably deniable if the criminals ever caught. It is now obvious that those lines often fade away entirely. A report issued by New York Times that Russian intelligence “Piggy” backed criminal hackers, now-vanished “botnet, GameOver ZeuS” in order to manage spy campaigns in the United States and other parts in the world. The infected computers were asked to search for documents between 2011 and 2014 and they clearly pointed out the Russian political interests. A Soldier returned from duty after several weeks & found his Wife & 2 Children Dead at Home - Latest News and Updates from World. A disturbing story about a depressed military father travelling in military circles found on the internet.

A Soldier returned from duty after several weeks & found his Wife & 2 Children Dead at Home - Latest News and Updates from World

He expressed his story as he experienced greatest fear when he separated from his loved ones during his military service and posting in different region. He expressed the fear of all parents who might not be present at the time when their children need special care from them. He disclosed his terrifying homecoming from an absence that unconsciously heightened a tragedy and generated a lifelong guiltiness. He indicated that there might be misdiagnosed illness (supposedly asthma or heart condition) or any kind of accident is responsible for the death of his wife. But, it was proved that his absence might be severe for his children. He had two children and died due to hunger and their father was the first person to discover their dead bodies. Sexual Harassment Investigation details issued by the CEO of Uber - Ship LDL. New Law require permission from wife for using Viagra in the U.S - Latest News and Updates from World.

A number of online news outlets such as and published similar articles in the mid-February 2017 and reported that a bill has been presented by a legislature in Kentucky.

New Law require permission from wife for using Viagra in the U.S - Latest News and Updates from World

This bill would require that every man looking a Viagra treatment or other cocked dysfunction drug be legally married, handsome permission from his wife. He should consult with a doctor and swear on a Bible that the drug will only be used just for having sexual relations with his own wife after the consultation with a doctor. These reports are considered factual, but it was based on the events happened one year ago.

The bill No, HB 396 “An Act Relating to Prescription Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction” was presented on 11th February 2016. It was the same day when the Governor of Kentucky, Matt Bevin (R) signed a debatable “informed consent” law that needs women to consult face-to-face with doctor 24-hours before having an abortion. 2 Bills forwarded for using Fake Cell Sites in the U.S. The U.S House of Representatives are making their good plans in implementing perfect surveillance laws for cell-phone.

2 Bills forwarded for using Fake Cell Sites in the U.S

A dual-party group (led by the House Oversight Committee chair Jason Chaffetz) has forwarded 2 bills. These bills will keep the use of Stingrays and other cell site simulators in check. The most outstanding Cell Location Privacy Act would need that the law enforcement to get a possible cause warrant prior to use one of these fake cell sites in tracking suspects. New Lineup of Apple iPad is expected in March 2017. A Japanese website “Macotakara” has reported that the upcoming event of Apple in March would bring a release of a new lineup of iPad Pros including 128GB iPhone SE, a new sharp red color option for the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus.

New Lineup of Apple iPad is expected in March 2017

The company is supposedly looking to present iPad Pros with 12.9-inch, 10.5-inch, 9.7-inch and 7.9-inch models. It clearly indicates that Apple is now replacing the iPad mini 4 with 7.9-inch Pro and refreshing the 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch models as well as presenting entirely new model in 10.5-inch. But, there are some other reports indicating whether Apple would actually do it. Both KGI Securities and Barclays are unable to describe the predictions for the 7.9-inch model or 10.5-inch model in replacement for the mini 4. International Global Company offered services in finding Corruption & Fraud. A global company “Ernstr Young” has showed eagerness in providing their services regarding the investigation in the field of fraud and in the field anti-corruption including investigation about governmental staff and employees.

International Global Company offered services in finding Corruption & Fraud

A statement issued by the office of the Iraqi Prime Minister yesterday, the statement indicated that the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi welcomed the Director of International Ernstr Young Global, David Stalb in the Prime Minister office. The director of the company expressed the willingness of the company in providing their services in the field of fight against corruption in the country. He also offered in strengthening the financial management and investigation in the field of fraud and investigations for the disputes of personnel. FBI Initiated 3 Probes seeking into Russian Hacking in the U.S Election - Ship LDL. There is not any secret that the U.S federal agency FBI has been investigating the alleged Russian bid to effect the U.S Presidential Election 2016 through hacking.

FBI Initiated 3 Probes seeking into Russian Hacking in the U.S Election - Ship LDL

Now we can consider in making it clear that how deep this investigation would be. Reuters indicated that there are more than 3 FBI probes into the hacking and each of them is being focused on a separate aspect for breaching and targeting the officials of Democratic Party. The field office of the Pittsburgh needs to mention the original person or persons behind those influences. The office of the San Francisco also needs to mention the people behind alleged “Guccifer 2.0”, it was specifically credited with major leaks and linked many times to the government of Russia. The 3rd investigation in the Washington, DC is taking place with a counterintelligence campaign. The Washington team is focusing on various financial deals between Russia and companies having links to Trump’s associates.

LTE Phone Calls on Project Fi are being tested by Google. Most people believe that the Project Fi service of Google is famous for the data-hungry users, but it is not perfect for voice.

LTE Phone Calls on Project Fi are being tested by Google

Frequently shift to Fi means for giving up perfect-sounding LTE voice calls with your friends. We believe that you will not sacrifice for a long amount of time. Now, Google is telling subscribers that the company is testing voice over LTE using a subset of their customer base. It is probably just going to function if you are using the network of T-Mobile because it is the only network of 3 Fi partners with VoLTE.

You will absolutely know when it gets in between the perfect improved quality with rapid mid-call data speeds and much faster connection time. Was 69% Fake Olive Oil Sold in the U.S? An article was circulated on social media network in the early month of March 2015 with a title “Fake Olive Oil: What You Need to Know Now”.

Was 69% Fake Olive Oil Sold in the U.S?

The article was focused on the health advantages of olive oil, but the article claimed that at least 69% of purchased olive oils in the United States are supposed fake. This claim was heavily circulated among health community due to the olive oil is well-known for its efficient status as a healthy food for heart. It was considered impossible that how a study can identify any specific figure as 69% regarding the purchased olive oil from store, so most health experts believe that this prediction might be a fake conclusion. An Unprecedented Order issued for Current Ambassadors by Trump. The New York Times published an article on 5th January 2017 regarding a State Department cable sent to U.S diplomats on 23rd December 2016 by the transition team of new elected U.S President Donald Trump.

An Unprecedented Order issued for Current Ambassadors by Trump

It was due to inform them that they should leave their posts before inaugural ceremony without exception. An official from the State Department has confirmed that the transition team of Trump will not allow any type of exception for current ambassadors about requests of their extensions to continue serving at their posts. Fox News Host Megyn Kelly has joined NBC News. Longtime served by Megyn Kelly for Fox News. It was reported that she has refused a contract of 20 million U.S dollars from NBC News for joining their cable channel. A number of news outlets have announced on 3rd January 2017 that longtime Fox News host Megyn Kelly might be looking to leave her current job at the Fox News.

These outlets indicated that she has planned to join the NBC News. Russia was not involved in Cyber-Attack: Julian Assange. An interview took place on 3rd January 2017 between the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange and Fox News host Sean Hannity. Assange again denied that leaked e-mails of DNC published in 2016 by his website were taken, linked or received from Russian government or its military officials. Assange had already denied that Russian government or any Russian agent were the source for published leaked documents. Is former CEO of Clinton Foundation Braverman a Missing Person? - Ship LDL. Most of the social media users have been showing certainty since the month of October 2016 that former CEO of the Clinton Foundation, Eric Braverman is missing or in danger.

As an attorney, Braverman headed the foundation from 2013 and resigned from his position in 2015. A numbers of rumors started circulation with thrilling headings after a document leaked and published by WikiLeaks. The alleged document was showing his name involved in emails between Clinton staffers. Those staffers were allegedly found involved in releasing the financial record information of the Foundation. When we tried to find the authenticity of this claim, we were unable to find any evidence that Braverman is currently a missing person or he has moved away to hide. There might be just one reason to consider him as a missing person that he didn’t operate his own Twitter account since the month of October 2016.

Has Sarah Palin appointed as Advisor of Science & Technology by Trump? - Latest News and Updates from World. A website World News Daily Report published an article on 5th December 2016 that the elected U.S President Donald Trump had officially announced that former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin (she was the vice-presidential candidate in 2008) has been appointed as the new Science & Technology Advisor. It is important that new appointments for Trump administration have been a hot topic since his victory in the U.S presidential election 2016. A number of people criticized and showed their concern regarding the selection of former governor of Alaska. She was known to be a denier for aggressive climate change and now looking to join the Trump administration in the office of Science & Technology of the United States.

When we tried to find out regarding the claim, we found that this alleged tweet didn’t appear in the Trump’s account Twitter history. There isn’t any other news outlet reported regarding the most important post for the new administration of Trump. WiFi is accessible at entire Underground Subway Stations in New York City - Ship LDL. The New York City officials have indicated that entire underground subway stations in the New York City would have WiFi from the beginning of 2017.

The New York City administration has just finalized their target on 31st December 2016. Famous Artist William Christopher has Died at 84. New Anti-HIV technique has presented by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Now, you don’t need to wait for being infected and then fight against the HIV infection. A latest technique known as “pre-exposure prophylaxis” has been tested regarding taking preemptive medicine on a regular basis.

It would reduce the chances to stop the initiation process of HIV. How to Buy Office Furniture a Comprehensive Guide. Optimal Office Furniture - A Preferred Way to Organize Your Office. Now, Google’s AI will translate Pairs of Languages for Translation. CBI has Succeeded to Reduce Inflation Rate: CBI Governor. Focus Interiors 123 — Finding the Contemporary Office Furniture. Buy Direct and Save On the Best Home Office Furniture. Buy Direct and Save On the Best Home Office Furniture. Office Furniture: Indefinite Options in Executive Office Furniture. Executive office furniture has become very popular in these days because it is the latest trend in furnishing style.

When you want to set up your office, you definitely want to give it an executive and stylish look beside the professional look. Getting Ideal Furniture for the Office. Furniture is the most important part of the office décor because most important operations of the company cannot be taken if there is no proper furniture in the office. Modular Office Furniture - A Cost Effective Preference for Your Office - Focus Interiors 121. Modern Office Furniture That Gives a Better Looking Workplace. Free Giga-Bit WiFi for New York City.

Why U.S Dollar is Showing a Decline in Financial Trading Global Markets? New Idol 4S with Windows 10 will be Available on 10 Nov 2016. Did an Unknown Donor Paid to Release Arrested Protesters of DAPL? 6 People Dead in Baltimore School Bus Accident on 1st Nov 2016. Government Data Breach of 10,000 Records: U.S Bank Authority. Wife of a Millbury Police Officer Arrested, Why? A Photograph Published to Tease Supporters of Hillary Clinton. Did U.S President Cancelled Appearances in the Upcoming Campaign of Hillary Clinton? Testing Rockets Resumed by SpaceX Just After Explosion Incident Last Month. CBI is Reviewing Monetary Policy to Overcome Economic Problems: CBI Governor. Police Arrested a Creepy Clown After Discovering 18 Dead Bodies. 2 New Latest Models of LG with New Flagship Display of Apple. How Money Smuggled from Iraq?

Two Great White Sharks Found Amazingly in Mississippi River. Were Voters Temporarily Switched to Paper Ballots by Texas Glitch? Was “Gay Conversion” Electroshock Therapy Supported by Mike Pence? Twice Graphics Power by Surface Book i7 of Microsoft. Traditional Office Furniture and its Daily Usage. Office Furniture — Ideal Collection of Home Office Furniture. Now “Home Delivery Service” of Google Covers 90% of the U.S.

Cognitive Toolkit for Learning of Microsoft is Now Available for the Public Use. Were $312 Billion Looted in Past Years & Pushed Iraq into Economic Crisis? Iraqi Federal Budget 2017 is Similar to Previous Iraqi Budgets: Najiba Najib. Hacking Tools Found from a Contractor Martin of NSA. A New Law Passed by President Obama for Food Stamp Recipients. A Russian Citizen Arrested for Hacking LinkedIn Passwords. Texas has Started Investigation for Alleged Voter Fraud in the State. Watch 3rd U.S Presidential Debate Using Different Sources. New Self-Driving Hardware Announced by Tesla. Successful Business Depends on Good Quality Office Furniture – Office Depot.

Furnishing an Office – A Big Issue. The U.S President Directed Trump “Don’t Degrade U.S Election Process 2016” “I will not Accept Annual Salary as President if Elected as U.S President”: Trump. Preorders Opened by Huawei in China for its Honor 6X Mobiles. New Threat for Iraqi Economy Due to Continuous Rise in U.S Dollar Price. Threatening Flyers to State Voters Delivered by New Mexico Republicans. Donald Trump has Donated $29,000 for Hurricane Matthew Relief Mission.

Russia Planned for Blocking Cruise Missile Attacks Using Cellular Towers. New Test-Bed for Electric Aircraft Announced by NASA. The Galaxy S7 of Samsung Gives a Software Taste of the Note 7. Mosul Attack will Start on Monday 17th October 2016. Cyber-Attack has Planned Against Russia by the CIA. Hillary Clinton Grabbing Crotch of a Man Onstage in a Photograph. Amazing Speed of New A6500 and RX100 V Cameras from Sony. A U.S Company will Audit Accounts of Kurdish Oil Sector. First Successful Transplant of Uterus in the United States. Don’t use Homeopathic Teething Tablets & Gels: FDA. Successful Test for Crew Escape System of Blue Origin. NSA & FBI got Access on Entire Accounts of Yahoo. 3rd Police Shooting Incident Within a Week in Southern California. Hurricane Matthew Satellite Map Was Showing a Huge Skull on the Map. The Reserves at CBI Showed a Rise of $10 Billion: CBI Governor. Essential Tips to Make Your Furniture Last Longer - Focus Interiors 121. Taking Care of Furniture to Make It Last Long.

How 19 Dead Voters Were Registered to Vote for Hillary Clinton? Messenger Lite App from Facebook for Old Android Devices. How $ 130 Billion Smuggled During Time Period of Al-Maliki? Black Moon will be Visible on Friday 30th September 2016. Hillary Clinton had Flattered TPP Agreement of Gold Standard. Mini Famicom of Nintendo From Japan's NES Classic is Handier. Why Iraqi Domestic Markets are Experiencing Shortage of Iraqi Dinar? Pregnancy to be Considered an Inconvenience for Business: Donald Trump.

Former Israeli President & Prime Minister Shimon Peres has Died. We will Track Police Killings Very Soon: FBI Director. New Cabin-Less Autonomous Dump Truck of Komatsu. Scary Movies Can Burn More Calories & Decrease the Risk of Fatness. Why Most Canned Pumpkins aren’t Original Pumpkins? 7 Accounts of Palestinian Journalists were suspended by Facebook Recently. Artificial Intelligence will Work in Microsoft Office 365. “The Sun will destroy our Earth” Said by New Mexican Governor Gary Johnson. Why a Serious Crash Occurred of Google’s Autonomous Vehicle?