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Open Source

Yours to extend. Download GraphLab Powergraph 2.2 The GraphLab Project The GraphLab project started at Carnegie Mellon University in 2009 to develop a new parallel computation abstraction tailored to machine learning. Neo4j. Using Neo4j from Ruby. Getting started with Ruby and Neo4j. Graph Visualization and Neo4j – Part Three. Connections in Time. Some relationships change over time.

Connections in Time

Think about your friends from high school, college, work, the city you used to live in, the ones that liked you ex- better, etc. When exploring a social network it is important that we understand not only the strength of the relationship now, but over time. We can use communication between people as a measure. I ran into a visualization that explored how multiple parties where connected by communications in multiple projects. We’re going to reuse it to explore how multiple people interact with each other.