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Finding Covered Call or Put Candidates

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Good Covered Calls. What Makes a Good Covered Call? One that pays a good premium of course. There's no use in selling a covered call if you're not compensated for your risk. Covered call selling is regarded as a conservative strategy, but the covered call seller is at risk if the underlying stock drops. Therefore, the amount collected from selling the covered call has to be sufficient to compensate the call seller for the risk.

What makes a premium a good premium? At Optionistics the Covered Call Report identifies the calls that are trading with the highest premiums each day. Covered Call Candidate Finder. Calculate on Choose to calculate on Bid, Ask, Last or Bid/Ask Split: the value between bid and ask, best estimate of premium you could collect. Div Dividends until Expiration. Considered part of the return if you are holding the stock and writing covered calls. Break-Even $ Stock price minus the option premium paid to you. Call Above Stock % How far the call strike is from the current stock price. Return If Unchanged % If the stock price did not move, this would be your return. Return If Called % Premium plus stock appreciation over current stock price.

Annualized If Unchanged % If the call expires and the stock does not move, this would be your return annualized. Annualized If Called % Return If Called on an annualized basis. Table Sorting You can sort more than one column by holding the shift key while you click the second and third column. Searching You can enter as many stock symbols as you want separated by a space or comma. - Simply the Web's Best Financial Charts. Zacks Investment Research: Stock Research, Analysis, & Recommendations. Stock Market - Business News, Market Data, Stock Analysis - TheStreet.

Pick Stocks Easily. Morningstar – Independent Investment Research. Stock Investment Research & Education - Business & Financial News - IBD. Quantcha Stock Options Search Engine - Quantcha. Home - Dedicated Trader. Untitled. Covered Call Candidate Finder.